June 2, 2021
The mission of Trinity Church is to share Christ's love and grace in a vibrant community whose joyful spirit empowers people to do God's work.
June 6 8:30 Indoor Worship and on FB livestream
           10:30 Church on the Lawn (weather permitting)

June 13 8:30 FB livestream with Rev Bambi Willis
           10:30 Church on the Lawn with Rev. Jere Hinson

June 20 Father’s Day
           8:30 Indoor Worship
           10:30 Indoor Worship and FB livestream

And in July…
July 11 Cafe Trinity returns between the services

Priscilla Turner has served Trinity as part time office assistant, webmaster, and director of social media. Now, Priscilla has accepted the call to serve as an assistant to a Vice Principal at her children’s school. Priscilla will be such a gift to that community. Trinity will miss her welcoming and helpful presence and her quiet tending of so many loose ends.

Please join me in wishing Priscilla great success in her new adventure.
Mother Cynthia+
Labyrinth Orientation

The Trinity labyrinth is complete. There will be a brief Labyrinth orientation offered at the labyrinth after the services on Sunday, June 6th and June 13th, weather permitting.  
Please visit often and enjoy our beautiful labyrinth.  Walking a labyrinth can bring relaxation, reduce stress, help with grief and anger, encourage creative thinking, or simply provide a time to reflect on life.  Take some time to experience our labyrinth soon!
Trinity’s Labyrinth: An Origin Story

Many of us have wondered about the beautifully paved and landscaped labyrinth beside the Memorial Garden. You may or may not be familiar with labyrinths. But when you hear its story of the last few years, you will come to know that Trinity’s labyrinth was meant to be!

It all began with Paige Kerby’s visits to see her daughter Erin in Morgantown, North Carolina. A labyrinth on the grounds of nearby Grace Episcopal Church became the destination of her morning walks. It was a quiet and beautiful spot to think and pray…One morning in the fall of 2017, as she meditated in the center of the labyrinth, watching the sun rise, Paige thought, “We should have a labyrinth at Trinity.” Immediately came an internal response, “Why can’t you?”.

On her return to Fredericksburg, Paige felt called to follow through on the idea. She went to see Kent Rahm, Trinity’s rector at the time, to tell him of her experience. Much to her surprise, after hearing her story Kent responded, “Well, why can’t we have a labyrinth? Form a committee and submit a proposal to the Vestry. I’ll support you!”. 

Paige is a member of the Daughters of the King at Trinity. She shared her idea at their next meeting and received an enthusiastic response. Five sisters joined Paige and her husband Fred to form the labyrinth committee.

The next week Paige and Fred attended a celebration in a friend’s new backyard. They gathered on a handsome new stone patio with firepit. The designer and builder of the space was there, and Paige asked him whether he had ever built a labyrinth. Mac Drane, the landscape architect, was a member of Trinity! He had a love for labyrinths and had visited many of them in his travels, but he had never made one. The thought of creating a labyrinth excited him, and Mac agreed to see what he could do. 

In early February of 2017, having researched and visited 12 church labyrinths across the state of Virginia, Mac presented his plans to Trinity’s Labyrinth Committee. They were beautifully conceived, complete with historical discussion of appropriate Christian symbols, landscaping, and Trinity’s signature Celtic cross for the center. The committee was on board.

Shortly thereafter, Paige presented her proposal to the Vestry. There was not an immediate consensus. Some were concerned about the proposed placement of the labyrinth as a large tree would have to be removed. There was a concern about drainage problems we had been having on the Jamison side of the church. Paige introduced the Junior Warden, Barry Holiday, to Mac Drane. As a Certified Landscape Designer and Instructor of Landscape Design at the University of Richmond, Mac understood land and water issues. The two of them stood in the rain for two hours to watch the movement of water on the Jamison side yard. Mac explained that the Labyrinth and surrounding earthworks to be created would help relieve the drainage problem! Barry was sold. 

Trinity’s Labyrinth proposal was approved at the next month’s Vestry meeting. All that remained was to find the money to pay for it. The Vestry felt strongly that there should be no parish wide campaign to fund it. Paige was excited. She was a member of several small groups at Trinity. She NEVER asked a single person for money. She simply shared her excitement about the newly approved Labyrinth plan wherever she went. Soon Michele Brantley shared her excitement as checks marked “labyrinth” began coming in. Before long the required sum of $25,000 had been donated!

So, you see, Trinity’s Labyrinth was meant to be. It was a huge undertaking. Yet the Spirit provided the inspiration, the courage to accept the challenge, the expertise in a member of Trinity, and the parish support. It reminds us that “In Christ, nothing is impossible.” We look forward to seeing how God will lead us to use this great gift in the life of Trinity, and for the community at large.  Thanks be to God!     
Join our book club-support group.

