Trinity Trumpet July  2019
In this issue: A message from Pastor Dale including items from the General Synod meeting held in Milwaukee last week, and an item regarding the Green New Deal; a Photo from the group outing to the Chicago Dogs game, a Mission Core Update, Summer Sunday School, Farmers Market Gleanings, and important dates for your fall calendar.

Pastor Dale's report from the General Synod Meeting

The biennial meeting of the United Church of Christ was held in Milwaukee, WI this year. A rare treat to have Synod so close. Roger and Harriet Dart attended, as well as Pastor Dale and Pam Keckler.

There was so much to see and do. We have samples from the Exhibit Hall which gave a broad range of the ministries and projects of the United Church of Christ.  Roger and I will place these on display in July for you. This is the main hall at the Convention Center where 4,000 people worshipped on Sunday.  The business of the church took place there daily with 700 delegates from across the UCC in the U.S. and about 1,800 visitors.  

A photo of the painting that was created during the worship experiences at Synod.

We had an opportunity to express the importance of God's message of love and justice and inclusion as about 1,000 people marched to and demonstrated in front of ICE headquarters in Milwaukee. 
The following article on the Green New Deal was also one of the discussions at General Synod. We will be sharing different learnings, and topics for our ongoing reflection and conversation throughout the year.
To Whom it May Concern:

I'm a Summer Fellow with Chicago Area Peace Action. We are working on building support for the Green New Deal and would love if your organization  signed  onto this coalition letter we are sending to members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation. 

In October 2018, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that we are less than 12 years away from the point of no return unless we actively curtail our climate footprint through reduced greenhouse gas emissions now. This is a climate emergency.  The Green New Deal  demands that the United States take action on a host of environmental, economic, indigenous rights, health and social issues. For more info on the GND, watch this short  video

Please sign on to our letter  here

We are closing the letter to new signers by the end of the business day on July 16th. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. If you'd like to help, please pass this letter onto other organizations that you are connected with! Thank you for your consideration of this pressing matter. 


Jacopo DeMarinis

Dear Illinois Congressional Delegation,
We, the undersigned groups, urge you to cosponsor H.Res.109, the Green New Deal Resolution, introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). 
In October 2018, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that we are less than 12 years away from the point of no return unless we actively curtail our climate footprint through reduced greenhouse gas emissions now. This is a climate emergency. Rapid global temperature rise has already had disastrous consequences for not only our country, but also our entire planet, causing extreme weather events, mass migration and displacement, loss of biodiversity, increased agriculture and economic instability, and wars. It is imperative that Congress takes aggressive steps to reduce and subsequently eliminate greenhouse gas emissions without compromising the lives and security of communities most affected.
The Green New Deal demands that the United States take action on a host of environmental, economic, indigenous rights, health and social issues. Policies controlled by neoliberal ideologies have failed.
Reaching these targets requires bold legislative action in the following areas:
1. Halt our nation's dependence on fossil fuels.
The United States must immediately stop selling and leasing publicly owned land, water, and mineral rights for fossil fuel development. Corporate rulers have justified the unrestricted and rampant pumping of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere in the name of "the economy". The federal government must halt annual subsidies to the fossil fuel and nuclear energy companies and additionally stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects.
2. Transition the United States to 100% renewable energy.
As we move away from fossil fuel production, The United States must immediately shift to clean energy sources to arrive at zero-carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier. We must end our dependence on combustion-based power generation, nuclear and biomass energy to achieve this goal. This transition requires investment in renewable and secure energy jobs for the middle and working class as well as the creation of decentralized electric grid that is democratically governed.
3. Ensure a just transition led by impacted communities and workers.
Climate is undoubtedly a driver of injustices. Low-income workers, people of color, and indigenous communities are most susceptible to the devastating impacts of climate change. Corporate power has strangled working class people's lives, fouling their water, air and soil. Therefore, this transition needs to be led by groups of people that have been put on the brink of environmental and climate catastrophe from industrial and corporatist agenda's. We support a fully inclusive economic plan as we invest in this new green economy.
Through decisive legislative action, Congress can stabilize our ecological foundation and put the United States on a path that decarbonizes our country's transportation, electric, manufacturing, and building sectors, while ensuring a just transition for affected workers and indigenous communities. 
We call on you to cosponsor H.Res.109, the Green New Deal Resolution, and take a public stand on the harmful and destructive effects of climate change to our communities, our environment and our economy. 
Chicago Area Peace Action

For Your Reflection:
Maren Tirabassi is a United Church of Christ pastor who serves churches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She is the author of 20 books and a former poet laureate of Portsmouth, NH

Prayer for the immigration crisis

My little hand holds (and not the great world)
the small shining of shook foil

and there is no beauty that I see,
only the blankets on children detained --
alone and frightened, cold,

and without care,
without -- O you grand and broken God,
toothpaste and soap,

and parents,

without justice, compassion,
but not without hope,
because that alone, hope

is never spent, but lights the western sky
as night falls
on the long walk from the south,
and, even if dimly, touches
with holy glittered fingernails
a rim of east
every morning, every detention center.

