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Trinity Tidings E-Newsletter
May 13, 2022
May Birthdays

7- Patti H
12- Cherri Y.
16- Loretta V.
18- Bob Z.
21- Lois J.
23- Cindy S.
29- Beverly H.
Please pray for: 
Carol + Carolyn + Pam + Jane + Carlos + Lila
Cathy + Donna + Kim + Patti + Dale + Doris + Luke + Lorene + Celia + Rolly
Rev. Doctor David Englund Celebrates
Holy Eucharist In Person May 15
We welcome on Sunday a new supply priest for Trinity, Rev. Doctor David Englund, but he wants us to know he goes by David. To introduce him, we have included his brief bio below:
I am a retired priest in the Diocese of Northern California. I was first ordained in an evangelical denomination in 1977 while in seminary. I ministered in that denomination for 36 years. I was ordained as an Episcopal Priest in 2004 and served as an associate priest at St. Paul's, Oroville, and then becoming priest-in-charge there until retiring in 2016. Since that time I have done supply work in Northern California and Hawaii.
I am happily married to Susan, and we have four daughters and eight grandchildren. I am addicted to reading, love cooking, raise sheep, pigs, and chickens, love music, and like to travel.
 I am serious about discipleship to Jesus, and above all try to be obedient to Him.
Please join us in welcoming Rev. David
at 10:00 service
In-Person Worship
We are still requesting in-person attendees observe COVID safety protocols with
  • masking
  • distancing
  • regular hand sanitizing
  • masked singing
following the service.
Enjoy chatting with others over
coffee and goodies!
Smoke Chasers'
Beat the Smoke
Trinity's ReStart Project
Invite You To Amador's
First-Responder Fair
May 21-22
Come “beat the smoke!”
Engines, boats, even a helicopter: Come meet first responders for a day of giveaways, demonstrations, games and activities, information booths, and more.
Learn how to be prepared, all while enjoying craft beer and local wines, great food, live music, meeting K-9 teams and rescued wildlife, and visiting dozens of artisan and preparedness vendors.
Have a questions about Emergency Preparedness?
There will be representatives for insurance, emergency communication, home/land hardening, pet/livestock evacuation, and much, much more.

Come to Trinity's booth and meet the Diocese Missioner for Disaster Resilience, Mark Dibelka. He's a lot of fun to converse with and is a wealth of information on disaster preparedness and the ReStart project.

How Can I Help?
You know when you first hear of a local disaster how your mind searches the best way to help immediately?
By giving to RESTART to create bins now, when a a local need arises for immediate response to ANY disaster, you will have already done your part!
Our Diocese initiative is to create bins for assisting anyone the State Office of Emergency Services and Diocese determines is eligible for recovery assistance supplies.

Visit our booth at SmokeChasers
New Book Study
Beginning (mid-June,TBA)

Sacred Earth Sacred Soul:
Celtic Wisdom for Reawakening to what Our Souls Know and Healing the World
by John Philip Newell, 255 pp

Easy reading!
This book traces over the centuries prominent voices from the Celtic tradition, which saw God as present within earth and us---voices such as that of St Brigid, John Muir, and Teilhard de Chardin. If you have ever struggled with such issues as original sin, a distant God, diminished roles of women, and institutional religion’s failure to call out the plundering of the planet, you’ll probably like this book. 
Some people you like also like it:
Newell reaches new depths in his vision of the earth and the human journey. We need this Celtic wisdom urgently.  ----Richard Rohr
This wonderful book calls us to wake up and see that there’s no going back to small, limited notions of God and the sacred.  ----Michael Curry
Meeting Options
We can meet on Zoom and/or meet in person at Jane’s Hall or my place (where we can enjoy fresh air on the deck). I am offering both Zoom and in-person because I think the book is worth it.
Discussion Options
We can cover the book in five sessions or up to ten, and do discussion only or discussion combined with outdoor exploration of Celtic spiritual practices.

Final arrangements, including day/time will be negotiated among those responding. I have three copies of the book if anyone would like one ($23)
Contact marthadrobbins@gmail.com for more info or to join. 
Community Corner
Operation Care and Sierra Wind are organizing the Amador Homeless Resource Fair on May 15th - May 16th in Detert Park. Volunteers are needed on the days of the Fair for activities like serving breakfast and lunch, cleaning up the park after the event, or just visiting all the fair-goers. Call Operation Care (209) 223-2600 for information and to volunteer. You can also contact Steve C. for more information.
Opportunity for Trinity to spread the Good News
Burning Bush Ministries is an interdenominational group of churches that supply short church services to those isolated and living in senior residential centers. Several churches in the county are involved in this ministry. Members of a church go out, usually one Sunday a month, and conduct a 1/2 hour religious service with prayers, a short homily and hymns. After the service, the people conducting the religious service visit with and minister to the residents. 
Shut down during COVID, this ministry resuming activities and going to Amador Residential, Jackson Gardens and Gold Quartz Inn. Gift bags are provided by Lila Grover and the New Life Christian Center on Ridge Road for all the residents to let them know they are not forgotten. Trinity Vestry is inviting a team of two congregants to represent Trinity in visitations through this ministry. If this is something that you are moved to be involved in please contact Steve C. christensen668@sbcglobal.net
Group Prayer, Study, and Meditation
Centering Prayer
·   Wednesdays, 9:30 AM
·   Thursdays, 7:00 PM, evening group meets 
The practice is simple to begin, and benefits are quickly felt.
Email Martha for information marthadrobbins@gmail.com

Wisdom Awakening
(Formerly The Rose of Zion Wisdom School)
Adult Spiritual Formation
All are welcome, regardless of creed or religious affiliation.
No one is excluded from the universal Light of Wisdom!
 Contact Seraphim Winslow at seraphim.winslow@gmail.com
Trinity Vestry Meetings
Vestry usually meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm on Zoom. Next meeting is May 24.
Vestry Team Leaders and Responsibility
Spiritual needs of the parish

David Hoos, Sr. Warden
Diane Christensen—Prayers for parishioners (prayer chain email, prayers of the people in worship, newsletter)
Church services, high seasons and holy days, supply priest scheduling, and music

Amanda Paul-Parker
Mary Yount—Musical Director
Communications, Diocese requirements and reporting, office management

Carol Holt, Treasurer

Meg Verardi
Nancy Moore, Clerk

Building and grounds
Steve Russel, Jr. Warden

Trinity Services
In-Person Worship has resumed!!
Let us worship together in church and
join in real coffee hour.
Worship IN-PERSON,
on Zoom, and Facebook Live
Sundays, 10:00 AM
1st and 3rd Sundays

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Lay-Led Morning Prayer
2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays

Morning Prayer Booklet
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Sunday, 10:00am
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Daily Vespers
Monday-Saturday 6:00 pm
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