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We provide a welcoming environment to explore our faith and serve others.
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As a beacon of inclusivity, we
seek to transform our community.
Trinity Tidings E-Newsletter
November 19, 2021
Next issue: December 3
Please pray for: 
Carol + Carolyn + Pam + Jane + Carlos + Lila +
Cathy + Laurie + Donna + Kim + Patti + Mary M. + Dale + Doris + Julie + Mary K. + Amanda
November Birthdays
2- Susan A.
6- Roberta R.
9- Martha R.
14-Sandi P.
24- Rita M.
25- John B.
Project Thanks Report
The generosity of Trinity, and others, astounds me as I report that we met our commitment of 30 boxes, and went beyond to to cover the cost of 39 Thanksgiving boxes for the Interfaith Food Bank.
Rev. Karen Lawler Returns to Say Eucharist
For Us November 21
We welcome Rev, Karen, again, to celebrate Holy Eucharist at 9:30 am on the Last Sunday after Pentecost. For those who didn't get to meet her when she was here in October, Rev. Karen, OEF was ordained to the priesthood in 2020 and is a professed member of the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans. Her passions in ministry include providing pastoral care to people dealing with health issues, connecting with the sacred through music, facilitating spiritual practices which promote gratitude, hope and resilience and accompanying those on the margins in the work of justice. Karen’s seminary education was at Church Divinity School of the Pacific and Christ the King Seminary. She served in campus and parish ministry prior to working in healthcare for many years.
Let us partake in Holy Eucharist and rejoice in worship with the Trinity community. We look forward to seeing you there!

It's Pledge Season!

Letter from Trinity Wardens

Dear Trinitarians,
 Advent, Christmas, and a New Year are fast approaching. Trinity is still here and making plans for worship and celebration of these important seasons. 2021 has been a trying year for everyone, Trinity too, in so many ways, including losing our priest-in-charge. This time last year we really did not know if we would reach this point, again. But Trinity has come through with a vibrancy that shows promise for our continued future in the community...
To read the rest of the Wardens' letter click here.
Budgeting Process <---> Your Pledge
The Vestry is beginning the 2022 budgeting process. Under-standing our income is key to creating a realistic budget and striving to do more than the past year in the way of worship and community support. Committing to your pledge early benefits us tremendously in our ability to plan accurately.
Please prayerfully consider your pledge to Trinity, now.

Pledge Card on Our Website
You don't need to wait for the letter and card to come in the mail, no more stamps, mailing, or trying to return your pledge to the church when no one's in the office, or remembering to bring on a Sunday! Don't worry, there is still one coming by US Mail if you prefer.
You can now fill in your 2022 pledge card on our website. Upon submission a secure email will automatically be sent directly to the treasurer, Carol. You can also request a copy to be emailed to yourself for your records.
To make your pledge now, click the button.
"That was easy!"
Worship Schedule Change
November 28 is ZOOM Only
Some of the Liturgy/Techolyte team will taking personal time over Thanksgiving week and weekend, so Morning Prayer will be on ZOOM only at the usual time, 9:30.

Wanted: Small Rental Home
Cathy K. is looking to find a small rental home by the end of the year. Anyone who has information on a home or cottage to rent please contact Cathy through her email. Click Here.
Starting in DECEMBER, please join us for coffee + and fellowship. We ask only that you "sign in" ( for covid tracing if necessary).
New Forward Day by Day booklets (Nov.-Feb.)
Pick up a copy from the rack near the back door or notify Nancy 209-770-1382 who will deliver one to you!
Got Mice?
Oban is a super sweet tame orange angel who needs a loving home. He was found with a pellet gun wound in his side. Dr. Allan of Blue Oak Vet. has treated him. The person fostering Oban is taking care of expenses, so it won't cost anything to adopt him... 😽
Click here to contact Mary Y. for more details .
Candidates for Trinity's Vestry in 2022
We still have two positions open. Trinity has many options for worship and spiritual development. We are inviting you to join our Vestry next year and become a part of the decision making process for the future of Trinity.
Please prayerfully consider investing yourself
in Trinity's future.
Being Episcopalian
2021 Diocese Convention Report
The 2021 Diocesan Convention was entirely on Zoom. Some 350 people from the Diocese of Northern California tuned in to watch and 291 lay and clergy delegates attended. Voting was done with Zoom polling for counted and verified votes, and by Zoom hand-raising button for acclamation decisions. Procedures in place allowed for all delegates who wanted to speak to be recognized and given the floor (screen?)
The preparation and organization to run such a meeting so smoothly, and mostly on time is to be applauded and commended.
Trinity Delegate and Attendee Reports
Read report from Steve C., on the convention and description of two programs introduced: Project (Re)Start and "We Grieve" bulletin board.
Read report from Noreen L. on the convention experience and the resolutions.
For comprehensive information about all aspects of the 2021 Diocese go to the Diocese Convention Website. Click Here.

