November 20, 2019

The mission of Trinity Church is to share Christ's love and grace in a vibrant community whose joyful spirit empowers people to do God's work.

With heavy hearts, we learned that our dear friend and long-time Assistant Sexton Robert Garnett passed away Sunday about 4:30 PM after two days in the ICU at Spotsylvania Hospital fighting blood clots in his lungs. In addition to his local family, members of his Trinity family visited him during those two days, as well. Others who were close to Robert came from as far away as Virginia Beach and North Carolina to be with him. Although he could not communicate verbally, his facial expression indicated he was listening when friends and family spoke to him and prayed briefly with him during his last two days in the hospital. He was 84 years old.
The viewing will be at Bennett’s Funeral Home on Lafayette Blvd. on Saturday, November 30, at 10:30 AM and the memorial service at 11:30 AM, followed by a reception at Trinity in Barber Hall about 1:30 PM.
For those of you who did not know Robert, he was the older gentleman who was always raking, weeding, mulching, picking up sticks, and doing many other chores to beautify our church. If you didn’t see him outside, he was probably inside helping someone set up for something. He was a faithful Tuesday morning shopper with Joanne Beck and the other Trinity shoppers at the Regional Food Bank, in preparation for our Tuesday night outreach. A slight man in his 80’s, he’d strap on his back brace and carry in heavy cartons of food with the best of them. We have missed him sorely since he became ill with cancer about a year and a half ago and had to take a leave of absence. He was doing well and had planned last month to return to us for a few hours each day, until his physician vetoed that plan. He had worked for Trinity for more than 30 years.
If you drove up to the church for any reason, Robert would greet you with a big smile and call out, “Can I help you carry something?” As anyone who knew him can verify, he was the friendliest, most thoughtful and kindest person imaginable. And he probably didn’t stop raking while he was greeting you. He was an extraordinarily diligent and hard-working parish employee.
The best birthday party I ever attended was the one Trinity threw to celebrate Robert’s 80th birthday. You’d have thought his face would split from the big grin he wore the whole time. He told us it was the first birthday party he’d ever had. I believe parishioners got as much joy from the event as Robert did.
When he was temporarily displaced for housing, Sug and Randall Clingenpeel offered him space in their home until he could make other arrangements. They became even more fond of "Bowie", as they learned to call him. After Robert was released to his own apartment following his initial bout with cancer, many Trinitarians took him meals. He enjoyed the company more than the food, but we learned to pick up a meal from Cracker Barrel and be sure to include pancakes, his favorite food, for him to heat up for breakfast the next day. His gratitude made us wish we’d remembered to do that more often. Other parishioners visited him, took him shopping for groceries, and helped him with tasks he was unable to do. The last time he was at Trinity was for the Italian dinner several weeks ago, and we all enjoyed greeting him. His delight at being with us was obvious.
The author Robert Fulghum wisely observed that everything we need to know, we learned in kindergarten. We learned many life lessons from Robert in the many years he was with us at Trinity.
  • Smile with warmth at everyone.
  • Strap on your back brace, literally and figuratively, and do what needs to be done.
  • Work hard and enjoy it.
  • Be grateful for whatever life sends your way.
  • Appreciate your family, whether they be kin or church family.
  • Enjoy your birthday parties.
  • And don’t forget to call out, “Can I help you?”
As we learn in Wisdom 3:1, “The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God.”

Claire Curcio , Senior Warden
Trinity Discernment Prayer

O Everlasting, Omniscient, and Loving God
We confess that our daily worries and concerns often blind us to your voice and guidance in our lives. We thank You for this time of change, may it be an opportunity to grow together more closely as followers of your son Jesus Christ as we work to discern your path forward for our congregation. We pray that You will watch over the Bishop, diocesan transitional ministry team, the parish clergy, members of our vestry, and the other leaders of our church as they lead us on a new path for our parish. We pray for the members of the discernment committee as they endeavor to do Your holy work in calling a new rector for Trinity. We pray for all the members of our parish family during this time of transition that we come closer to You and feel your presence in our hearts. AMEN.
This year’s THANKSGIVING OFFERING will go to El Hogar, a children’s home and school in Honduras that Trinity has been supporting for many years. El Hogar works with boys and girls who need a home, educates them so that they can find work, cares for them, and helps them to know that God loves them. El Hogar is a safe oasis in one of the most violent and dangerous countries in the world. Make your check to Trinity Church with either “El Hogar” or “Thanksgiving Offering” in the memo, use your special Thanksgiving Offering envelope, or go to Trinity’s website and click on Online Giving and include El Hogar in the memo. How much difference can Trinity make in the children’s lives?

