October 16, 2019

The mission of Trinity Church is to share Christ's love and grace in a vibrant community whose joyful spirit empowers people to do God's work.

The Diocesan phrase for what we’re doing in this time of transition is “Seeking a New Shepherd”. Their wording refers to a new rector for the parish.

While we miss our rector, we at Trinity have a history of parish leadership in various kinds of shepherding for our collective flock.

Randall Clingenpeel leads and trains the Parish Shepherds. These individuals visit parishioners in hospitals and area nursing facilities and occasionally in homes and are trained to listen, to pray, and to be with a parishioner and the family emotionally in time of trouble or illness. The Parish Shepherds currently are Ruth Brancolini, Jim Carlock, Randall Clingenpeel, Claire Curcio, Pat Farr, Holly Feliciano, Mike Frye, Lorrie Hummer, and Selby McCash. Joan Rice is a shepherd emerita who retired from the regular roster but serves as informal shepherd to the Trinitarians at Chancellors Village.

Often the shepherds refer a family to the Area Coordinators. Headed by Lorrie Hummer and Bill and Pat Farr, these volunteers have agreed to minister – to shepherd – to those in their geographic areas. They, too, have gone through training in how to listen and respond to those in need. These coordinators arrange for meals, transportation to doctors’ appointments, occasional child care or assistance with other household needs in a time of illness, death, or other dire family circumstances. Area Code Coordinators currently are Brenda Chase and Jean Davis with Jean and Janet Bailey as card-senders (City of Fredericksburg - 22401); Susan McSpadden and Lorraine Richardson with Carissa Huffstickler and Nancy Griswold as card-senders (South Stafford – 22403,22404, 22405); Margaret Pullen and Carol and Raleigh Jimenez with Margaret and Carol as card-senders (West Stafford-22406); Dawn Meiers (North Stafford - 22554,22556,22503); Rita Meeks with Tom Rotella as card-sender (North and East Spotsylvania, 22408); Cindi Brewer with Carroll Daymude as card-sender (West Spotsylvania, 22553); and Dave and Andrea Cedarleaf (North Spotsylvania, 22407). Most areas have a card-sender(s) who works with the coordinator(s). Currently there is a need for a coordinator who will work with what we call the Journeyers – basically everyone who doesn’t live in one of the above zip codes. When a need arises, the coordinators often call other parishioners who live in the same zip code to provide meals, transportation, or other services. Some zip code areas get together sometimes for a social occasion in a know-your-neighbor effort.

A third, perhaps lesser-known, service group in the parish is the Health Ministry Committee. Led by Brenda Chase, this group arranges for and does the the administrative work at our blood drives; publicizes events of health concern to the parish such as a chronic disease management group or opioid seminar; and makes information available on services such as a low-cost hearing consultant or home health assistance. You may have noticed the bulletin board in Barber Hall which highlights different health concerns. And they exhort us to have our blood pressure checked at their regular blood pressure screenings, conducted by nurses who are parishioners. Current members of the Health Ministry Committee are Brenda Chase, Randall Clingenpeel, Claire Curcio, Marti Harrington, Margaret Pullen, Karla Snellings, Adrian Smith and Jessica Smith.

The group that coordinates all these services is the Pastoral Care Committee, led by Harry Dickinson. This committee meets monthly to hear what each of the above groups and several more are doing to provide pastoral care to parishioners. It consists generally of those who chair or are very active in the groups listed above and other parishioners concerned with pastoral care. This group plans how to address parish and individual parishioners’ needs and looks at what future needs we might need to plan for. This committee consists of Brenda Chase, Randall Clingenpeel, Claire Curcio, Harry Dickinson, Bill Farr, Pat Farr, Lorrie Hummer, and Bambi Willis.

Some of our parish caregivers are counselors or nurses; most are parishioners with a deep sense of responsibility toward their fellow Trinitarians. If you feel that call, please consider joining one of the groups described, please talk to the chair or someone else in that ministry. We have other groups and individuals in the parish who also provide support to others, and we will highlight them in future newsletter items.

And, of course, Denise Symonds is the communications point that makes all this work. She sends names of parishioners to the various groups as needed and takes calls from parishioners who need assistance. If you don’t call us and let us know you need something, we may not know how we can help. And sometimes you just want to be left alone, and you can tell us that, too, and we’ll respect your wishes.

