Trinity Trumpet May , 2018
In this issue: A Message from the Love of Creation Mission, Special Music events, May Bible Studies, Diaper Drive information, Memorial gifts and Sunday Themes

Our Watershed Moment
(On Earth Sunday 2018, Camilla Dadey made the following
statement on behalf of the Love of Creation Mission Group.)

Watershed; An event or period marking a turning point in a course of action or state of affairs. At Trinity we are in the midst of our watershed moment. This Earth Sunday let's look at what we've learned and accomplished in the past seven months, and to  think about the future.
In September we gathered in conversation to explore how to achieve a sustainable diet for our personal health as well as the well-being of our planet. We explored ways to reduce food waste in our homes, to buy organic and local, and to consume less meat - because eating lower on the food chain not only benefits our health, it reduces our carbon footprint.
This led into our October "Sustaining Creation" event featuring the Rev. Dr. Terry Gallagher. He spoke about the intersection of our faith and our place in sustaining creation - specifically he spoke about the climate crisis. It was important to have Terry address this issue because the U.S. had just pulled out of the Paris Accord, the dismantling of the EPA had begun, our national parks and monuments were put up for sale to extractive industries, and we witnessed, in full force, the blatant disdain for science. This was my watershed moment where environmental activism needed to move from a political activity to the DNA of church life. Because the environment and these events are not happening separate from our lives as Christians.
We brought this to life in our Vision Statement...
"We seek to express our love for God in mission by our love for neighbor, for children, and for creation, for the sake of a just world for all."
In January, a few of the folks who are interested in the Creation Mission got together to decide "what's next." We needed a specific, doable action. The meeting was fortuitous. Because that was the month that the Village of Deerfield was set to examine coal tar sealants.
This challenge led to an amazing experience -- where we stepped out of our comfort zone and exemplified "what we're about." Because of OUR action, Deerfield banned coal tar sealants. Which will lead to improved water quality for not only our property but the watershed. This wasn't accomplished by a couple loud mouths like me, it was all of us. Nearly every member of our congregation signed the petition we presented the board, and we got dozens of additional signatures from friends and neighbors. We mobilized church members and neighbors to show up and speak at the board meeting, twice! One of those nights it was a snow storm!
When we first started this process, we were referred to as "the church on North Ave." Since then, Trinity was mentioned in a Chicago Tribune article about the ban. Now people are beginning to understand who we are and what we stand for.
Look around at how small we are, but how much we've accomplished in just a few short months. So where do we go from here? Is that it? Say, "good job," and move on to coffee hour? We're not finished. We've only just begun.
The monarch butterfly population has declined by more than 80% in the last 20 years. What can we do in our little corner of the world? We will be planting a native garden with milkweed to support butterflies and beneficial invertebrates. The kids will contribute by growing flowers from seed. We can choose to not use Glyphosate herbicides like Roundup in our yards and on church property.
Did you know that Endangered Species day is in May? We're working on a special educational event with the Lake County Forest Preserve to learn about birds of prey in our area and the environmental pressures on them. Our plans are not finalized but we're hoping to have a hawk or an owl come visit. If you're feeling politically active, ask me about current legislation which will jeopardize endangered species in Illinois, and how we can stop it.
Being part of the Love of Creation mission should lead to spiritual renewal, to having a better understanding of our place in the natural world and giving all of us the opportunity to be a catalyst-for-change. So, the most important next step is for all of us to join in a Love of Creation Conversation after worship in the Gathering Hall on May 6th... Because...This is our Watershed Moment.

Message from Council
Since we are a quarter of the way through 2018, here is a quick update on our financial results for the year so far.
On the surface, our results are good. Income (primarily members' contributions and Montessori rent) exceeds expenses by nearly $20,000 so far this year. However, the news is not as positive as these results might initially suggest. Specifically:
  • Our surplus (the actual amount is $19,877) is actually 10 percent less than our budgeted results for the first quarter, and about 1/3 less that less than what it was through March of last year.
  • Both our income and expenses vary throughout the year. At Trinity, income is generally higher earlier in the year, and expenses tend to be higher later in the year. As a result, it is common to have a larger surplus at this point in the year and to see our results fall off through the following months. In this year's budget, we projected that the surplus would be $22,800 through March but just $1,600 at the end of the year. Therefore, the fact that the first quarter results, while strong, are below our budgeted amounts suggests the need for close attention for the remainder of the year.
  • Trinity members can help address this situation. The primary reason for our current results being below budget lies in member contributions. We have collected about 10% less than the amount we budgeted through March and about 6% less than what we had received in contributions at this point last year. Your help in making regular contributions and keeping up to date with amounts pledged will help us continue the work of Trinity.
  • Additionally, our Operations Committee will continue to monitor our ongoing results and work with all committees to carefully manage ongoing expenses.
Of course, the ultimate success of Trinity is not measured in dollars and cents. Rather, it is about becoming the church portrayed by our Vision Statement. Realizing that vision requires, however, that we stay fiscally healthy. In that context, your contributions also help us become what we aspire to be as a congregation.
Scott Peterson