Our world perpetuates a myth that our happiness, health, and ability to be loved are dependent on how we look. It’s no surprise that as women we are under tremendous pressure to be thin and beautiful. This objectification, we know, is harmful, but how do we escape it? Join us for a women’s support group where we’ll discuss the book, More Than a Body: Your Body is an Instrument, Not an Ornament. In an encouraging, inclusive, small Zoom group, we’ll work toward healing self-objectifying body image distortions by using practical tools, including journaling, to help you reconnect with your whole self.

Online Mondays at 3-5 pm CDT / 4-6 pm EDT from June 21 - August 2.
Led by Sarah Lenz and Cynthia McKenna

It’s free to join but you must register:
The Caregivers’ Support Group will meet Thursday, June 10th, from 10:00-11:30 am at the church. Weather permitting we will meet outside. If not we will meet inside. Men and women who are caregivers for a disabled or ill adult or child are invited to attend the meeting. If you have any questions, please call Randall Clingenpeel (540-207-0600), Claire Curcio (540-479-6988), or Brenda Chase (540-226-2628) for more information.
Trinity will have Vacation Bible School this summer, July 18 – 24. We will be using Illustrated Ministry’s Compassion Camp II, “Changing the World with Lovingkindness”. We will try a hybrid model this year, most of the sessions will be both live on Zoom and recorded and there will be at least one in-person family event for arts, crafts, and games in a stations type format so we can all be socially distanced. To make VBS accessible for the greatest number of children and their families, please let Sam Burton know your preferences from the list below and email your response to sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org as soon as possible so plans may be finalized.

-Option 1 - Mon. 7/19 – Thurs. 7/22, 10 – 11:30 a.m. online and in-person family craft, game session, and celebration on Fri. 7/23, 10 – 11:30.

-Option 2 - Mon. 7/19 – Thurs. 7/22, 10 – 11:30 a.m. online and in-person family craft, game session, and celebration on Sat. 7/24 10 - 11:30.

-Option 3 - Mon. 7/19 – Thurs. 7/22, 1 – 2:30 p.m. online and in-person family craft, game session, and celebration on Fri. 7/23, 1 – 2:30.

-Option 4 - Mon. 7/19 – Thurs. 7/22, 1 – 2:30 p.m. online and in-person family craft, game session, and celebration on Sat. 7/24, 1 – 2:30.    

-Option 5 - Mon. 7/19 – Thurs. 7/22, 6 – 7:30 p.m. online and in-person family craft, game session, and celebration on Fri. 7/23, 6 – 7:30 p.m.

-Option 6 - Sun. 7/18 – Wed. 7/21, 6 – 7:30 pm. online and in-person family craft, game session, and celebration on Thurs. 7/22 6 – 7:30 p.m.
Trinity Youth – Plans have changed for the joint youth group activity with St. George’s on June 13. The Trinity Youth Group will join St. George’s youth for tubing on the Rappahannock River. We will meet at the Virginia Outdoor Center on Fall Hill Ave at 11:30 and float down to Old Mill Park. Once at the park we will have snacks, drinks, and fellowship. There is no cost for this activity. Please bring a mask and a towel. For more information, a permission slip, and to reserve your spot, contact Sam Burton at sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org. Parents, adults are needed to help chaperone. If you are interested in helping, please contact Sam Burton.
Youth Mission/Service Opportunity - The Youth Groups of Trinity and St. George’s are combining for a local mission day camp June 28 through July 2, from 9:00 to 2:00 each day. Lunch will be provided. We will be working on local service projects.
Appropriate precautions against covid-19 will be taken. Interested youth in middle school and high school should contact Sam Burton at sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org for more information and a registration form.
Wednesday, June 2
2:00 pm Task Force via Zoom
6:30 pm Daughters of the King meeting (BH)

Thursday, June 3
10:am Task Force meeting (L)

Friday, June 4

Saturday, June 5

Sunday, June 6
The Second Sunday after Pentecost
9:30 am Labyrinth Orientation
10:30 am Church on the Lawn
11:30 am Labyrinth Orientation

Monday, June 7

Tuesday, June 8
10:00 Staff meeting online
10:30 am Book Group (Tuesday AM)
12 Noon Knaughty Knitters online
Wednesday, June 9
6:30 pm Vestry Meeting

Thursday, June 10

Friday, June 11
8:30 am Micah Breakfast delivery

Saturday, June 12
8:00 am Brotherhood of St. Andrew - BH (Zoom)

Sunday, June 13
The Third Sunday after Pentecost
9:30 am Labyrinth Orientation
10:30 am Church on the Lawn
11:30 am Labyrinth Orientation
(540) 373-2996