Trinity Trumpet December , 2018
In this issue: A Message from the PastorS desk, a message from Scott Peterson, New Member Inquiry Session, a report on Mission activities, a Thank You and update from Kent Organ, and important December dates and activities.
Holiday Candles
A Message From The PastorS Desk

"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it". John 1:5
The Christian year begins with the season of Advent, a time to prepare for the coming of the Prince of Peace. In the northern hemisphere this comes as winter sets in with its short days and long nights. Celebrating the seasons of the church year enriches our corporate worship as the colors of the paraments enhance the worship space. It can also deepen your personal devotions.
Advent overlaps with what is usually thought of in American culture as the Christmas season. But its beginning and ending are well defined, and its themes are quite a bit different from what is commonly associated with secular Christmas celebrations. The time before Christmas is Advent, a season of preparation for Christmas. Christians prepare for celebrating the birth of Jesus by remembering the longing of the Jews for a Messiah. The Christian season of Christmas actually begins on Christmas Eve and lasts for twelve days, ending on January 6.
Here at Trinity we gather the people, tell the story, and break the bread on this first Sunday in Advent. Luke's Gospel instructs us to be awake, alert, and attentive as we prepare to come closer to the incarnated One who came to us and shared our common lot. We will hear the story of the Word made flesh. This was the Word that was with God in the beginning. The Word that was life, and the life was the light for all people. The gospel of John promises us that the darkness of these days will not overcome the Light who came to us as a baby born to humble parents.
                                                       Susan, Roger and Harriet

Rev. Roger Dart: 847-274-2626;
Rev. Harriet Dart: 847-370-2088;
Rev. Susan Martersteck: 847-977-2765;

Schedule of Pastoral Worship Leaders for December
December 2     Sign of Things to Come       Susan              Communion
December 9    Make Ready                        Roger             Choral Anthem and Bell Solo
December 16  Look Forward                      Harriet            Children's Pageant
December 23  Moving with Mary's Song    Roger             Christmas Fund Offering
December 24  Lessons and Carols            Pastoral Trio   Candlelight service
December 30  Who is This Child?              Susan

Message From Scott

Welcome to Advent and the beginning of another Church year! In preparing for the new year, the Council is focused on two priorities: planning for 2019 and supporting the work of the Pastor Search Committee in its search for a new pastor.

Our planning for 2019 has two components: creating a budget and setting goals and expectations for the work of Trinity for the coming year. These activities are the core of our planning every year. They are particularly important for 2019, however, as we enter the second full year of our transition and prepare for calling our next settled pastor.

Trinity members can help the process. First, let us know how you'd be involved with the church. Stewardship Sunday has come and gone, but it's not too late to send in your Financial Giving Plan and Time and Talent sheets for the coming year if you have not already done so. Those sheets can be placed in the offering plate at worship on Sunday or sent to the church office. Second, give us your thoughts about priorities for Trinity for 2019. You can do that by contacting any of the members of the Council (Roger Dart, Lucy Dorenfeld, Jen Holtz, Sarah Hughes, Todd Kerschke, Andrew Parpala, and Scott Peterson). We hope to hear from you!

The search for a new pastor continues. The Committee is evaluating a number of exciting candidates. The process has included telephone and video interviews. The next phase involves more intense, face-to-face interviews. The copy hopes to present a recommended candidate to the congregation early in the new year.
Scott Peterson
New Member Inquiry Session

Calling all friends of Trinity interested in joining our congregation! At this important time in the life of Trinity, the Growth and Membership Committee is extending an invitation to formally become a member of Trinity. Those interested are invited to participate in a session about Trinity, our denomination, and our individual faith journeys. Following that conversation, interested parties will be invited to join Trinity at a Sunday service in January.

Of course, all are welcome at Trinity regardless of their membership status. Being a formal member, however, allows people to participate in official church business. That business includes calling our next settled pastor, which we hope will occur in early 2019.

If you are interested in the opportunity to become a member of Trinity, or if you have questions abouot this process, please contact one of the Interim Pastors (Harriet Dart, Roger Dart, or Susan Martersteck), Jen Holtz, or Scott Peterson.

Mission Core Report
Let's hear a big Trumpet Salute for our three woodsmen, Todd Kerschke, Lee Hardt, and Jim Sanabria!   These three men have fired up their chainsaws and are cutting 'down and out' the nasty Buckthorn trees growing in our wooded land.   You may not know that what we see as "nice green undergrowth" is really an invasive species of plant that no only 'takes over' by crowding out 'good' plants and trees, it also poisons the soil in which it grows, and adds a bad chemical to the waterways. Not so nice to look at anymore, is it? Removal of the buckthorn opens the door for us to make our woods not only healthy but beautiful.
Closer to our front door, you are seeing some boxes in the Gathering Hall. One has a sign asking for warm coats, hats and gloves that will be distributed by the Deerfield Rotary Club.  This collection runs through Christmas.
Another box is for used footwear that will be given out at the Kenwood UCC Free Clinic.  This collection is running through December 16th.

