October 7, 2020

The mission of Trinity Church is to share Christ's love and grace in a vibrant community whose joyful spirit empowers people to do God's work.

Have you ever felt a cold, wet nose on your face in the middle of the night?

If you have a cat, dog, or child, almost certainly you have. Our cat George awakened me recently with such a technique. What he wanted and needed was a really intense cuddle. Those of you who have met George know that he was a six-week-old feral kitten who came out of the woods to Selby several years ago. George had a broken leg and while that healed, he has never become totally non-feral – except in the middle of the night when he wants to snuggle.

A pet who approaches you in the middle of the night has some request – food, a box cleaned, a walk outdoors, or just some affection. I remember my children or grandchildren visiting in the middle of the night, often in tears (hence the wet, cold nose). They had a bad ear or tummy, had experienced a scary nightmare, or had discovered a ghost or beast in the closet or under the bed. They needed medication, reassurance, a light for the darkness, or – you guessed it – a cuddle.

We at Trinity are trying hard to take care of each other during this difficult time. Thankfully we have Rev. Bambi Willis and Rev. David Casey to help us, but we are feeling keenly the lack of a Rector. The Shepherds under the leadership of Randall Clingenpeel are attempting to provide pastoral care, but that’s difficult when hospital visits are forbidden and visits in a parishioner’s home somewhat risky. The Daughters of the King, led by Kathleen Carroll, are looking out for each other, as are the Brotherhood of St. Andrew under Raleigh Jimenez’s leadership. Groups such as the book group, kept together by Sug Clingenpeel, and the knitting group, with Marianne Simpson organizing Zoom meetings, are in close contact with each other. The Discernment Committee, led by Alda White and Karla Snellings; the Task Force to Dismantle Racism with Jim Carlock and Jean Hunt as co-leaders; the Altar Guild, led by Mandy Anderson and Kelly Carniol; and other such groups are working, planning, and caring for each other.

Other groups, supported by the Vestry, find it unwise to resume activities, such as the Tuesday Night Outreach organized by Joanne Beck; Micah breakfast led by Robin Barrett; and Blessings in a Backpack, with Nancy Griswold as the new leader. However, even though these last three groups are not meeting, Trinity has donated our unused food and a cash donation to the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church at their still-operating food pantry. Parishioners are still helping with Micah breakfast but in a different way: Patti Wallace picks up donuts that Freddy’s Donuts donates weekly for a different version of Micah breakfast. Blessings in a Backpack is gearing up to be ready to go when the elementary school we support reopens in Stafford County. And we have added the new initiative of feeding the schoolchildren at Townsend Square Apartments, handing out more than 100 lunches and breakfasts each week.

We’re still here, we’re still active, and we are still caring for each other. But if you have an unmet need, put your cold, wet nose against the cheek of a Vestry member (figuratively speaking, of course!) and let us know how we can help. And wear your masks, every day, everywhere.

Claire Curcio, Senior Warden
Trinity Discernment Prayer

O Everlasting, Omniscient, and Loving God
We confess that our daily worries and concerns often blind us to your voice and guidance in our lives. We thank You for this time of change, may it be an opportunity to grow together more closely as followers of your son Jesus Christ as we work to discern your path forward for our congregation. We pray that You will watch over the Bishop, diocesan transitional ministry team, the parish clergy, members of our vestry, and the other leaders of our church as they lead us on a new path for our parish. We pray for the members of the discernment committee as they endeavor to do Your holy work in calling a new rector for Trinity. We pray for all the members of our parish family during this time of transition that we come closer to You and feel your presence in our hearts. AMEN.
More from the Treasurer

Our Stewardship Campaign is virtually upon us and it will be virtual this year.

The big challenge for the Finance Committee is to develop a budget for Year 2021
which will include compensation for a new Rector. The Discernment Committee has been working diligently since it was created and I’m confident we will have a new Rector in 2021. Our responsibility, as a Church Family, is to be able to provide adequate compensation in order to attract the best candidate. From a financial standpoint, we have been fortunate this year not to have had to pay a full-time Rector. Going forward that will change!

Please remember these facts when completing your Estimate of Giving Card this Fall.

As always, I’m grateful your continued support.
Come Walk the Labyrinth!
Saturday, October 10, 10am - 2pm

The Daughters of the King invite you to come walk our canvas labyrinth this Saturday, October 10th, between 10 am and 2 pm. The labyrinth will be set up in the College Avenue handicapped parking lot in front of the church (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN LOCATION). Members of the DOK will be there to answer questions. We ask all who come to walk to wear masks, and we will make sure people maintain adequate physical distancing. No more than 2 people will be allowed to walk the labyrinth at the same time. We ask that shoes be removed, but socks should be worn. Walking a labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice, and the labyrinth pattern plays a part in many world cultures. It can be a powerful tool for meditation, reflection, and prayer. 
Virtual Coffee Hour continues this Sunday, October 11th at 9:30 a.m. 

Zoom meeting ID # 441 267 3172 and the password is 6YiW22. This will be a recurring Zoom meeting with the same ID and password each Sunday. We ask that everyone mute their microphones when we start the Zoom meeting to minimize background noise. You can unmute when and if you want to speak. We look forward to seeing you!
Families with children are invited to join us for Online Sunday School this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for a 30 – 40-minute Sunday school lesson on Zoom. Our time together will include a few minutes of social (gathering) time, a few songs we all know, some prayer time, a story, and an easy craft response to the story. This will be geared for children ages 5 through fifth grade, but older and younger people are welcome too. Each child/person will need a pencil, a few sheets of paper, and some crayons or colored pencils. I will email some additional materials to everyone on Friday. If you have not received emails in the past with the information to join the class meeting and would like for your child to participate please contact Sam Burton at sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org.
Youth Group - All middle school and high school students are invited to join us for a Youth Group Meeting this Sunday, October 11th from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Zoom. We will play some games, and have a brief Bible study, and a discussion. An email will be sent out on Friday with the information to join the meeting and some handouts needed for the activities. If you have not received emails in the past with the information to join the meeting and would like for your youth to participate, please contact Sam Burton at sburton@trinity-fredericksburg.org.
It is with great sadness we inform you of the passing of Judy Windham, a member of Trinity, on Saturday, October 3rd. Judy had been in ill health over the last several years. Please remember her husband Alva and her family in prayer. “The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God.”

