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April  5

Stan & Jan Lilly 

30 yrs

April 6

Buster & Patty Hunt

3 yrs


George & Dawn Trullinger 

12 yrs

April  15

Roger & Julie Baumgartner

52 yrs

April  17

John & Anita Campbell

12 yrs

April  20

Paul & Lori Ebanks

25 yrs

April  20

Don & Lucy Halavin

48 yrs

April 24

Don & April Brunning

17 yrs

April 26

Travis & Ashley Dunne

2 yrs

April  28

David & Susan Eunice

31 yrs

Trustees recently approved the purchase of a new sound system for the church. The frequencies for the wireless system were about to expire and the update was deemed essential.

The house on the Plymouth Avenue property is still standing, but the appliances have been taken out and either used at the church or donated to the Neighborhood Center.

Trustees are in the process of getting bids for demolition. Next meeting will be on April 6.

Charlie Daniels, Chair
The Administrative Council met in March with Mark Morgan to review our written strategic five-year plan. Members discovered that  some of the ideas originally suggested and targeted for 2016 have already been initiated. (Praise God!) The plan also revealed suggestions for new programming that may not be feasible at this time.

Morgan suggested we officially review the plan every six months to determine how we are doing and if we are meeting goals. "This strategic plan is now a living document," John Campbell, council chairman stated.

Campbell has asked the team to take the next month to review the plan carefully and to prioritize those ideas that may be feasible (to fully develop and possibly implement) for 2016-17.

When the Council meets in April, an action plan will be created for each of the ideas that leaders determine to be feasible for 2016-17. Goals with timeline "benchmarks" will be set for each idea. The action planning process will define what tasks will need to be done, what team will be responsible for each task, what resources will be needed, and what outcomes we anticipate, once implemented.

For more information, contact him at  john.campbell1955@att.net.

John Campbell, Chair
Master Calendar
The church's master calendar can now be seen online. Visitors can view both previous and coming months.  Click here to view.

Hard-copies will be available in the church office or in the Narthex on Sundays. To add or correct information seen on the calendar, contact Lori Jones at  trinitymgr@cfl.rr.com  or 734-4425.
Happy Eastertide to all our members and friends!
General Conference Prayer Request

Every four years in the life of our United Methodist Church (UMC), clergy and lay delegates from all over the world meet together as the General Conference of the church to tackle the demands, challenges of today's world on our denomination. 

This year's General Conference will take place in Portland, Oregon from May 10 - 20, and it will be no different than any others.  There will be extreme challenges from without and within.  Will our delegates choose to stand fast by the Discipline or will this be the year that massive change occurs?

May we covenant to pray daily for all of our delegates from the Florida Annual Conference listed below. May we pray that they all be inundated and filled with GOD's Holy Spirit as they gather to obediently fulfill GOD's will for our church.

Thank you very much for praying.
Elected to the General Conference 2016 delegation:

Lay Delegates: Molly McEntire, Derrick Scott III, Alice Williams, Mickey Wilson, Russ Graves, Jeremy Hearn, Rachael Sumner, Carlene Fogle-Miller and Janet Earls.

Clergy Delegates: Sue Haupert-Johnson, Alex Shanks, Rinaldo "Rini" Hernandez, Dionne Chandler Hammond, Harold Lewis Sr., David Dodge, Cynthia Weems, Jacqueline Leveron and Sharon Austin.

Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference 2016:

Lay Delegates: Tiffiania Icaza Willetts, Alexia Michelle Valle Velez, Martha Gay Duncan, Marie Anne Pierre-Louis, Paulette Monroe, Rod Groom, Joyce Waldon Bright, Rodney Akers and Benjamin Spangler.

Clergy Delegates: Joannes Martin, Geraldine McClellan, David Allen, W. David McEntire, Audrey Warren, Jay Therrell, Bob Bushong, Armando Rodriguez Jr. and Kevin James.

Alternate Lay Delegates:

Rushing Kimball, Kelly Minter, Walter Dry, Brittany Erin Cott, Frances Jennings, Michael Reed Coffey and Gary Sanders.

Alternate Clergy Delegates:

Vicki Walker, Wayne Wiatt, Catherine Fluck Price, Melissa Cooper, Jamie Westlake, Annette Stiles Pendergrass and Joe MacLaren.

Oh Lord, how thankful we are for each and every family  that loves and serves you
and Trinity!

The Step Out in Faith Steering Committee has been "praying through the church directory" - saying aloud each person's name, and t hanking God for their service and dedication to Tr inity - both now and in the future.

Members of the 50-member team have prayed that each individual and family will positively embrace the move and realize that God's guidance was prayerfully considered through all the details. They also have asked that each family member will be drawn closer to God in an intimate way.

