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  Citrus Grove Elementary Update

Sneakers for Kids project
Our Sneakers for Kids project continues. Things all came together on December 15 when 42 boys and girls at Citrus Grove Elementary School finally received their brand new sturdy sneakers. The colors, chosen by the kids, included lots of pinks, some red, black, bright blue, hot green, and some mixed colors. The kids all looked mighty sharp with their new sneakers and socks.The sizes ranged from very small to men's and women's sizes. Many of the kids thanked us before they left. They were very excited to walk out with new sneakers on and we were excited to see them happy.
Trinity, your contributions in 2015 plus a grant from the Alice Lockmiller Endowment for Children in Lakeland made the purchase of these sneakers possible. With the previous purchases, we have now given out 118 pairs of sneakers to kids in need.
The Lockmiller grant provided us $1500 the first year, but stipulated that we should continue the project for a second year; we are now in our second year. There is such a need that I do hope that you can continue to support this project. Our monies are down to less than $300, so to buy again in 2017, we need additional funds. If you can help with Sneakers for Kids, please make a check to Trinity FOR Sneakers for Kids. The average price of a pair of name brand, quality sneakers is about $30.
Why Citrus Grove? Citrus Grove is the closest elementary school to our new church property on Plymouth Ave. We have had a liaison with them, helping them in a variety of ways, since the school opened several years ago. CG also is a 70% Title 1 school, which means they give free or reduced lunch to 70% of their student body. There are many children in need there.
Your contributions have helped kids whose sneakers were smelly, too small or too large, torn up, or taped together; it has boosted their self-esteem. You have also helped parents who cannot afford sturdy shoe wear.
Thank you, Trinity!
Lana Saxon & Kathy Clark, Coordinators
Master Calendar
The church's master calendar can be seen online at anytime 24/7. Visitors can view both previous and coming months.  Click here to view.

Hard copies will be available in the church office or in the Narthex on Sundays. To add or correct information seen on the calendar, contact Lori Jones at  trinitymgr@cfl.rr.com  or 734-4425.

United Methodist Women News

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Trinity is having a speaker on this subject on Jan 15 at both worship services. Dr. Donna Sallee' is an ordained minister, a conference/retreat speaker, and a certified Domestic Violence Hotline Counselor. She has had her own TV program and has contributed to many magazines. She is the
Founder/Director of The Ruth House Ministries. The Ruth House will be a transitional safe home, a 12 month program for rescued victims of HT.
Dr. Sallee' is currently raising funds for The Ruth House. The Night for Freedom at Orange City UMC raised $11,000 to help with this huge project.
Human Trafficking affects us locally just as it does in countries across the globe. Devereux here in DeLand and
Community Partnership for Children in Daytona are agencies that work with trafficking victims. Many parents sell their daughters for drug money right here in DeLand. Each of us needs to be aware of what this is doing to our young girls and even boys so you can protect your children and grandchildren.
Lana Saxon, member of HOPE Team, OCUMC

When:    Monday, January
               23,2017 at 7:00 pm  
Where:   St. Ann's Parish Hall
                26 Dogwood Trail,

Presented by: Freedom 7 Faith Alliance, a sub-committee of the Freedom 7 Human Trafficking Task Force ( representing Flagler, Volusia, Putnam & St. Johns counties)

All are welcome to this free presentation - appropriate for middle school to adult. 

Together we can end Human Trafficking.
My Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Happy New Year! I hope and pray all is well with you, your families and all GOD has entrusted to you. I write this before Christmas so frankly it is challenging for me to think about 2017 when we are still approaching and preparing for Christmas but here it goes. What happened to the month of December? For that matter, what happened to the year of 2016? As I look back upon this year I am stunned by the speed at which this last year passed and when I try to replay some of the major events of this past year in my mind it is all a blur. And those events weren't just run of the mill events but included the graduation from DeLand High School of our daughter Maia and an unexpected trip to Cuba which was awesome among other wonderful, transformational events and experiences! Even those major events are blurry in my mind.
Upon reflection or attempted reflection on this past year I am learning that to fully enjoy life I need to learn how to slow it down and make the most of it. Some of that means I need to prioritize my life and put greater emphasis on those events, relationships and persons that matter the most. That means that I absolutely must continue my early morning prayer walks which help keep my priorities and perceptions attune with God's will. I have found that if I miss out on those walks, even one day, that the rest of the day just doesn't go as smoothly as normal. With that relationship with God in order, it seems like all of my other relationships fall into the right order as well.
Over the last several months I have been trying to get in better shape by exercising more regularly and more vigorously. That has proven to be quite the challenge over the last several years, particularly since I turned forty, yes forty, but I am determined to continue this regimen (if what I do can indeed been termed a regimen). I began this journey into better health when I found out that I had atrial fibrillation back in the summer simultaneously with a challenge to participate in the sixth annual MeStrong run/walk coming up on January 28th. I have re-discovered how much exercise helps to keep one oriented and balanced in life.
Lastly, and there are surely more which will come to mind after I complete this, but lastly, I need to change some habits. I wonder how much more I could squeeze out of my day doing the important things of life and ministry if I didn't watch television so much in the evenings. I am actually reconsidering the time I spend watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune which have become long time pursuits of mine. We will see.
It may seem that I am talking about resolutions here but I am now. Far too often for me those resolutions don't last long enough to bring transformation so I have learned to start where I am when I am ready rather than waiting on the change of year. In January we will have series of sermons on MeStrong: Getting In Shape which will deal with our physical conditioning, our spiritual conditioning but also our Christ-like impact on a world that seems to spin more and more into chaos and darkness the farther removed we are from the Empty Tomb. Won't you join us in January to get into shape? Won't you bring someone or two with you? I look forward to seeing you here. I sincerely wish you and yours a blessed, inspiring, fulfilling year in 2017.

