Trinity Trumpet August  2019
In this issue: A message from Pastor Dale, a message from Scott Peterson, an update on the kitchen remodel, Sunday School Meeting, Farmers Market Gleanings, Church Picnic and Sundae Buffet, other events and important dates for your fall calendar.
A Message from Pastor Dale

Six Months...

Wow. It seems like the blink of an eye. And it seems like I have been here forever - in a good way!

Thank you for being such a warm and welcoming community. It's true. It's not just me that sees and feels it. I get that comment repeatedly from visitors. Even my family and friends that have known me in other contexts remark on how unusual this place is and how good it feels to be here. This is a quality that is special. As one recent visitor said, "I could tell when I walked in, there's a good spirit here."

Something else that I value is your willingness to let me know what's on your mind. In any gathering of people that are serious and care about what we're up to, there will be a variety of opinions about what path we should take, and what's really important. Let's take worship, for example.
You've noticed that things are not always the same. I am deliberately experimenting with different styles and rhythms in worship. I'm trying to get the flavor of who you are and what strikes a chord. True to what I might have expected - it varies:
  • There are some who like the shorter written prayers in the bulletin and some that want to participate in that way more.
  • There are some who like not having a Confession and some who miss it dearly.
  • There are some who believe the music underscoring the prayer time helps them focus and others who think it is a distraction.
  • There are those who wish we'd stick with one format and set of responses so they know what's coming next, and others who want to be surprised.
  • Some who like the announcements at the beginning and some that like the new placement.
  • Even some who like the liturgist to stay up front to cut down on the distractions and those who've questioned why they are up there all the time.

How do I know all this? Because you've been willing to give me feedback. And it's come in all forms. Sometimes it has come via a phone call, an in person conversation, through a third party bringing the message from something they heard, or brought to a member of the Worship & Program committee, or written on a card and put in the offering plate. I appreciate it all and thank you for being honest. My preference, is that you'd let me know directly so we have a chance to have a conversation - but any way I get the feedback is better than not at all. And if you overhear a concern, or someone is letting you know their preferences, invite them to talk to me directly. And assure them I don't bite!

As you've probably understood already, even in a congregation of our size, there is no "one size fits all". And if parts of worship have been done one way for an extended period of time, what that really means is that some part of the congregation has just "put up with" what does not really feed their spirit.

So as a way forward, at least for the time being, I am going to continue to experiment. And I'll always receive your feedback on what is meaningful and moving and what is irritating and unbearable.  

Eventually, we may settle in some rhythms or formats that are predictable. But I tend to think that newness in worship and music helps us all to continue to grow in our encounters with the vastness of the reality of God's presence and stretch our imagination as to what our place and calling in the world might be.

God's Peace,
Pastor Dale
Long time member, Dallas Sponberg, had a serious fall recently and is recovering from her injuries.  Many of you have asked for her daughter's contact information, so her address and cell phone # are listed below.  Jenny asked that you please text instead of calling, and she will get back to you when she is able.

Jenny Sponberg
4920 Fremont Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Cell #: 952-220-0369
A Message From Scott Peterson

The summer is flying by! As we look ahead to August, we can also see the new school (and Sunday School) year approaching rapidly.

Just as many members have vacationed this summer, the Council and Committees took time off: we did not meet in July. This month, meetings will resume and we will begin the process of planning for the coming year.

The summer has not been completely quiet at Trinity, though. In June, we formally installed Dale Susan Evans as Trinity's third settled pastor. That month, the Growth and Membership Committee hosted a trip to attend a Chicago Dogs baseball game in Rosemont. Also that month, Trinity members attended the UCC General Synod in Milwaukee. Through the leadership of the Mission Committee, Trinity has continued its support of the Gleanings initiative at the Deerfield Farmers Market. That initiative makes unsold produce available to people who might not otherwise have access to it.

Another important and long-awaited project has begun: we have started updates to the kitchen adjoining Woodvale Hall. See the separate article that describes the changes being made. It will be a joy to have a fully functional, inviting kitchen once again! A special thanks to Jen Holtz and Todd Kerschke for their efforts in planning, organizing, and coordinating with Deerfield Montessori in order to enable this project.

My best wishes to all for the remainder of the summer!


After over fifty years of service, Trinity's kitchen is undergoing a welcome and much-needed renovation. The new space will feature high-quality wood laminate cabinets, quartz counter-tops, new sinks and faucets, a new range, and a dishwasher for Trinity's use. The door to Woodvale Hall is moving west to allow more space for large utility cabinets. A long stainless steel island will provide plenty of central work space with room underneath for the Montessori carts. There will be a new, wider exterior door for improved ingress and egress. Todd Kerschke and Jen Holtz worked with DMS teachers and staff to create a space that will better serve both Trinity and Deerfield Montessori School. It is important to update the kitchen now, so DMS continues to pass inspection for its food service. Work will continue through August and will be complete by the end of the month when students return to DMS. Stay tuned for more updates and details on a ribbon cutting ceremony in September!
Sunday School Meeting

Join us on Sunday August 25th after worship for a meeting to discuss the new curriculum for this coming school year and confirming the teaching assignments for fall, winter and spring.  All are welcome!

Gleanings at the Deerfield Farmer's Market
Saturday, September 7th 11:30 - 1:30

We will need 2 or 3 volunteers to help set up a tent roof and two tables at the Farmer's Market, near the Deerfield train station.   We receive unsold produce from three or four vendors, which is then distributed to food pantry clients and residents of One Deerfield Place.

Please sign up on the bulletin board in the Gathering Hall or call the office at 847-945-5050 if you are interested in helping.  For more information, see Roger Dart.

September 8, 2019 - Save the Date!

Launch Sunday
Join us as we Launch into our full program year here at Trinity Church.  We'll have a Celebration Worship service, special music, and inaugurate our new Fall Sunday School Curriculum.  After our summer respite, we look forward to having a full house!

Church Picnic and Sundae Buffet
We'll continue our festivities that day with food and fun!  Plan to stay for a Church Picnic followed by and Ice Cream Sundae Buffet.  We'll also have a dedication and tours for the new kitchen space and give thanks for all that made it possible.

Michael Gagne, Principal Organist at St. Matthew and Grandson of former Trinity member Jack Gagne, has invited all all Trinity members and friends to the New Organ Dedication Concert Series at his church in Hawthorne Woods.

mark you calendar
  • Sunday, September 8 - Sunday School and Choir resume
  • Thursday, September 12 - Adult Education resumes at 10:00 AM
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