This month, we will enjoy two Sunday services with Special Music:
    • May 13 - In honor of Mothers Day, the Sunday School will join the adult choir for a special anthem: "Let There Be Peace on Earth."
    • May 20 - As part of our celebration of Pentecost, a Brass Quartet from Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music will play.
The remainder of Kent Organ's course, "Bible 101 (Reintroducing the Book You Figure You Ought to Know (but don't)," will be on Thursday mornings, back to our usual day, from 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Here are the remaining classes:
May 3 -  Letters to Young Churches: Advice, Counsel, Admonition - I & II Corinthians, Galatians
May 10 -  In the Force Field of Christ: The Core of Paul's Teaching - Romans
May 17 -  Organizing for the Long Haul: the "Pastoral Letters" - I & II Timothy, Titus
May 24 -  Two second-generation Pauline letters - Colossians, Ephesians
May 31 -  Several non-Pauline letters - Hebrews, James, I & II Peter, I, II, III John, Jude
June 7 -  Persecution and Apocalypse - II Thessalonians, Revelation
June 14 -  Summarizing a Year with the Book

Even if you have not participated before, please know that you are always welcome to visit.

Diaper Drive for "Mary Lou's Place" and "Bridges"

The mothers of young children at the YWCA Evanston/North Shore domestic violence shelters, "Mary Lou's Place" and "Bridges",  are asking for our assistance. We will be running a Diaper Drive from now until Mother's Day, Sizes and types most requested are:
  • Diapers size 4, 5, 6
  • Pull ups size 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T
  • Baby wipes 
Any brand is appreciated. There is a box in the Gathering Hall to collect them. Please show your love for our neighbors and their children by donating. If you have questions, contact Judy Desenis. Thanks in Advance!

Trinity United Church of Christ has received the following Memorial gifts:
In Memory of:                                      Given by:

Laurie Kidder Maddox                         Marilyn Kidder
Shirley Mailfald                                   Judy Desenis & Scott Peterson
                                                            Rick & Jennifer Gordon
                                                            Cathy Gratz-Griffin
                                                            David & Jean Harris
                                                            Elaine Hughes
                                                            Dixie Inman
                                                            Bruce & Millicent Isaacson
                                                            Doris Koeller
                                                            Michael & Valerie Lemme
                                                            Marjorie Magnani
                                                            Carol Mellem
                                                            Hope & Jeffry Shamberg
                                                            Barbara Struthers
Lars Birger Sponberg                          Judy Desenis & Scott Peterson
                                                            Sally Dornfeld
                                                            George Fischer, Carla Stephens & Carl Fischer
                                                            The Geselter Family
                                                            Paula Grasso
                                                            Jean Harris
                                                            Patti & Steve Heitz
                                                            Donna Hicks
                                                            Elaine Hughes
                                                            Dixie Inman
                                                            Bruce & Millicent Isaacson
                                                            The Kidder Family
                                                            The Lemme Family
                                                            Marjorie Magnani
                                                            Carol Mellem
                                                            Nancy Mellem
                                                            Fred & Betty Ruben
                                                            Lenny Sponberg
                                                            Barbara Struthers

Sunday Themes in May

May 6 - "Nurturing God" (Psalm 23; John 10:11-18)
May 13 - Mothers Day: The Chosen" (Psalm 118:19-29; John 15:9-17)
May 20 - Pentecost: "Do You Amaze Anyone?" (Joel 2:23-28; Acts 2:1-18)
featuring a Brass Quartet from Northwestern University
May 27 - Trinity: "The Christian Idea of God" (Revelation 4:1-11; John 16:12-15)

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