Trinity Sunday
St. Cuthbert Church
June 7, 2020


Transition back to in-person worship - an overview: Click on image to the right to view >>>>>>>>

This past week we sent an information sheet and a survey for your responses. We need a team of volunteers in order to host in-person worship according to the safety guidelines that we have been given. Your response to the survey questions will help the leadership at St. Cuthbert to decide if we are able to open in a safe and orderly manner. We will continue to offer on-line services of worship, so you are able to participate even if you decide not to join physically at this time. Bless you all!

Many Hands Make for Light(-Hearted) Work at St. Cuthbert's Church!
BEFORE - The green waste pile from cuttings and trimmings from church yard, from rectory, from rental - many hours of work!
AFTER - A big THANK-YOU to Susan and Trevor, Cathy, Barb S., Marshall and Rassamee, Allan H. Leslie, A.J. and Joash from Abishek (bless you guys!), Derek and Jennifer. "You have 'bin' there and DONE THAT!"
Jennifer loading the bin
Trevor with chainsaw
Marshall on sawsall
The Rt. Rev. Wilson Elisa Kamani, Bishop of Ibba
Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. Two years ago he visited us at St. Cuthbert, thanks to HOPE International and Jet Takaoka. Bishop Kamani spoke of the partnership HOPE International has with The Diocese of Ibba. Click here to learn about this partnership in the face of the COVID-19. Please consider your supporting this partnership financially.
Thanks to the the production team who incorporates our learning to enhance our on-line worship - for your edification and to glorify Jesus, our risen Lord and Saviour.

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