What a wonderful and encouraging way for all of us to " step out" and begin this exciting journey. Amen!
APRIL  2016

My Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Happy April! I hope and pray all is well with you, your families and all GOD has entrusted to you as we move forward into a new month at light speed.
For many of us, Jeremiah 29:11 is one of our favorite Bible verses: "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'" (New International Version). This verse particularly blessed me 26 years ago during a difficult time of loneliness when I assumed I was supposed to remain unmarried for the rest of my days yet chose to trust GOD with my future. Just this week Lorena and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary so this verse came in handy just in time to encourage and strengthen me.
However, I think this verse is about more than any of our specific concerns and troubles or all about our Specific Concerns and Troubles (with sin and eternity). If we look at the context of this verse GOD gave Jeremiah these words in a letter to the exiles who had been cruelly removed from their homes in Jerusalem and taken far way into captivity into Babylon. False prophets were declaring that they would soon go home but Jeremiah told them to settle down, build homes, start families, pray for their captors and settle down peacefully because seventy years would pass before they would return home meaning that for many they would never again see their homeland but that GOD was still with them.
I write this on March 25, 2016 which is Good Friday. Having read the scriptures of the day of Christ's torture, crucifixion and death I wonder how many of his followers that day thought they had any hope of a prosperous future. If I read and understand correctly, as the darkness descended at noontime I have a hunch that every single follower of Jesus couldn't even fathom a future of hope and prosperity. With His last struggling breath expired any hope any of them held out. It was over. Life was over. Yet, the eternally hopeless weekend ended with the sun rising on an empty tomb! Hallelujah! By His death and resurrection from the dead, Christ insured an eternal inheritance for all those who dare to choose to believe in Him! GOD's plans of a prosperous future of hope were bought and paid for on that hopeless day.
Over the next several weeks as our Capital Campaign "Step Out in Faith" roars to life, we will hear a lot about our future. Some of what we hear may be music to our ears. Some of what we hear may be challenging to our ears. Some of what we hear may seem to be too much for our ears and our checkbooks. But, may we always remember that our futures of hope and prosperity which were born in that prophet's heart through GOD's Spirit during days of burning ashes and were secured during the desolate time of Good Friday when Christ died a cruel and inhumane death that GOD knows our futures and holds them in His hands. I congratulate you as we walk together, chins up, eyes focused on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith who won our future for us! May GOD richly bless us all as we richly bless all those around us by the way we live, love and lead like Jesus!

Pastor Brian
Sermon Series  for April 

Easter Season (also known as Eastertide) began on Easter (March 27) and will last 50 days, ending on Pentecost (May 15.) In April, Pastor Brian will continue with messages related to Eastertide until April 24 when he will begin a four-week series on our campaign theme "Step Out in Faith."
Sermon Topics for April
April 3

Second Sunday of Easter 
"Profiles of Easter: Mary Magdalene"

April 10

Third Sunday of Easter

"Profiles of Easter: Simon Peter"  

April 17

Fourth Sunday of Easter

"Profiles of Easter: Judas Iscariot"

April 24

Fifth Sunday of Easter

"Step Out In Faith: Giving ...To God"

Trinity's Prayer Team is growing! We've added the following folks:  
Carla Rhoderick, Susan Largen, Wilda Westervelt, Patty DeWeese, Trall & Beverly Heitzenrater and Becky Hurlbert. Sadly, we lost  Violet Snodgrass, Howie Osterhouse and Bill Latham.

What began in the church library in August 2001 with Harriet Bolin, Loron Donaldson, Dawn Godwin, Margaret Sykes and Carolyn Harner has now expanded to 77 members. Currently, Pastor Brian, Harriet, Conya Hartman and Lee and Ruth Packer meet in the library on Thursdays at 9 a.m. for the Intercessory Prayer Group. Anyone is invited to join with them.

Here is what the Team does each week: Prayer requests received during Sunday worship services and Sunday School are sent by e-mail to the Team for prayer every Monday morning. During the week, Walk-in Ministry requests received on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as individual requests and updates are sent to the Team. On Sundays, some members pray with the Pastor before services and others prayer-walk the church interior invoking the Holy Spirit's presence and asking God's blessing on all persons present.  Special prayers are lifted for our teachers, children and youth. 

Team members are expected to participate in all prayer events like the  Call to Prayer  planned for  May 13  and a  Prayer Burst  on   May 14 . (More on that next month!)  Talk to God about joining this vital ministry in our church. We'd be happy to have you join us. This is not just a source of news. You must come willing to dedicate time to provide prayer support for our church family and others.

