July 15, 2021
Sharing Christ's love and grace in a vibrant community whose joyful spirit empowers people to do God's work.
Looking Ahead

Beloved Trinitarians!

It has been such a joy to be together. Many folks, including me, had tears the first time we sang in church. People are seeing friends they haven’t seen in a very long time, and those are sweet reunions. We are doing the good work of returning to church and carrying out the mission of loving God’s people in Fredericksburg and beyond.
We know that COVID-19 made a deep impact on us personally and corporately. Many people are back in church, and we can all name individuals and families that aren’t yet attending because of COVID-19, people with family members that aren’t vaccinated or due to other health concerns. Given that our Sunday attendance has remained steady but lower than normal, we will continue with two services, moving the early service to 8:00am. 
Beginning July 25th, here's what the Sunday schedule will look like:

8:00am (Rite I)
        10:30am (Rite II - Livestream)
        Café Trinity (now open from 8:30am-10:30am)

In the fall, we will have formation 9:15am-10:15am.

Wednesday Eucharist with unction will resume August 25th at 11:30am.
It’s an exciting time for our parish family. We have come through so much in the past 15 months. The pandemic changed so many things. 

First, church was closed, then we all adjusted to online worship, we went from "Shelter at Home" to Easter church on the lawn and the careful return to in-person worship in the sanctuary. And now, we have singing and Holy Eucharist weekly. That is a tremendous story of resurrection, and of course, we know resurrection continues. We don’t know what’s next, but we do know that the Way of Love leads to life.

I’m deeply honored to be on this journey with you!
Blessings and love,
Mother Cynthia+
Vacation Bible School – Trinity VBS will be “Changing the World with Lovingkindness.” We will meet online Monday, July 19th through Thursday, July 22nd via Zoom from 10-11:30am. Our in-person family craft, game, and activity event will be on Friday, July 23rd from 10-11:30am on the church lawn.

There will be a drive-by event to pick up some needed materials will be 11:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday, July 17th. Materials may also be picked up after the 10:30am service on Sunday, July 18th.

Please email Sam Burton at sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org if you would like your children to participate so enough materials will be produced for everyone and so that you will get the information to log into the online meetings. Anyone interested in helping with VBS, please contact Sam Burton.

You Are Invited!

Join us July 25th following the 10:30am service to celebrate and honor Denise Symonds. Over the years, Denise has done so much for the parish family, let's make sure we let her know we are grateful and forever thankful!

St. George Parish Movie Night at Trinity!

Join us to watch the documentary produced by the Anglican Church of Canada: "Doctrine of Discovery: Stolen Lands, Strong Hearts" which raises awareness about this religious doctrine and its impact on Indigenous people and settlers.

Professor Corinne Graves, Professor of Sociology at Germanna Community College, who teaches on Race and Ethnicity, will facilitate an engaging conversation afterwards. Movie showing and conversation will be held from 4-6.30pm on Sunday July 25th, in Barber Hall, Trinity Episcopal Church.

Parking is available and entrance is on William Street. You are encouraged to bring snacks and beverages. Masks are encouraged but not required.

The Early Service

Starting July 25th, the early service (Rite I) moves to 8:00am.

Office Hours

The church office is now open Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am-11am.

Grief Support Group

On Monday, July 19th, Trinity’s Monthly Grief Support Group will meet in the Lounge from 10:30 AM -noon. 

The journey through grief can take you down unexpected paths, often filled with twists and turns. Meeting others on a similar journey can bring comfort and support. 

For more information contact Randall Clingenpeel (540-207-0600) and/or Ruth Brancolini (540-898-0689).

Early Service: Rite I

Every Sunday, the early service will now be Rite I.

Items for the Newsletter

Have something to say?

All items for the Trinity newsletter need to be submitted by Tuesday at 5:00pm. Please send all newsletter items to: news@trinity-fredericksburg.org.

Worship Updates

  • All worship services are now indoors.
  • Masks are encouraged.
  • We have flexible seating available. We are reserving the back rows for people who still want to maintain physical distance.

For general inquiries, you can contact Trinity at: 540-373-2996 or parish@trinity-fredericksburg.org.

Pastoral Emergencies

If you have a pastoral emergency such as an accident, serious illness, hospitalization, or death and need to speak to the clergy immediately, please call: 540-623-4802.

For general inquiries, you can contact Trinity at: 540-373-2996 or parish@trinity-fredericksburg.org.

 Book Review
from The Task Force to Dismantle Racism

Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm
by Robin DiAngelo, pgs. 224, Beacon Press, June 29, 2021

In her new hard-hitting book Robin DiAngelo continues where her book, White Fragility, left off and explains how white progressives can cause the most daily harm to people of color. She writes directly to white people and reveals how well-meaning white people unknowingly perpetuate racial harm often while trying to prove they are not racist and through other patterns of behavior. DiAngelo draws on her background as a sociologist and her many years as an anti-racist educator to inform the reader. She personalizes the narrative by relating events from her own life experiences. This book is an essential read for white people who recognize systemic racism and want to reconcile their values with their actions.
The Task Force to Dismantle Racism is Transitioning!

Now that an action plan has been presented to Trinity leadership, the “task” of the Task Force has been completed and the new mission is to implement the plan. To see the action plan, click here.

Needless to say, the work of dismantling systemic racism continues.The transitioning of the Task Force includes a new title: “The Committee for Racial Healing (CFRH).” Our vision and mission statements remain the same as for the Task Force. See them by clicking here.

Specific steps in the action plan are in the areas of education outreach and mobilization. The mobilization includes the forming of a new History Team to research Trinity, Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia for complicity in systemic racism and efforts to dismantle it.

If you are interested in helping with the important work of the CFRH, please email Jean Hunt at dehunt14@msn.com.
Wednesday, July 7th

Thursday, July 8th

Friday, July 9th

Saturday, July 10th
10:00 am Bishop Goff's visit for The Blessing of the Labyrinth
8:00 am Brotherhood of St. Andrew (BH and Zoom)

Sunday, July 11th
The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
8:30 am Holy Eucharist, Rite I

Monday, July 12th

Tuesday, July 13th
10:00 am Staff meeting online
Wednesday, July 14th

Thursday, July 15th

Friday, July 15th

Sunday, July 18th
The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
8:30 am Holy Eucharist

Monday, July 19th
10:30 am - Noon Grief Support Group (in the Lounge)


Saturday, July 24th
8:00 am Brotherhood of St. Andrews (BH and Zoom)
(540) 373-2996