Growing Together: Trinity Sunday
Acts 2:14, 22-36

Do you remember the day you were baptized? What about your confirmation day? What can you recall from that day? What sights, sounds, smells do you remember? Did you have to give a speech? Were you quizzed over Luther’s Small Catechism in front of the entire congregation? Was there a celebration afterwards?

Many of us, though not all, may not remember our baptism. I, for one, was baptized when I was just weeks old. Perhaps you were too. I do remember my confirmation, though. I recall getting up in front of the congregation to read a paper I had written. I recall my terrible 8th grade haircut. I remember the party we had afterwards.

Whether or not you have specific memories of these days, Trinity Sunday, the day in the church year we celebrate this coming Sunday, is a wonderful day to remember your baptism...and your confirmation. On Sunday, as we celebrate the confirmation of two of our youth, I invite you also to recall your baptism and confirmation. But not just that you were baptized. I invite you to recall that you are baptized.

A recollection of our baptism involves more than recalling (or trying to recall) the specific day . It involves recalling our identity in Christ. It involves remembering each and every day that we are God’s children, called by name and loved dearly by our Heavenly Father. Our confirmation, then, is just that: a confirmation or an acknowledgement of the gifts that God has given us in baptism. His Holy Spirit living within us. These aren’t things that we have gained or earned for ourselves. But rather gifts freely given by God, won for us by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

So this weekend, as we celebrate the gifts of God given to Daniel and Amanda in their baptism, recall your own as well. Perhaps you remember the day. But if you don’t that OK! Remember the gifts. For God’s gifts to you are abundant and eternal!

In Christ,

Pastor Nick

Come celebrate with our confirmands this Sunday! You are invited to join them and their families for lunch in the Fellowship Hall right after worship!

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