Hope brought them here
to the terrible inhospitality
that smears
all this country ever thought to be.

And it is left to us and the Holy Spirit
to brood
over those who are lost,
Oscar, Valeria,
and bend the world
so that the living children
might someday be found
and lifted
by your bright wings.

(a homage to Gerard Manley Hopkins "God's Grandeur")

Trinity has gone to the Dogs!

19 members and friends of TUCC had a grand time at the Chicago Dogs baseball game on June 2. The team lost, but it didn't matter! There was perfect weather and a chance to relax and enjoy pleasant conversation - and munch on hot dogs and popcorn and all the goodies of summer.


Our Music Director, Evan will be taking some vacation time on Sundays July 7 and July 28.

There will be no Council Meeting or Worship and Program Meeting in July.


WOW.  A tremendous "Thank You" to everyone who pitched in to make my Installation Celebration so very fabulous.  I hesitate to name names, because I know I'll miss someone!  But from window washing, to grass cutting, tree trimming, sidewalk sweeping, red drape hanging on the cross, altar decorating, table/chair set-up and placement, ushering, greeting, photography, video and sound and clean-up - you all worked really hard!

Please know that I am still getting comments from all our guests about how warm, friendly and welcoming you all are... that should make us all proud!
And my family was elated to be a part of the whole day.

I thank you. I'm so glad to be here.
Pastor Dale
Mission Core Update

Why "Three Great Loves"?
Perhaps the map that accompanies this paragraph will help illustrate both the 'why' and the 'how' of our three-dimensional Mission Core.

The map comes from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Now, I know that IEMA is not a religious denomination, or a faith-based group, but it plays a very key role in what we, here at Trinity, do when it comes to demonstrating our loves.
First, think of the number of people who have had to leave their homes much too quickly when the "Mighty Mississippi" began rising above flood stage. There are folks living in temporary shelters all the way from East Dubuque to to Alexander County down at the Ohio River.   And that doesn't account for those being rousted out of their homes along the Illinois, Rock, Pecatonica and Kishwaukee Rivers!
Those Church World Service cleanup bucket kits are absolutely essential once the flood waters recede. and funds from our OGHS offering also help in the recovery.
These floods have also impacted the children. Some had to finish school early when their families had to leave their homes. There's not much to do when you're sitting on a folding cot in a big gymnasium or a church basement. CWS Hygiene and School kits play an important part in maintaining the health, well-being of all those affected, as well as helping pass the time productively.
Once the floods have become history, much of the lands along the waterways are battered and torn. They too must heal. The flooding of our major waterways can be  mitigated by what we do here on North Avenue. Seems strange, I know, but when we  exercise our Love of Creation and care for our land and the Middle Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River, the impact of what we do can be traced all the way to the Gulf of Mexico!

Take note of the gorgeous new sidewalk at the entrance to the church.  And be sure and give a word of thanks to the Operations Committee.

Summer Sunday School

Sarah Hughes will be teaching Sunday School during the summer months.   Lessons and activities will be based on the Children's Bulletins that we began using this spring.

Gleanings at the Deerfield Farmer's Market
Saturday, July 6th 11:30 - 1:30

We will need 2 or 3 volunteers to help set up a tent roof and two tables at the Farmer's Market, near the Deerfield train station.   We receive unsold produce from three or four vendors, which is then distributed to food pantry clients and residents of One Deerfield Place.

Please sign up on the bulletin board in the Gathering Hall or call the office at 847-945-5050 if you are interested in helping.  For more information, see Roger Dart.  The additional date for Trinity's participation is September 7th.  

mark you calendar
  • Sunday, August 25 - Sunday School Parent Meeting, after worship
  • Sunday, September 8 - Sunday School and Choir resume; post service celebration
  • Thursday, September 12 - Adult Education resumes at 10:00 AM
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