Carolyn Harner, Prayer Team Leader               

Evangelism Team News
We have now had five Something More services, with an average of 33 in attendance. Feedback continues to be positive. Members have invited their friends and family, and we have invited clients from our Walk-In Ministry to join us.

The last three outreach breakfasts have been a bit on the small side (40+) and we are working to figure out why - hoping it is a good sign - while continuing to build relationships with regular attendees. This ministry is most definitely a good time for evangelistic outreach, pastoral care and prayer for those in need.

The "prayer time" during the Walk-In Ministry continues to lead to many fruitful conversations and one young woman gave her life to Christ recently.

All of these events represent opportunities to share the Gospel. Our next Evangelism Team meeting will be held on Monday, April 11 at 6 pm. All are invited to join us! For more information, email  Helen Jackson.

Mark & Helen Jackson, Evangelism Team Chairs


This film illustrates how we need to remember we are living on this side of Easter. Play this at your next Sunday school class, Bible study, or fellowship time and discuss "how do we live like we are Easter People."

Youth News

"The youth is the hope of our future." -- Jose Rizal
April 3

Regular Youth 3-5

Movie Night & Popcorn

April 10
Regular Youth 3-5
April 17
No Youth
April 24
Regular Youth 3-5
The Mission Trip is scheduled for June 12-18 by Team Effort in Myrtle Beach, SC. The cost is $230.00.

In addition to the mission trip this summer, Trinity Youth will work on a construction project, help with Vacation Bible School and (of course) enjoy lots of fun and fellowship! All rising middle and high school-age youth are invited to attend.

Miss Lori & Mr. Jeff
Mr. Brian and Mr. Frank

The  Hospitality Team is exploring the possibility of a fellowship table to be located outside the sanctuary before each Sunday service. Over time, the hope is that people will arrive early to enjoy a doughnut hole and coffee before worship services and get a chance to meet some old and new friends.  The activity outside the sanctuary would also raise awareness of Trinity in the neighborhood.  If you are interested in helping us experiment with this idea, and are willing to arrive early enough to help set up, please contact David Ross, team leader at  rosssd48@gmail.com .
Circle News

Susanna Circle members will prepare and serve a dinner at the InterFaith Kitchen (located at First UMC) on Monday, April 4th. A few male volunteers are still needed to help. The time to arrive is 4 pm.

The women will be serving hot dogs (condiments, chili, onions), potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, brownies and milk/tea/lemonade.

For more information on women's circles and ministries, email Lana Saxon at  lanasax@yahoo.com.

Communications Team News

Members have been diligently working on written and electronic materials to be distributed for the Step Out in Faith campaign. Of special mention is Barbara Bradley and Meg Hicks who have created and produced over 20 different printed items, Don & April Brunning who have created and produced a new video, Jeff Hansard who has created a new Twitter account for the church (and will be sending tweets out very soon!), Susan Moor and Carolyn Linder who continue to send out Pastor Brian's daily Carrdiographies via Facebook and email, and also will be sending out e-blasts and Facebook e-vites to special campaign events.

As you can see, communications has become a vitally-important part of our church operations. If you enjoy writing and would like to join the team, email Anita Campbell at  anita.campbell2468@att.net.
Faith in Action

Christ's Closet is in need of volunteers on Mondays around 3:30 to stock food, Wednesdays at 9:30 to sort and wash produce, and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 until noon to bag groceries, talk with clients and help shoppers.

Please use this link to email Karin Roland  if you are interested in helping.

In-Kind Donations Needed This Month
Personal hygiene items for both men and women are needed. Please bring to church and leave at Christ's Closet. Thank you!
Step Out in Faith
Campaign News
Trinity UMC will begin to  Step Out in Faith  this month when we mail all members an introductory letter outlining our long-anticipated capital campaign. Lots of information will be made available for you to prayerfully consider on your road to making your commitment. If you don't receive a letter dated April 4 in the mail, please call the church office or email Lori Jones at  trinitymgr@cfl.rr.com . She will be sure to mail one to you immediately.

Bob & Becky Kellogg, Step Out in Faith Leaders

Member Spotlight


"The greatest achievements are those that benefit others." - Denis Waitley

Remember the last time you went to a circus and looked forward to all the expected excitement? Let me introduce you to Trinity's new Building Manager, Miro Pamoukov, and his wife's thrilling, awe-inspiring story of their earlier life as performers with Cole Bros. Circus (based here in DeLand.)

They came here from Spain in 1995 and made DeLand their permanent home. Miro grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria, and began his education in gymnastics at age six. After he finished his education at age 18, he spent two years in the Bulgarian Army. He later enrolled in the College of National Sports Academy and joined the circus where he traveled and performed in many countries.  Click here to read the rest of this story.

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