So when you see a mention of the Health Ministry or Zip Code Coordinators’ meeting, you’ll know what that group does. If you’re in the hospital and able to receive visitors, you’ll likely see a Parish Shepherd. And you may hear from your area coordinator to see if you need a meal when you get home.

A personal experience taught me what all this means. A couple of years ago I was in the hospital for a few days and enjoyed the Parish Shepherd visits. When I got home, the zip code coordinator brought us a lasagna. Selby and my daughter were taking good care of me and I knew we didn’t need food. What I didn’t know was how much the love and good wishes of Trinity would do for my spirit.

There are, of course, some needs that only a priest can address. Please call the parish office, me as Senior Warden (540-903-3939) or Junior Warden Barry Holliday (540-786-0552) and we’ll find you a priest.

So thanks to all the Trinity shepherds of various kinds. Please know we are here and let us hear what you need.

Claire Curcio , Senior Warden
Trinity Parish Survey

We have 75 completed parish surveys! Thanks to those of you who have taken the survey.

We need all of your voices to ensure a representative view of the parish, so, if you haven't already completed the survey, please take a few minutes to do so. Anonymous and confidential, the survey is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/discern2019 . Printed surveys are available in the church entryway. Completed printed surveys will be collected during the offertory each Sunday in October. There's also a collection basket in the entryway. We want to hear from you!

Trinity Discernment Prayer

O Everlasting, Omniscient, and Loving God
We confess that our daily worries and concerns
often blind us to your voice and guidance in our lives.
We thank You for this time of change,
may it be an opportunity to grow together more closely
as followers of your son Jesus Christ
as we work to discern your path forward for our congregation.
We pray that You will watch over the Bishop, diocesan transitional
ministry team, the parish clergy, members of our vestry,
and the other leaders of our church as they lead us on a new path for our parish.
We pray for the members of the discernment committee
as they endeavor to do Your holy work in calling a new rector for Trinity.
We pray for all the members of our parish family during this time of transition
that we come closer to You and feel your presence in our hearts.
This week Estimate of Giving Letters will go out to the Congregation as the official start to this year’s Stewardship Campaign. 

As you consider what your financial gift to Trinity may be, please remember all that your contributions support. First of all, we could not open the doors at Trinity without paying the necessary bills to heat, cool, light and maintain our facilities. Secondly, your contributions allow us to provide Sunday School for our young people as well as the other activities they enjoy. Groups and activities such as GEMS, Pastoral Area Coordinators, Outreach (including the weekly Micah breakfast), Elf Sunday, Blessings in a Backpack, Rise Against Hunger, and the Trinity Adult Group, to name a few, are made possible by your generosity.
Last week, in her Senior Warden’s remarks, Claire discussed gifts of time and talent which can have a very positive effect on our Budget. The Budget Committee greatly appreciates your support and hopes you will be timely in returning your Estimate of Giving Letter as we use them to develop the Budget for the coming year. Again, thank you for your continued support of Trinity.
Val Folden, Treasurer
Our TRINITY RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE will be November 2nd
from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM in Barber Hall

You may sign up after the services on Sundays Oct. 20th and 27th,
You can go online to redcrossblood.org to pick your time.

Let's help the American Red Cross save lives by having a good turnout on November 2nd.
The Trinity Adult Group (T.A.G.) is hosting FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT
this Saturday, October 19th, from 5:30-8:00 PM in Barber Hall.

We will be showing Toy Story 4 . Everyone is invited! Bring your kids, grandkids, or anyone else. Come in your comfy clothes with blankets to sit on. Please bring your family's favorite pot luck dinner item. We will provide drinks, desserts and FRESH POPPED POPCORN!! Please RSVP to Prudence . We can't wait to see you!

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, IS ALL SAINTS' SUNDAY, one of the Sundays particularly appropriate for baptisms. We will have a baptism at the 9:15 AM Eucharist with a reception following in Barber Hall. 

Another ALL SAINTS' TRADITION is to pray for people who have died. If there are people you would like to have remembered on All Saints’ Sunday, please PRINT their names on the sign-up sheet on the church door by Sunday, October 27th or contact the office , (540) 373-2996.
Our MONTHLY DROP-IN GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP will meet on Monday, October 21, from 3:00 – 4:30 PM, in Room 14, the Health Ministries Room. For additional information, contact Randall Clingenpeel or Ruth Brancolini . Please consider attending if you are trying to better understand the grieving process, as well struggling with grief following a major loss.

