September 2, 2020

The mission of Trinity Church is to share Christ's love and grace in a vibrant community whose joyful spirit empowers people to do God's work.

I scored a double eagle!

Well, sort of. For those of you who are not golfers, a par is the expected (hoped-for) number of strokes for a hole. A birdie is one fewer strokes, an eagle two strokes under, and a double eagle three strokes under, almost unheard of.

We were playing with Jim Ripley (who suggested I write this column) and I was hitting from the juniors/senior women’s tees, MUCH closer – maybe 250 yards on that particular hole -- to the green than the men’s tees. It was a par five, I was on in one and putted in one. So technically it was a double eagle, and Jim and Selby will attest to that. Sort of.

My tee was much too close to consider it a par five hole – maybe a par three. My two shots meant that would have been a birdie, which on any day would make me really, really happy. So any way you count it – and we were playing so badly we’d quit keeping score by then – it was a good performance for me.

It seems like what we’re doing right now at Trinity might be a double eagle scaled down to a birdie or a par, or maybe even a bogey, one stroke over par. We have figured out ways to amend our beloved service and still worship together. Our morning prayer services are a comfort and our Sunday services with our “organist” Barry, a fluent prayer person, and an inspiring homily from either Bambi or David are somewhat like actually being together in church. I can feel my fellow parishioners’ presence and I hope you can, too.

Our time on the golf course last week was lovely despite an overall disappointing score. The birds were singing, the fairways were bright green, and we three friends were enjoying being together. It was too hot for us to be there but we drank water and stayed the course, literally -- though one or two of us might have said a profane word or two. But it was golf, we made some amazing shots, and it was good.

That, in a nutshell, is Trinity today. It isn’t what we want, but the birds are singing, we have water to share, and moments are joyous. And, with God’s help and guidance, it is good.

Oh, and Jim Ripley scored a REAL eagle a few weeks ago, attested by Selby and me. Keep the faith and be well, friends.

Claire Curcio, Senior Warden
Trinity Discernment Prayer

O Everlasting, Omniscient, and Loving God
We confess that our daily worries and concerns often blind us to your voice and guidance in our lives. We thank You for this time of change, may it be an opportunity to grow together more closely as followers of your son Jesus Christ as we work to discern your path forward for our congregation. We pray that You will watch over the Bishop, diocesan transitional ministry team, the parish clergy, members of our vestry, and the other leaders of our church as they lead us on a new path for our parish. We pray for the members of the discernment committee as they endeavor to do Your holy work in calling a new rector for Trinity. We pray for all the members of our parish family during this time of transition that we come closer to You and feel your presence in our hearts. AMEN.
Special Labor Day Weekend Services

This Sunday, September 6 (Labor Day Weekend), we will gather online, as the Diocese of Virginia, for a worship service led by your bishops. Bishop Goff will preach and Bishops Brooke-Davidson and Taylor will be there, too.
We want to gather with you – and we want to give your devoted priests and pastors a break. As you know so well, your clergy have been working heroically since early March with online and outdoor worship, pastoral care, and formation, all in a strange new world of electronic connection. We honor their commitment and we hope that you will be as eager as we are to create a tiny sliver of real Sabbath time for them. 
We will broadcast the service beginning at 8:00 a.m. via Facebook and YouTube. Please mark your calendars for this worship service with the 60,000+ members of the Diocese of Virginia, and many friends, families, saints, and seekers. 

Can’t wait to see you there!
Thank you to Nancy Griswold. She has agreed to lead the Blessings in a Backpack program. A member of Trinity for four years, she usually attends the 11:00 a.m. service and has occasionally attended the 8:00 a.m. service. Nancy has been a member of the 22405 zip code Pastoral Care Group, sending anniversary and well wishes to our parishioners. Welcome to the BIB team! 

This month Stafford County will assess an October opening of the elementary schools. In the meantime, Nancy will be looking for volunteers to deliver the backpacks on Thursday mornings and volunteers to pack the food bags on Wednesday afternoons, so that when schools open BIB will be ready to begin. Nancy will be sending out information about the school year in future newsletters. Please help her by donating, volunteering and introducing yourselves to her so that she will know who you are. Please contact Nancy at to offer your assistance in helping to keep this ministry active at Trinity. 

It has been a pleasure working with the folks of Trinity, Blessings in a Backpack employees and the administration at Rocky Run Elementary School. The students love receiving their bags on Friday...... Benefits and Blessings Abound! 
Peace and Blessings! Susan McSpadden
Music Minister Search Committee Update
The committee is seeking your help!
As we go through this period where we are not able to worship together in person, we want to expand the music offerings during our Virtual Services. Do you or a family member play the piano, guitar, or maybe the flute or trumpet? The Music Minister Search Committee and the members of Trinity encourage those that play an instrument to help make joyful music for our Virtual Services.

If you or a family member have an interest, please contact Anne Adams, Wendell Anderson, Tim Allison, Sven Rundman or Val Folden should one feel the calling to lend their musical talents.