Our third collection, is gifts for women and children at Casa Central who are part of their violence prevention and intervention program. It is heartwarming to see that generous hearts have signed for a gift for each and every woman and child's name on the list from Casa Central.  Please bring your gifts to church by December 5th for them to pick up and distribute.
Finally, as you may have seen, we have been collecting disposable diapers for the Evanston YWCA shelter for battered women and children. Those will be delivered within the coming week.
Thanks to everyone for making our season of Thanksgiving special in so many ways!

Noisy Buckets!

Here are our ten CWS Cleanup Bucket  Kits arriving at the Church World Service warehouse in Elgin.  Ours will be added to others already on the truck, and will depart for the trip to the big CWS warehouse in New Windsor, MD.  From there, they'll be sent to someone whose home has been flooded, or damaged by a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or fire.
Great job, Trinity UCC!
Dear Trinity friends,
Thank you for all your loving support during the past two very interesting months of my life. I have felt you in my corner all the way, from your first heartfelt expressions of distress, concern and affection when in July I announced my diagnosis. Then, as the procedures began and I headed to the hospital, you reached out to Vicky and me with flowers and cards and the children's blessings box and many prayers. It has been quite a journey, especially as the Yescarta immunotherapy side effects kicked in in late October. But those crafty little re-engineered, cancer-targeting T-cells have really worked. As I am sure you have heard, in mid-November,  five weeks after the CAR T-cell infusion, I had a PET scan to find out what was happening in my system. The results are amazing. My lymphoma appears to be kaput, dead, gone! After so short a time, the PET scan indicates a "complete remission." I am gaining strength slowly. I walk regularly and work out on weight machines. I am looking forward to being able to visit you on a Sunday morning before long -- and especially to leading worship in the new year: on Jan. 6  and 13. Have a wonderful Advent and Christmas celebration. I am sure you know how blessed you are to have the leadership that you do in this "interim-interim" time. Love and blessings to all.
Kent Organ
Poinsettia Orders
Christmas Poinsettias are available for order in the Gathering Hall.  All plants this year are RED and one size for $15.  Please order by December 16th, and make checks payable to TUCC - note "flower order" in the memo line.  The poinsettias will arrive December 23rd and will be available to take home after the Christmas Eve Service.

International Coffee Hours

Celebrate the Holiday Season every Sunday after worship with a cup of coffee and a delicious variety of international treats! Please sign up in the Gathering Hall and indicate which country you will be representing - your own favorite, or any other country you would like us to explore through their food/sweets.

Advent Wreath Workshop, December 2

Trinity invites you to make an Advent Wreath for your own home. Celebrate the blessed Christmas season as you light the candles of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love each week, and the Christ candle on Christmas. We will provide all the materials.
Feed My Starving Children, December 8

Saturday, December 8th, 9-11am, we will be heading to Feed My Starving Children in Libertyville. Sign-up in the Gathering Hall.

Holiday Music
I Heard the Bells...
Please join us Sunday, December 9, for special Advent music. Susan Pemble will play handbell solos and accompany the choral anthem, along with Carolyn McBurney, former TUCC music director (1978-1998). Don't miss this chance to "hear the bells before Christmas Day"! Florina Cupsa will join the choir as guest soprano section leader.

The Christmas Fund Offering
On Sunday December 23rd, we will be receiving your gifts to the UCC  Christmas Fund for the Veterans of the Cross and the Emergency Fund.  This special offering will be used to reach out in kindness to those who have faithfully served our church in the past and now find themselves facing unexpected financial needs.

Christmas Eve Service

The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service will be at 6:00 PM on Monday, December 24th.


Join us on Sunday December 30th as we prepare and serve a delicious soup dinner to homeless families at the First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield.  We will need volunteers to prepare dinner and dessert, and to staff the kitchen.  Watch for the sign-up sheet in the Gathering Hall, coming soon!

Trinity United church of Christ has received the following Memorial Gifts:

In memory of:                                                             Given by:

Chris Hargitt                                                               Marilyn Hargitt

Muriel Zahnle                                                             James Martin & Jennifer                                                                                       Dawson
                                                                                   Mary Scott
                                                                                   Pauline Roecklein
                                                                                   Carol Miller
                                                                                   Marion Prouty
                                                                                   Joan Jackman
                                                                                   Tim & Nancy Crawford
                                                                                   Marilyn Robbins
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