Christmas Outreach at Trinity is in full swing, the names and wishes of the children have been posted. Elf Sunday will be on Sunday, December 8, 2019. This year the Salvation Army had some changes to their guidelines, gifts must be unwrapped this year. We will be providing rolls of wrapping paper for each family to ensure the parents have what they need. We are also in charge of delivery of all the gifts to Toyland this year. Many elves make light work, please join us by signing up on the Big Red Door in this day of fellowship and fun. This year we have adopted 16 children to provide gifts and clothing to. Thank you to all of you for your support of our Christmas Outreach program. If you have any questions please contact Donna Krauss or call 540-907-1136.
On Saturday, November 30, at 1:30 PM, Trinity will host a reception in Barber Hall in memory of ROBERT GARNETT. Please sign up to help with the reception on the list on the red door.

Trinity's THANKSGIVING DAY EUCHARIST will be next Thursday, November 28, at 10 AM.

Come sing at our MIDNIGHT MASS on Christmas Eve. Rehearsals begin tomorrow at 7PM in the choir room!

ST ANDREW'S DAY, November 30th, is marked with celebrations by the Brotherhood of St. Andrews (BStA) chapters throughout the world. Read more about this special Brotherhood of St. Andrew celebration here. You may also read about the History of the Brotherhood of St Andrew and the BStA pin that they wear .

The RT. REV. JENNIFER BROOKE-DAVIDSON will visit Trinity on December 8th. She will preach and celebrate at the 9:15 and 11 am Eucharists. The 11am Eucharist will be Rite II with confirmations. There will be a reception following the service. More information to follow on how you can help with the reception.
SANTA BREAKFAST SIGN UP DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 1st!    The Brotherhood of St. Andrew and the Daughters of the King are making plans for Santa’s visit to Trinity on Saturday, December 21st. Don’t miss out on the great food, fun, and fellowship!  Sign up on the church door or call the church office soon. Space is limited!

REMINDER FROM THE TREASURER - Thank you to all who have turned in their Estimate of Giving Card. If you have not done so, please turn you card as soon as possible. The Finance Committee is meeting in the next few weeks to begin drafting Trinity’s 2020 Budget. Your Estimate of Giving Card is a critical part of this process as we base our budget on estimated income. We appreciate your continued financial support.

BUDGET REQUESTS - Please submit your Budget Requests by November 27 th to Michele Brantley .

ACOLYTE TRAINING – Youth in grades six through twelve interested in becoming acolytes are encouraged to contact Harry Dickinson at 540-785-6023 so we can arrange a time for training.


JUNIOR and SENIOR YOUTH GROUP MEMBERS – at our next meeting, on November 24, we will meet at Trinity for lunch and then travel to Wal Mart to shop for one of the Christmas Outreach Children. Please bring $5 - $10 to contribute to the gift. Parents, at least one other driver will be needed. If you are able to help please contact Sam Burton .
YOUTH GROUP MEMBERS – please plan to attend Caroling on the Trolley on December 6th. We will meet at Trinity at 6:30 PM to go caroling. Afterward we will gather in the Loft for hot chocolate, cider, goodies and games. St George’s youth are our guests. Please bring a holiday treat to share. If you have any questions, please contact Sam Burton .


The Episcopal Church Responds to the Opioid Epidemic - Members invited to participate in survey.
The Task Force to Respond to the Opioid Epidemic, created by legislation at the 79th General Convention, is seeking input from lay and ordained leaders throughout the church about the local response to the opioid epidemic through the short survey linked in English here , in Spanish here , and in French here . Responses requested by next Wednesday, November 27, 2019.


MICAH - Winter solutions - meet people where they are! MICAH is seeking donations to cultivate community and care for our neighbors. Would you donate $25 for a sleeping bag or tent; or take some new long johns, hats, gloves or hand warmers to Micah? Maybe you're handy and can help with winter maintenance on the Cold Weather shelter. There are many other ways to volunteer or donate. Call Lori at (540) 479-4116 x11 for more information.
Wednesday, November 27

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10:00 am Thanksgiving Day Eucharist

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Saturday, November 30
8:00 am Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Sunday, December 1
8:30 am 9:15 Song Leaders' Rehearsal (CR)
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