Trinity Trumpet February  2020
In this issue: February Worship Series, Message from Scott Peterson, Mission Core Report, Adult Ed, Memorial Gifts.


There is no other way to prepare oneself for the difficulties, tragedies, and insanity that will continue to escalate. We can't change this world, but we can change ourselves so that we can be of service to this world. - Meg Wheatley
February 2, 2020
Choosing to Name Myself
Many years ago, I listened as 'Reverend' challenged people to choose a name for themselves big enough to contain their entire life. He said that so many of the names we select speak to challenges we've overcome-cancer, war, abuse, addiction-but that these hard-won names aren't big enough for the remainder of our lives. Over the years, I've added to his challenge by asking everyone to choose a name that draws us forward into the future, a name that requires us to be fearless. - Meg Wheatley

February 9, 2020
Choosing Where I Stand (beyond fear and hope)
"You have to take a stand, and stand there." - Daniel Ellsberg

February 16, 2020
Choosing What I Trust
"Spiritual Warriors always arise during collapse... The Warriors are armed with only two weapons: compassion and insight." - Meg Wheatley

February 23, 2020
Choosing My Legacy
My personal aspiration for legacy simplifies with age. I want to leave behind strong shoulders. Shoulders strong enough for some to stand on to carry them forward into whatever awaits. After a lifetime of yearning to change things on a large scale, this simple aspiration now feels more than enough. -Meg Wheatley
A Message from Scott Peterson

Our annual Congregational Meeting last Sunday provided a great opportunity to look back on the last year and ahead to the one to come. 2019 was a terrific year! In addition to calling Pastor Dale as the third settled pastor in the life of Trinity, we had a number of other reasons to celebrate:
  • We finished the year on strong financial footing, even as we completed to significant capital improvement projects: renovation of the kitchen and re surfacing of the parking lot, a significant portion of the driveway, and the front walk into the church.
  • We grew, taking in 10 new members over the course of the year and beginning our first youth confirmation class in 8 years.
  • We began to increase our visibility in the community, hosting a River Days event, supporting the Deerfield farmers market, and hosting an event sponsored by the League of Women Voters.
During our meeting, we elected members of Council and our Core Committees. The membership of those groups is as follows:
  • Church Council: Roger Dart, Lucy Dorenfeld, Jean Harris, Jen Holtz, Scott Johnson, Todd Kerschke, and Kim Parpala.
  • Worship and Program Committee: Judy Desenis, Jean Harris, Sarah Hughes, Marge Magnani, and Kim Parpala.
  • Mission Committee: Camilla Dadey, Roger Dart, Jean Harris, and Marge Magnani.
  • Growth and Membership Committee: Keith Dadey, Jen Holtz, Elaine Hughes, Michael McDonnell, and Teri Rodgers.
  • Operations Committee: Lucy Dorenfeld, Karen Kerschke, Todd Kerschke, Valerie Lemme, and Scott Peterson.
All the committees have availability for additional participation. If you would like to be part of any of these groups, please contact anyone on the committee of interest to you.
Thanks to all who served on these committees in 2019 and our appreciation for your involvement in the coming year!

Scott Peterson
Mission Core Report

2020 gives great promise of being a year in which our Trinity presence will emerge even more clearly and boldly through our many forms of outreach and involvement.
As a handful of winter-resistant robins bounce around my front porch, I ponder how much like them we are. We don't like sitting still. We'd like the snow to go away so that we can get back to doing all of the more pleasant activities of spring and summer. In order to have that happen, some planning needed to be done.
I'm happy to report that all of our Three Great Loves groups are as busy as those robins, but staying indoors mostly. And if you aren't yet involved with one of these groups, and want to stir things up a bit, talk with me!
One of our activities has been the creation of a calendar of gatherings for the groups.
These gatherings will be relatively short and held either before or following Sunday worship unless a special situation arises, in which case a 'special session' will be convened.
Here's the draft proposal for the calendar and a basic agenda.
1. How are things going?
2. What are plans for upcoming projects?
Love of Children
Sunday February 16:            11:15 AM following worship
Sunday May 17:                   11:15 AM following worship
Sunday August 16:              11:15 AM following worship
Sunday November 15:         11:15 AM following worship
Love of Neighbor
Sunday February 16:             9:15 AM preceding worship
Sunday May 17:                   9:15 AM preceding worship
Sunday August 16:              9:15 AM preceding worship
Sunday November 15:         9:15 AM preceding worship
Love of Creation
Sunday April 19:                  11:15 AM following worship
Sunday July 12:                   11:15 AM following worship
Sunday October 11:             11:15 AM following worship
Sunday January 10:            11:15 AM following worship    
Roger Dart

Adult Bible Study
Join us on Thursday mornings at a new start time, 10:15 AM, in the Gathering Hall, to study the curriculum that our Confirmands will be using. The goal is to rediscover Our Faith, Our Questions, and Our Calling for today.

Wednesday Evening Adult Study
An Invitation to the Nobility of Leadership

February 12 & 19 and March 4 & 11 at 7 PM
(Note the date change)
This is an opportunity for us each to examine our calling in the world. Not only our gifts, but what the world needs from us now. This class will be $15.00. Please sign up in the narthex and Pastor Dale will order the books.
Who Do We Choose To Be?
by  Margaret J. Wheatley, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Rev. Dr. Vertie Powers, our Associate Conference Minister, retired with a grand celebration at Westchester Community  Church on December 22, 2019. Harriet Dart, Pam Keckler and Dale Susan Edmonds were in attendance. Dr. Vertie has returned to the D.C. area and we wish her a blessed time of rest and renewal after 8 years of faithful service. 
Trinity has received the following Memorial Gift:

In Memory of: Christopher Hargitt                                Given by: Marilyn Hargitt
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