Trinity Trumpet March  2020
In this issue: Lenten Worship Series, a message from new Congregation President Kim Parpala, Adult Education opportunities, an update from the "Love of Creation" team, Special Music this Sunday 3/1, One Great Hour of Sharing information, an evening discussion presented by the League of Women Voters, and information about weekly Flower arrangements.
Lenten Worship Series

Ash Wednesday Feb 26 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Penitent
Lent 1 March 1 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Tempter
Lent 2 March 8 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Questioner
Lent 3 March 15 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Rejected
Lent 4 March 22 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Disbelieved
Lent 5 March 29 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Grief Stricken
Palm Sunday April 5 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Betrayer
Maundy Thursday April 9 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Served
Good Friday April 10 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of the Abandoned
Easter April 12 - Picturing Ourselves in the Story of The Astounded
Message From Kim Parpala

As I take over the President Role for Trinity's Church Council, I want to share a few thoughts:
  • Thank you to Scott Peterson for leading us through the past few years and positioning Trinity in such a way that has kept us moving toward our collective vision.
  • Thank you to all the members who provide your time and talents that are allowing us to thrive and fulfill our vision.  
  • Thank you to all who choose to worship with Trinity and be part of this Community.
  • Thank you to Pastor Dale for being our Spiritual Leader and walking with us on our journey.
February has been a great month.  How fast time flies. Can you believe that this month we celebrated Pastor Dales' 1-year Anniversary as the third Settled Pastor of Trinity? I am honored to have been a member of Trinity for all three pastors.  I look forward to the Church's evolution while keeping our most important traditions intact.
Some highlights from February:
  • We have started a rotation to include the children in our music during worship. The first Trinity Boys Ensemble delighted the Congregation on February 23rd.
  • The final exhaust upgrade to the new kitchen is in place and working beautifully. 
  • Our Love of Neighbor mission will be collecting hats and mittens for those in need.
  • Adult Education continues Thursdays in the morning and re-started in the evening Wednesday, February 19th.
As we begin Lent, I look forward to the preparations for the coming year and what is in store for Trinity with great hope and optimism of all we can do together!   

Adult Bible Study
Join us on Thursday mornings at 10:15 AM , in the Gathering Hall, to study the curriculum that our Confirmands will be using. The goal is to rediscover Our Faith, Our Questions, and Our Calling for today.

Wednesday Evening Adult Study
An Invitation to the Nobility of Leadership

Wednesday Evenings, March 4 & 11 at 7 PM

This is an opportunity for us each to examine our calling in the world. Not only our gifts, but what the world needs from us now. This class will be $15.00. Please sign up in the narthex and Pastor Dale will order the books.
Who Do We Choose To Be?
by  Margaret J. Wheatley, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Lenten Coloring Books

"On this Ash Wednesday, I am happy to have the chance to blog about a book that is different, I think, from any other that I've reviewed. I was sent a review copy of the adult coloring book  Coloring Lent . I confess that, while I have been aware of the growing popularity of this genre, I haven't been participating in it. And so I was not sure what to expect. Looking inside, I found the outlined artwork striking, and also the contents. My first browse through brought details to by attention such as the mention of Veronica wiping Jesus' face. Other disorienting details included the references to God in some but not all places as "the Cloud." This was natural in some of the early pages, which related to the experience of the Israelites in the wilderness. But the references to God as 'the cloud' are found much more widely. It is an intriguing way of referring to the divine, and one that is well suited to the context of Lent, with its exploration of the human experience of sorrow, repentance, and the hiddenness of God. And so I did what an academic would do when disoriented by the features of a text: I turned to the footnotes and endnotes. Not that I expected a coloring book to have either footnotes or endnotes, never mind both. But there they were. In them, I found references to James Cone and Thomas J. J. Altizer, to Slavoj Zizek and RenĂ© Girard, to Ephrem the Syrian and Friederich Nietzsche.  Clearly this is like no other coloring book I have ever seen, and I would dare to guess that it is like no other coloring book that currently exists or has ever existed.  Feel free to tell me if I am wrong about that. The notes provide leads into very deep literature, the idea of the death of God, apocryphal traditions, as well as discussions of the choices that went into the coloring book - such as the question of whether or how to depict God. The "Cloud" can serve readily as a Biblical and a mystical symbol for God, but the inclusion thereof is still done in a highly thought-provoking manner. I am still not sure whether I will spend Lent actually coloring the pages. This is new territory for me. The connection between this spiritual practice and the idea of encountering God in, through, and as part of that which can be touched and colored is new to me. If you observe Lent as part of your own church tradition, and/or already have a liking for adult coloring books, I'd encourage you to take a look at this one, and report back to me about your experience with it!"
                                                -- James McGrath,  Religion Prof, March 1, 2017

On Tuesday, February 18, members of our Trinity "Love of Creation" team participated as witnesses at the Deerfield Village Board of Trustees meeting.  Our purpose was to speak in support of a resolution calling Deerfield to progressively reduce our village carbon footprint to zero by 2050.

Camilla and Keith Dadey, Andrew Parpala and Roger Dart attended, joined by Rev. Lucas Hergert of North Shore Unitarian Universalist Church.and a number of his congregants, as well as a significant number of other local residents.
Roger, Camilla, Rev. Hergert, two young Deerfield High School women and a local mother all spoke in support of the resolution, which the Board then passed by a vote of 5-1.

  Special Music - Tenor, Henry Pleas - This Sunday, March 1st

Henry Pleas joins TUCC as guest tenor soloist. Born in Chicago, Pleas attended Brown University and at graduation, received the school's Madeira Prize for Excellence in Music. He continued music studies at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and Northwestern University where he received a master of music degree with high honors. Henry has performed as soloist at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Opera Grand Rapids, and Chicago Opera Theater. He has appeared as soloist in the Beethoven Missa Solemnis, Mozart Requiem, Handel's Messiah, Mendelssohn's Elijah, and Britten's St. Nicholas, with the Grand Rapids Symphony, Ars Viva Symphony and Chicago Modern Orchestra Project. In his repertoire, performance, and studies, Henry has pursued a special interest in the historical legacy of the Black-American classical music community.

Special Offering - March 22

Invest in Futures is the theme for this year's offering.  When we participate in OGHS, we provide valuable support to those who suffer from emergencies, chronic poverty and violence worldwide.  Among the support we give, water, sanitation and adequate nutrition top the list of resources needed.  What seems like a small investment to us, yields amazing results worldwide.  Together, we are co-workers in God's service, planting and watering seeds for God to nurture.
            Easter Flower Orders

Do you wish to remember a loved one, or give thanks for blessings received?

Its almost time to order flowers for Easter Sunday.  Please keep an eye out for the sign-up sheet in the Gathering Hall.  More information to come.

Have you ever wondered how to order flowers for weekly worship services?

Follow these simple steps:
  • Select a date that is meaningful to you
  • Sign up (in pencil, please), on the Flower Chart in the Gathering Hall.
  • Fill out the reason for the flowers (In Memory of..., In Celebration of a Birthday or Anniversary for...), followed by your name.
  • Place a check for $15.00 made out to TUCC in the collection plate. (Note "altar flowers" on the memo line).
  • On the date you chose, the Floral Arrangement Team will purchase and arrange the flowers and place them on the communion table. 
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April 5 - Palm/Passion Sunday
April 9 - Maundy Thursday
April 12 - Easter Sunday
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