Pastor Brian
Sermon  Topics  for 
January 1

Epiphany Sunday

Apostles' Creed Hymn Festival 

January 8

First Sunday after Epiphany

"Me Strong: Pre-Season Physical"

Luke 3:15-18, 21-22

Reaffirmation of Baptism 

January 15

Second Sunday after Epiphany

Guest Speaker on Human Trafficking 

January 22

Third Sunday after Epiphany

"Me Strong: Getting in Shape"

1 Corinthians 9:19-27 

January 29

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

"Me Strong: Staying in Shape"

1 Timothy 4 

Youth News
"Keep true to the dreams of your youth."

Schedule for January
January 1

No Youth -

Happy New Year

January 8
Regular Youth 3-5
January 15

Bowling at Sunshine Lanes.
See Mrs. Lori for details.

January 22
Regular Youth 3-5
January 29
Movie Night at Church 3-5
Happy 2017 to all youth and their families. Think of some goals for the new year and try to achieve them.

Mrs. Lori, Mr. Jeff, Mrs. Lorena
Mr. Brian and Mr. Frank

Breakfast at Trinity
We are beginning our 6th year in serving our community in need with a delicious and nutritious breakfast on the fourth Friday of each month (Nov & Dec dates are exceptions). We operate with over 30 volunteers each month, but we can always use extra hands to fill the variety of jobs. Call Lana Saxon or the Church Office to volunteer.
It is truly a blessing to serve others. It is also an eye-opener to the needs of those in our community. Many leave prayer requests that are very heart-felt; these are turned over to the Prayer Team. Our breakfast is from 9:30 - 11:15, a very short time to serve God each month. Come join us.
Lana Saxon, Coordinator

DeLand's most popular walk/run event  - the ME STRONG 5k to be held on Saturday, January 28th in and around the downtown and historic district.

For more information on the Me Strong run/walk, email Dona Butler at TeamTrinityStrong@yahoo.com.

My Christmas miracle!
December 4th found us docked in our big boat at Hontoon Island at 4.30pm. We called Hontoon Marina and found the new deli closed at 6pm so decided to row over in my new tender (behind!) for salad and dessert to go with the meat we had brought to grill. As I was getting off the boat my sunglasses came loose from the chain they were on. While trying to help me, Mark grabbed my glasses, the chain pulled my ear and we both watched my gold opal earring disappearing into the murky depths of the St. John's River.
I felt absolutely sick inside.
As a teenager my Father had given me a pair of opal earrings and I had lost one after he died in 1984. While in Turkey with Mark in 2003 we went shopping on a rainy day and noticed lots of opals for sale. I had always wanted to replace the ones that I had lost. I found some I liked in the first shop but kept on looking. We returned to the first shop much later and the owner then tried to persuade me to buy a matching opal ring as well. While I was making up my mind, Mark announced that he would buy me the earrings but he definitely wasn't going to buy me the ring! It was the first time he had bought me anything and I just had a feeling it was a sign he was going to marry me.
Mark said he would see how deep the river was using an oar while I went inside to buy the salad and dessert. The water was 3 to 4 feet deep. We just had to look for the earring. I went back inside to see if the store sold nets. They had a child's one for $7.99. As I was paying, I asked the cashier if she believed in the power of prayer as I was buying the net to search for my gold earring at the bottom of the river. She assured me it was full of mud and no one ever found anything. She evidently didn't have the faith for my mission.
We just had to try. We had read in Daily Light that morning 'My Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete.' - 'If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.' (John 16:23-24 and Matthew 21:22.) So we started. Mark took off his shirt and was leaning over the edge of the boat dragging up the net full of mud and mussels while I was half lying half sitting on the dock hanging onto the boat. It was like panning for gold, quite literally. Two workers from Hontoon Marina came over. They offered a larger net, a magnet and a hose to wash through the mud. They also told us stories of all the things that had been lost and never found; much larger things such as eyeglasses, cell phones, car keys, screw drivers. We just kept on. We prayed out loud. We quoted God's word back to Him. We thanked Him in advance for a miracle. We reminded Him that we believed that nothing was impossible. Mark wanted to carry on using the small net. It was starting to get dark. He did say it was like looking for a needle in a haystack as anyone who knows the St. John's River will know. He thought the big net would stir up the mud more so we didn't use it.
It was getting darker. I just didn't want to give up. I knew God could do anything. One more scrape through the mud and then we would stop as it was too dark. I tried not to think about the gators. Mark swished the net full of mud back and forth, back and forth, to wash out the mud. It still makes me cry to remember that moment of seeing the gold glistening in the mud. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. We rushed to tell the worker who had loaned us the other net and hose. The shop was now closed so I asked him to tell the cashier. I just wanted to tell everyone. I'm telling you! NEVER EVER underestimate the power of prayer and how God cares about every little detail
of your life. Praise Him!
Helen Jackson

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