July 29, 2020

The mission of Trinity Church is to share Christ's love and grace in a vibrant community whose joyful spirit empowers people to do God's work.

Somebody stole our banner.
Have you noticed the absence of our new “Let’s Dismantle Racism” banner with the ends of the rope swaying in the wind two weeks after it had been displayed next to our sign on the corner of College and William Streets? Sometime Friday night it disappeared and a parishioner discovered its absence early Saturday morning. And yes, we did file a police report.
This seems to me further evidence of the divisiveness of our country and our City at this point in history. Whoever stole it may have miscalculated the effect, though. The reactions of everyone who’s spoken to me have been sadness first, followed by anger that someone stole our property and tried to refute our theology. In the turn-the-other-cheek spirit of our Christianity, another banner is already on order. Several people have offered to purchase a new banner, and two of them weren’t even Trinitarians.
A friend in Blacksburg told me the rainbow flag on their Presbyterian Church has already been stolen twice. He’s got the third one ready and is trying to figure out how to hang it higher. That may be a metaphor of what we need to do: Hang it higher, from a moral point of view. This is what we believe and we will continue to both proclaim it and figure out what acting on that belief means to our parish.
Our Task Force to Dismantle Racism will meet this week for the first time. It is comprised entirely of volunteers, and if anyone else wants to join, let Jim Carlock ( jcar2424@gmail.com ), who has agreed to convene the group, or me ( curciocc@msn.com ) know right away. Everyone must be heard as we chart new directions at Trinity.
As Robin Barrett reminded me, the theologian Richard Rohr wrote in his meditation on Monday, July 27, these words:
When we are hurt, we want to hurt back. When we are put down, we want to put down the
opponent. This is our ego’s natural defense mechanism. We all move toward the ego, and we
even solidify it as we get older if something doesn’t expose it for the lie that it is—not because
it is bad, but because it thinks it is the whole and only thing! We change from inside—from the
power position to the position of vulnerability and solidarity, which gradually changes
eve rything.

I believe that’s what we’re seeking at Trinity, the position of vulnerability and solidarity to change everything, and the divine guidance on a path to do that.

Claire Curcio, Senior Warden
Trinity Discernment Prayer

O Everlasting, Omniscient, and Loving God
We confess that our daily worries and concerns often blind us to your voice and guidance in our lives. We thank You for this time of change, may it be an opportunity to grow together more closely as followers of your son Jesus Christ as we work to discern your path forward for our congregation. We pray that You will watch over the Bishop, diocesan transitional ministry team, the parish clergy, members of our vestry, and the other leaders of our church as they lead us on a new path for our parish. We pray for the members of the discernment committee as they endeavor to do Your holy work in calling a new rector for Trinity. We pray for all the members of our parish family during this time of transition that we come closer to You and feel your presence in our hearts. AMEN.
Compassion Camp

In Compassion Camp this week we talked about how compassion helps us to love ourselves. “When I take good care of my heart and soul, I have love for everyone else”. We made inspirational paper chains to remind us to have positive thoughts about ourselves and what brings us happiness. We are learning about compassion, how we can show compassion to others, and having fun.  Come join us! Compassion Camp will be five weeks long instead of five consecutive days. It will meet at the normal Zoom Sunday school time of Sundays at 10:30 a.m. beginning July 12th. There will also be a 30-minute check-in session on Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. 

Please email Sam Burton at sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org to let her know if you are interested in Compassion Camp so that materials can be mailed to you.

“Be Loved, Be Kind, Be You!”  

FORWARD DAY BY DAY FOR AUGUST THROUGH OCTOBER have been put in the wooden box outside the Ida Beck doors.

YOUTH GROUP MEETINGS VIA ZOOM!! Youth are invited to join us for youth group meetings via Zoom on Sunday afternoons from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. We will catch up with each other, do a brief Bible study, and this week we will have a scavenger hunt! If you did not receive an email last week with the information to join the youth group meeting and would like for your youth to participate, please contact Sam Burton.

CAMPUS MINISTRY will continue to meet through the summer on Wednesdays from 5pm – 7pm! We would like to invite all college students (no matter which college!) to gather with us by Zoom. A Zoom link may be found on our church website, www.trinity-fredericksburg.org, or find the event on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/trinityfredericksburg/ .

During this time when we cannot be together physically, let’s keep in touch virtually.  Please check out the  TRINITY FACEBOOK PAGE  for information, inspiration, and some things to make you smile. Messages from Bishop Curry and from our Bishop Susan Goff are posted as they are received. Don't forget our follow  Instagram page  and subscribe to our  YouTube channel.


This week's Diocesan MEDITATION from Bishop Porter Taylor "Open to the Spirit" may be found here.

HABITS OF GRACE - An invitation for you from Bishop Michael Curry. Please read more here.

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1:00 pm Task Force to Dismantle Racism via Zoom

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10:30 am Compassion Camp VBS Online
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