Trinity Trumpet January , 2019
In this issue: A Message from the PastorS desk, New Member Inquiry Session, Mission update, Adult Education, Annual Meeting

A Message From The PastorS Desk

Are you saved?
All this talk of saving souls,
Souls weren't meant to save,
Like Sunday clothes
That give out at the seams.
They're made for wear;
They come with a lifetime guarantee.
Don't save your soul.
Pour it out like rain
On cracked, parched earth.
Give your soul away,
Or pass it like a candle flame.
Sing it out,
Or laugh it up the wind.
Souls were meant for hearing
Breaking hearts, for puzzling dreams,
Remembering August flowers,
forgetting hurts.
These folk who talk of saving souls!
They have the look of bullies
Who blow out candles before you
Sing happy birthday,
And want the world to be in alphabetical order.
I will spend my soul
Playing it out like sticky string
Into the world...
So I can catch every last thing I touch.
Next time someone asks, "Is your soul saved?"
Say, "No, it's spent, spent, spent!"
                                         --by Linder Unders

                                                       Susan, Roger and Harriet

Rev. Roger Dart: 847-274-2626;
Rev. Harriet Dart: 847-370-2088;
Rev. Susan Martersteck: 847-977-2765;

Schedule of Pastoral Worship Leaders for January
January 6       Journeying On                      Kent              Communion/De-greening
January 13    A Good Parting                    Kent            
January 20    Extravagant Sign                 Susan          
January 27    Good News, Good Ways     Harriet           Annual Meeting

New Member Inquiry Session

Calling all friends of Trinity interested in joining our congregation! At this important time in the life of Trinity, the Growth and Membership Committee is extending an invitation to formally become a member of Trinity. Those interested are invited to participate in a session about Trinity, our denomination, and our individual faith journeys. Following that conversation, interested parties will be invited to join Trinity at a Sunday service in January.

Of course, all are welcome at Trinity regardless of their membership status. Being a formal member, however, allows people to participate in official church business. That business includes calling our next settled pastor, which we hope will occur in early 2019.

If you are interested in the opportunity to become a member of Trinity, or if you have questions abouot this process, please contact one of the Interim Pastors (Harriet Dart, Roger Dart, or Susan Martersteck), Jen Holtz, or Scott Peterson.

Mission Core Update
Our three teams have been even busier than Santa's workers!
Camilla Dadey, Peter Winkler, Todd Kerschke, and Lee Hardt are taking the lead in a series of meetings with some of the most highly qualified environmental organizations in our area, in order to develop a more comprehensive plan for maintaining and improving the wooded part of our property. Their goal now is to present their plan to the Council and congregation by this spring. Part of their discovery is that we may be able to apply for significant grant monies to help accomplish our goal of caring responsibly for our lands and to provide an example of environmental stewardship for Deerfield.
You may have recently noticed two displays in the Gathering Space: An "Advent Calendar" of food gathered and organized by our Sunday School. The collected foods, used to fill in the days of Advent will be taken to One Deerfield Place as a form of "wintertime gleanings" that affords some continuity to an otherwise seasonal outreach activity. Our team of Love of Children team of Kate Huston, Terri Rogers, Aja Isble, and Jen not only educate, their students learn to reach out and touch the lives of others!
Last but not least, Jean Harris, Marge Magnani, Jen Holtz, Val Lemme, and Susan Morgan, are serving in multiple roles for our Love of Neighbor team. Jean is organizing and implementing our P.A.D.S. meal effort, Val has provided us with the mechanism for collecting used footwear that will enable the Kenwood Free Clinic pedorthic office to provide many of the homeless or underemployed and unemployed clients with shoes that they would not have.

Here's a picture I took a few weeks ago, of some of your generosity in action. You might appreciate knowing that all of the shoes you provided were received with smiles of thanks and appreciation - in a single morning.
Adult Christian Education Resumes on January 10
Please join us on Thursday mornings, at 10:30 am, in the Gathering Hall, as we view "Sustaining Creation" -- an 8 session series that guides Christians on a journey to a new understanding of our call to live sustainably with all of God's creation. Richly grounded in scripture, this series includes reflections, interviews with faith leaders, taps into the wisdom of noted authors, takes students on location to ponder the climate crisis, and includes discussion time to discern how God is calling us to respond. We look forward to seeing you there!

Annual Congregational Meeting - January 27
Please join us after worship on January 27 at 11:00 am for the
annual meeting and a potluck lunch. More details to follow.

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