Miss the Convention? Watch it here!
Thursday, November 4
Saturday, November 6
Saturday, November 6
2021 Diocese Convention Report
C1-2021: Resolution updates Diocesan Constitution to to allow electronic meeting of Convention and electronic notice of meetings.
PASSED — Total votes = 287 (Yes 277 | No 10)
Result: Article VI of the Constitution is amended to require the Ecclesiastical Authority (Bishop) to seek consent of the Standing Committee to hold the annual meeting in electronic or hybrid format.
R1-2021: Petition General Convention to Add John Lewis to Episcopal Commemorations Calendar
PASSED — Total votes = 282 (Yes 275 | No 7)
Result: Resolution moves to the 80th General Convention for consideration.
R2-2021: Petition General Convention to Add Howard Thurman to Episcopal Commemorations Calendar
PASSED — Total votes = 282 (Yes 279 | No 3)
Result: Resolution moves to the 80th General Convention for consideration.
R3-2021: Racial Justice Audit
We will present more in a subsequent issue on the very important issue and commitment of the Episcopal church to Racial Reconciliation.
PASSED — Total votes = 288 (Yes 268 | No 20)
Result: 1) The Board of Trustees is urged to devote no less than 1% of the annual budget (beginning in 2023) to funding a racial justice audit. 2) The Commission for Intercultural Ministries is charged with facilitating the audit.
R4-2021: All are Welcome at the Table. This resolution removes the exclusion of unbaptized persons from being able to receive Holy Communion.
This resolution addresses a subject with strong feelings on both sides. Delegates were allowed to speak to both sides of the issue. It was clear people feel strongly about one side or the other, but the meeting remained orderly with the resolution passing by a relatively small margin, and clergy votes very close.
PASSED —Total votes = 291 (Yes 166 | No 125)
Clergy: Total = 93 (Yes 49 | No 44) Lay: Total = 198 (Yes 117 | No 81)
Result: Resolution moves to the 80th General Convention for consideration. No change to canon law at this time.
Help Afghan Refugees in Our Diocese
The CIM Afghan Resettling Team is working to coordinate the needs of Refugees with the resources available from churches and individuals in the Diocese.
There are many ways you can help meet these needs and provide a warm welcome to our new Afghan neighbors. Check the attached flyer for updated information and links to donate and volunteer.
For more information contact: 
Lynn Zender CIM Co-chair, Afghan Resettling Team  zenderlynn@gmail.com
Bob Wohlsen Resettling Team Volunteer & Donation Coordinator bob.wohlsen@gmail.com
Jim Schaal Executive Director, St Matthew’s Center stmatthewsepiscopal@gmail.com
Community Corner
Amador County
Behavioral Health Network of Care
Amador County Mental Health Resources

NAMI Amador Connection Recovery Support 
FREE Group for Adults with mental illness, regardless of the diagnosis; Led by trained individuals who are also in recovery-people who understand the changes and challenges.
10:00AM to 11:30AM at Sierra Wind
10354 Argonaut Ln, Jackson, CA 95642 
1:00PM to 2:30PM at the Senior Center
229 New York Ranch Rd, Jackson, CA 95642

NAMI Peer-to Peer Support
A course of eight sessions led by NAMI State certified mentors and instructors.
Call (209) 256-1293 or email namiamador@hotmail.com 
Trinity Vestry Meetings
Vestry meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm on Zoom. Members of our congregation are invited to attend. If you would like to attend the meeting, please email dmhoos@gmail.com to get the Zoom link.
Next meeting is November 23.
Vestry Team Leaders and Responsibility
Spiritual needs of the parish

Meg Verardi, Sr. Warden
Diane Christensen—Prayers for parishioners (prayer chain email, prayers of the people in worship, newsletter)
Church services, high seasons and holy days, supply priest scheduling, and music

Amanda Paul-Parker
Mary Yount—Musical Director

Communications, Diocese requirements and reporting, office management

Carol Holt, Treasurer
Nancy Moore, Clerk
Meg Verardi

Building and grounds
David Hoos, Jr. Warden
Trinity Services
Trinity Guidelines
for Worship in the Church
  • Masking— we can provide a mask
  • Signing in—for now (for contact tracing)
  • Distancing—chairs are set up in the church at appropriate distances.
  • Sanitizing hands before and after restroom use.
  • Singing—The Diocese has allowed churches to determine their singing policies according to their county and CDC guidelines. Dr. Kerr, Health Officer of Amador County, has determined singing is permissible if all are masked and remain distanced. Indoors we can sing for no longer than a half hour cumulatively.
  •  Communion—Stay at your seat and the priest (or a Eucharistic Minister) will come to you. We will offer the bread only at this time, recognizing that it is still receiving the fullness of Christ's presence. You can choose not to accept.
  • The Peace—Acknowledge each other and offer your peace to fellow worshipers from your place in the church.
In-Church Worship
Sunday, 9:30 AM
1st and 3rd Sundays

2021 Eucharist Booklet Click Here

Lay-Led Morning Prayer
2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays

Morning Prayer Booklet
Sunday Zoom
Sunday, 9:30
Sunday Zoom Link Click Here
Daily Vespers
Monday-Saturday 6:00 pm
Zoom Link Click Here
Booklet Click Here

Centering Prayer

  • Wednesdays, 9:30 AM
  • Thursdays, 7:00 PM, evening group meets 
The practice is simple to begin, and benefits are quickly felt.
Email Martha for information

The Rose of Zion Wisdom School
Adult Spiritual Formation
All are welcome, regardless of creed or religious affiliation.
No one is excluded from the universal Light of Wisdom!
Contact Seraphim Winslow at seraphim.winslow@gmail.com
We Want to Hear From You!
Trinity Tidings Editors
Nancy Moore—Parishioner News

Meg Verardi—Vestry News

Steve Christensen—Community, National Episcopal

Seraphim Winslow----The Wisdom School