VESTRY MEETING HIGHLIGHTS – The September Vestry meeting included the following items: In the August Treasurer’s report, Val Folden noted that total collections were at 62% of the annual budget, partly because several Trinitarians had prepaid their 2020 giving. Non-pledge giving was below budget, as expected since we are not holding worship services at Trinity. Expenses were only about 52% of budget mainly because we are not paying a full-time rector. (Eight months of the year would be 67%.) Jim Carlock made a presentation about the Dismantling Racism Task Force’s activities and planning process. The Vestry appointed a committee to look at the new guidelines from the Diocese to consider outdoor worship and to look at considerations for regathering for in-person worship. The Technology Committee recommended purchasing audio-video equipment in preparation for live-streaming worship services when we regather and the Vestry approved the purchase. Harry presented preliminary sketches from Bushman Dreyfus Architects for possible location of an elevator, moving the stairs to create more space in the narthex, and the resulting movement of offices. Structural engineering information is needed before the architects proceed. The Daughters of the King will set up a labyrinth in the parking lot on September 26. (Rain date in October.)   

ECW's FALL MEETING will be held via a Zoom Webinar on October 15 from 9:00 am - 12 noon. Registration ends TOMORROW, October 8th, with a suggested donation of $35. Click here to view the details.

New copies of the FORWARD DAY BY DAY (November - January 2021) are now available in the box outside the Ida Beck doors. Please feel free to pick up your copy. Donations may be left in the mailbox near the red doors in front of the church.

2021 EPISCOPAL CALENDARS are now in. The cost is $5 each. If you would like to reserve a copy, please email Denise.

PRAYER FOR OUR PEOPLE - Responding to a request from Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, Trinity is delighted to announce the establishment of a prototype prayer initiative for the Fredericksburg Region named PRAYERS FOR OUR PEOPLE. Using a web-based form found on this link (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScqIiIbyf-Jr-FBlsWdgCpGXKhcvXl8bJLCJQUnvX6MRCgRcA/viewform), individuals can request prayers for their needs or the needs of others. The initial phase of the pilot will be staffed by members of Trinity and Bishop Brooke-Davidson has extended an invitation to participate to the other churches in the region via the Fredericksburg Region leadership.

CAMPUS MINISTRY has begun its regular semester meetings online on Tuesdays from 5pm – 7pm! We would like to invite all college students (no matter which college!) to gather with us by Zoom. A Zoom link may be found on our church website, www.trinity-fredericksburg.org, or find the event on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/trinityfredericksburg/ .

During this time when we cannot be together physically, let’s keep in touch virtually.  Please check out the TRINITY FACEBOOK PAGE for information, inspiration, and some things to make you smile. Messages from Bishop Curry and from our Bishop Susan Goff are posted as they are received. Don't forget our follow Instagram page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


"The Power of Prayer in the Wilderness of Cancer", a Meditation for the 18th Week after Pentecost, by Bishop Susan Goff, can be found here.

Forward Movement and The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations are calling Episcopalians and all others to join in A SEASON OF PRAYER: FOR AN ELECTION. Join us starting October 27 and continuing the day after the election, we invite you to pray for the election of leaders in the United States. Materials are available below in English and Spanish for use at home or to share with your congregation. These prayers, drawn from The Book of Common Prayer, can be printed out and tucked in a Bible or prayer journal. Sign up for email updates at the bottom of the page found here.

WAY OF LOVE -- The Episcopal Church continues to offer new resources for congregations interested in following the Way of Love as a way of life by starting small group ministries. New resources include the Building an Intentional Small Group Ministry information packet, an infographic, video compilations, and social media graphics. These resources are available in English here, Spanish here and French here. For more information and resources visit iam.ec/smallgroups or email wayoflove@episcopalchurch.org.
Wednesday, October 7
6:30 pm Daughters of the King online

Thursday, October 8
11:40 am School Children Feeding Program

Friday, October 9
8:30 am Micah Breakfast Delivery
11:40 am School Children Feeding Program

Saturday, October 10
7:30 am Brotherhood of St. Andrew online
10:00 am Labyrinth Walk
(William Street parking lot)

Sunday, October 11
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost
9:30 am Virtual Coffee Hour
10:30 am Sunday School online
2:00 pm Youth Group online

Monday, October 12
10:00 am Task Force on "Dismantling Racism" online
11:40 am School Children Feeding Program
7:00 pm Forward Day by Day Discussion online

Tuesday, October 13
10:30 am Book Group (Tuesday AM) online
11:40 am School Children Feeding Program
12 Noon Knaughty Knitters online
5:00 pm Campus Ministry Online
Wednesday, October 14
11:40 am School Children Feeding Program
7:00 pm Vestry meeting online

Thursday, October 15
11:45 am School Children Feeding Program

Friday, October 16
8:30 am Micah Breakfast Delivery
11:40 am School Children Feeding Program

Saturday, October 17

Sunday, October 18
Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
9:30 am Virtual Coffee Hour
10:30 am Sunday School online
2:00 pm Club 45 online
(540) 373-2996