Trinity Trumpet July , 2018
In this issue: A Message from the Pastor Search Committee, 'Noisy Buckets' Sundays, Upcoming Mission Initiatives, "No Guns" Signage, Memorial Gifts and Sunday Themes
An Important Deliberation, A Decision to Be Made

The Pastor Search Committee (PSC) and Council and are wrestling with an important question: Should Trinity Church look for a full time pastor or for a "less than full time" pastor (probably three-quarters time)? In pursuit of this, the PSC invited us in on the conversation last month. Led by PSC chair Jen Holtz and church president Scott Peterson, the committee told us on June 17 that the TUCC budget presently could support pastor compensation in the amount of $80,000. But it appears that full time pastor compensation - salary plus benefits - requires the church to provide $100,000 per year. So we are facing a $20,000 gap. This would require an 18% increase in current congregational giving. Can we - would we of Trinity Church - raise these additional monies? Could we anticipate sufficient net member growth to be able to get there? Roger Dart observed in the June 17 meeting that theological seminaries are now preparing students for a church in which full time pastor salaries are decreasing. We can anticipate hearing more about this during the summer. Among the questions the PSC will need to address: What would a three-quarter time pastor likely mean for Trinity's energy, vitality, and presence in the Deerfield community? Are there candidates in the Chicago metro area who would prefer a "less than full time" pastoral position? Looking ahead five years or so, what would the consequences be if Trinity cannot afford the compensation of its full time pastor? How much membership growth can we anticipate? In the meantime, the PSC is making excellent progress on its "Church Profile" which is the prime instrument for attracting pastor candidates. A Church Profile draft will soon be available for congregation perusal and discussion.

Our Pastor Search Committee members are: Jen Holtz, Roger Dart, Todd Kerschke, Michael McDonnell, Carol Mellem, Kim Parpala, Scott Peterson and Barbara Struthers.                                   
Noisy Buckets Sundays - the Last Sunday of the Month

Roger Dart tells us that when there is a flood or hurricane or other disaster, one way the Disaster Relief Committee of the Illinois Conference helps out is with Church World Service Emergency Clean-Up Buckets. Each plastic bucket (with a resealable top) has scouring pads, sponges, a scrub brush, reusable cleaning towels, laundry detergent, dish soap, 50 clothespins, a clothesline, dust masks, waterproof gloves and leather work gloves, trash bags and insect repellent. The value of each filled bucket is $75.00. Our Sunday School has now begun giving its Sunday offerings for emergency clean-up buckets. And the congregation is invited to get involved too - on "Noisy Buckets Sundays" when, during the Time for Children, the kids bring the buckets to us for our spare change. As of the end of June, we have given $59.24 toward our first filled bucket. Just one of the ways we as a church are living out love for neighbor, one of the UCC's "Three Great Loves."

Farmer's market
Upcoming Mission Initiatives

1. The Deerfield Farmers Market has begun. Trinity UCC will be participating on three Saturday's in the Gleanings Project of the Religious Leaders United.  The Gleanings Project distributes produce to those in need at the end of the Farmers Market.  For each date we need two volunteers to work with Roger Dart from 11:30 - 1:00. Our three dates are: July 21, August 4, and
September 1.

2. Our plans for the fall include entering into the process for becoming s "WISE" congregation. "WISE" is an acronym for Welcoming, Inclusive,Supportive and Engaged about mental health. This is a program actively supported by our UCC.

3. In January, our Love of Creation team will launch our multi-faceted effort to reduce impact on our planet. Stay tuned for more details about this most important initiative.

"No Guns" Signage

You may have noticed that we have recently posted "No Guns" signs by the entrances to Trinity. The Church Council investigated the use and requirements for such signs, and realized that any facility in which there is a pre-school, is required under Illinois' Firearms Concealed Carry Law, to post "No Guns" signs at its entrances. Since we house a Montessori pre-school, we decided that we had better comply with the law. After we spoke with the Montessori folks to advise them of the requirement, we obtained the signs (the size and design of which meet the legal requirements) from the Deerfield Police Department. (You may have noticed that schools, libraries, courts, other government buildings, park district facilities and the like are also required to post such signs, but enforcement of the signage requirement has been sporadic.)
What do the signs mean? They mean that even a person who has a concealed carry license may not bring a gun into our building or any other place where the signs are posted. They provide notice to anyone coming onto our property that bringing a gun there is a violation of the law and will subject them to arrest and to criminal penalties. (Law enforcement officers and armed security guards are, of course, not subject to these requirements and are allowed to carry weapons when they are on duty or acting in their official capacity.)
If you have any questions about the signs, please contact Lucy Dorenfeld.

We have received the following Memorial gifts
In Memory of:                                               Given by:
Jack Gagne                                                  Judy Desenis
    Lucy Dorenfeld

Upcoming Sunday Themes

July 1 - "Gift of Freedom" (on Independence Day 2018)- Galatians 5:1, 13-18
July 8 - "Rejection" - Isaiah 53:1-6; Mark 6:1-6
July 15 - "Nothing for the Journey" - Psalm 24; Mark 6:7-13
July 22 - "The Broken Wall" - Psalm 89:20-37; Ephesians 2:11-22
July 29 - "With Five Rolls and Two Sardines, Facing a Needy World" -
                 II Corinthians 2:7-10; John 6:1-13

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