Anne Adams -
Tim Allison -
Wendell Anderson -
Val Folden -
Sven Rundman -
 Bring to the Lord a Joyful Noise.
                                               Thank you!
Stewardship in a Virtual World
Please join me as we enter an entirely different Stewardship Campaign for this year! The navigation will be interesting, so I am hoping we will have smooth sailing.
The Vestry and the Finance Committee are now beginning to plan how we will proceed if we are not able to conduct services in person. 

As always, I, as Treasurer, am grateful for your continued financial support as many of you continue to mail in your checks or take advantage of our Online giving option. Without your support we cannot continue to operate and survive.
I continue to pray for Victory over the Virus, the Violence and No Vicar!
Val Folden
Upcoming Forward Day by Day Discussions on Zoom
Starting this coming Monday, September 7, 2020, Randall Clingenpeel will lead, over Zoom, a discussion for six weeks on selections from the Forward Day by Day publication. These 45 minute conversations will begin at 7:00 PM. Twelve slots are being made available for this initial offering, a few of which are still available. Copies of the current Forward Day by Day can be found in the box on the breezeway connecting the main building to Jamison Hall, or you may prefer to access this publication online. Please register with Randall by emailing him at no later than TODAY, September 2nd.
School Dressing Days
will occur in modified fashion this year, with the assistance of the Salvation Army.We will not be collecting clothing this year, since the church building is not open, but will instead send donations of money to the effort. If you want to assist and haven't already, please send a check to Trinity with the notation "School Dressing Days" in the memo line. This is a very worthy project which Trinitarians have always supported generously. Though the times are different, the need is still very much present this year.
Responding to a request from Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, Trinity is delighted to announce the establishment of a prototype prayer initiative for the Fredericksburg Region named PRAYERS FOR OUR PEOPLE. Using a web-based form found on this link (, individuals can request prayers for their needs or the needs of others. The initial phase of the pilot will be staffed by members of Trinity and Bishop Brooke-Davidson has extended an invitation to participate to the other churches in the region via the Fredericksburg Region leadership.

DERBY DAY ON THE DIAMOND, this Saturday, September 5th, 2:30 pm, to benefit Micah. To read about this event and how Micah is "Cultivating Community", click here.

There will be NO SUNDAY SCHOOL this Sunday. Online Sunday school will resume on September 13th at 10:30 a.m. with the start of the new program year. An email with the sign-in information will be sent on Friday, September 11th. If you have any questions, please contact Sam Burton at

The YOUTH GROUP will not meet this Sunday. The next Youth group meeting will be held on September 13th on Zoom at 2:00 p.m. Log in information will be sent by email on Friday, September 11th.

CAMPUS MINISTRY has begun its regular semester meetings online on Tuesdays from 5pm – 7pm! We would like to invite all college students (no matter which college!) to gather with us by Zoom. A Zoom link may be found on our church website,, or find the event on our Facebook page .

During this time when we cannot be together physically, let’s keep in touch virtually.  Please check out the TRINITY FACEBOOK PAGE for information, inspiration, and some things to make you smile. Messages from Bishop Curry and from our Bishop Susan Goff are posted as they are received. Don't forget our follow Instagram page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


This week's DIOCESAN MEDITATION for the 13th Sunday after Pentecost, from Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, "Inhabiting This Time" can be found here.

Episcopalians are invited to join churches around the world in celebrating the Season of Creation; a time for people of faith to renew their relationship with God and all creation through celebration, prayer, and action. The Season’s roots rise from the Orthodox Christian tradition; the World Council of Churches was instrumental in making the special time a season, extending the celebration from September 1 until St. Francis Day, October 4. The Episcopal Church Office of Creation Care offers Season of Creation and St. Francis Day Resources to help plan. 

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael B. Curry has joined the leaders of other major religious groups in signing a friend of the court brief in support of the City of Philadelphia in Fulton v. Philadelphia, a case now before the United States Supreme Court. He has done so to affirm the commitment of The Episcopal Church to both equal protection of the law for LGBTQ persons and appropriate protections for religious liberty. Read more here.

The Episcopal Church continues to offer new resources for congregations interested in following the Way of Love as a way of life by starting small group ministries. New resources include the Building an Intentional Small Group Ministry information packet, an infographic, video compilations, and social media graphics. These resources are available in English here, Spanish here and French here. For more information and resources visit or email

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, presiding bishop and primate of The Episcopal Church, is the featured preacher September 13 on “Day 1” with host Peter Wallace, the nationally broadcast ecumenical radio program also accessible online at and by podcast. He has preached on the program numerous times since 1990. “Day 1” has been broadcast every week for 75 years, formerly as “The Protestant Hour.” Featuring outstanding preachers from the mainline denominations, “Day 1” is currently distributed to more than 200 radio stations across America and overseas. The program is produced by the Alliance for Christian Media, based in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, check the program’s website,
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