TRINITY MEN - Do you like to sing but don't want to commit to long-term choir rehearsals? Here's your opportunity to have fun with an easy all men's piece, "Climbin' Up the Mountain Children". We will be singing Sunday, November 10th at the 11 AM Eucharist. Rehearsals for this piece will be on two Thursdays: October 24 and November 7th at 7:00 PM in the choir room. Email Denise if you have questions.

During our time of transition, IF YOU HAVE A PASTORAL CONCERN OR WISH TO SPEAK TO A PRIEST, please call the church office at 540-373-2996. If the office is closed, you may call the Senior Warden Claire Curcio at 540-479-6988 or 540-903-3939 or the Junior Warden Barry Holliday at 540-786-0552.


HALLOWEEN PARTY FOR TRINITY CHILDREN. The Junior and Senior Youth Groups and Club 45 will host a Halloween Party/Harvest Festival for Trinity’s littlest ghosts and goblins (ages 3 – 8) on October 20 from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM in Jamison Hall. There will be fun games, face painting, a costume contest, and prizes for everyone! A lunch of chicken nuggets, fries, and veggie sticks with dip will be served. Parents, if you have any questions, or would like to help with this event, please contact Sam Burton . Also, PLEASE RSVP to Sam by TODAY so that enough food can be purchased.

A reminder to members of the JUNIOR AND SENIOR YOUTH GROUPS AND CLUB 45: you are hosting and running the Halloween Party for the younger children this Sunday, October 20. Please report to Sam Burton in Jamison Hall at 11:00 AM (11:15 AM for Club 45) to help set up the games and activities.

Club 45’ers your HALLOWEEN LOCK-IN PARTY is October 25th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM! We’ll have fun painting pumpkins, making Halloween lanterns, playing games, and eating snacks. Costumes may be worn. Please bring a favorite snack to share. Parents, please let Sam Burton know by next Wednesday, October 23rd, if your child plans to attend so enough supplies will be purchased.

HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH - SAVE THE DATE! The Senior High Parish Youth Ministries Retreat at Shrine Mont will be held November 1 – 3, 2019. All youth in high school are invited to attend. Trinity will pay half the tuition for each youth, so each person pays $80.00 plus money for lunch on the way home.
Registration forms may be found here . Forms and payment are due to Sam by Wednesday, October 23, 2019. Parents, Sam Burton will be unable to attend the event. If you are interested in chaperoning, please contact Sam Burton .


The Way of Love with Bishop Michael Curry, Podcast Season 2 continues. Click here for more information about both Season 1 and Season 2!
Wednesday, October 16
4:00 pm Blessings in a Backpack (K)
5:00 pm Evening Prayer (IB)
6:30 pm Daughters of the King (L)

Thursday, October 17
AM Blessings in a Backpack delivery
7:00 pm Musicians' Rehearsal (CR)

Friday, October 18

Saturday, October 19
8:30 am Fall ECW Meeting & UTO Ingathering (Pohick Church, Lorton)
11:00 am Burial Service & Reception - Anderson
5:30 pm T.A.G. Family Movie Night (BH)

Sunday, October 20
Blood Drive Sign-Ups
9-11:15 am Cafe Trinity
10:15 am Sunday School
10:20 am Casual Adult Ed (L)
11:30 pm Halloween Party (J)

Monday, October 21
3:00 pm Drop-In Grief Support Group (Rm 14)
6:00 pm Yoga

Tuesday, October 22
10:30 am Tuesday AM Book Group (L)
12:00 pm Knaughty Knitters (L)
5:00 pm Campus Ministry Meal & Worship
(The House)
Wednesday, October 23
4:00 pm Blessings in a Backpack (K)
5:00 pm Evening Prayer (IB)

Thursday, October 24
AM Blessings in a Backpack delivery
7:00 pm Musicians' Rehearsal (CR)
7:00 pm Fredericksburg Regional Council Meeting (BH)

Friday, October 25
6:30 pm Club 45 Lock-In (BH)

Saturday, October 26
8:00 am Brotherhood of St. Andrew (K/BH)
10:30 am Diocesan Christian Formation Conference (@ Trinity - all rooms)

Sunday, October 27
Blood Drive Sign-Ups
9-11:15 am Cafe Trinity
10:15 am Sunday School
10:20 am Casual Adult Ed (L)
12:30 pm Youth Groups (J)
(540) 373-2996