Trinity Trumpet May  2020
In this issue:  Eastertide Worship Series, the link to Sunday worship, and some words of encouragement from Pastor Dale, a Message from Kim Parpala, continuing support for Trinity UCC, and a Mission message from Roger Dart.

Easter Season Worship Series:
Getting to the Heart of the Matter
I n this season of crisis in our world, we must pay attention to what hurts
our hearts - then think about how we heal...
Our communities
Our nation
Our world
What causes pain, helps us notice what's most important.
April 19     Easter 2: Getting to the Heart of Gladness/Sadness
April 26     Easter 3: Getting to the Heart of Loving Deeply
May 3 *     Easter 4: Getting to the Heart of Eating Generously
May 10     Easter 5: Getting to the Heart of Surmounting Trouble
May 17     Easter 6: Getting to the Heart of Defending Hope
May 24      Ascension: Getting to the Heart of Casting Over Anxiety              

Virtual Worship 10:00 AM via Zoom
Zoom Link for worship:
Participant ID (Not required. None provided) "Otherwise just press # "
Meeting Password:  760760

To Dial In by Phone Only: 1 (312) 626-6799    ID 534-284-786

*Please have bread and a drink that you prefer for communion this week.

Adult Education

The 7 PM Wednesday Evening group, and the Thursday 10 AM Bible Study are meeting virtually. Please email Pastor Dale (
if you haven't attended before and would like more information.

Something to lean on...

I am finding that in these days, I'm drawn to things that give encouragement, that give hope. I think we all need both in these days. Please find several selections that I pray will give you strength and peace.

- Pastor Dale

A Poem by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

What to Do in the Darkness

Go Slowly
Consent to it
But don't wallow in it
Know it as a place of germination
And growth
Remember the Light
Take an outstretched hand if you find one
Exercise unused senses
Find the path by walking it
Practice trust
Watch for dawn

A Song for Courage, Encouragement, & Peace
"Good Job" by Alicia Keys

Find it on our Facebook page - @TrinityUCC.Deerfield
A Message from Kim Parpala

March and April have truly been some interesting days for the World and Trinity UCC.  When could we ever imagined a Holy Week where we were not able to have our traditional Easter Breakfast followed by the Easter Worship Service in person at Trinity?  Social Distancing and Zoom are new words in our vocabulary.  The new "normal" for children and higher education is eLearning. The national Gas Price is on average $1 less than 1 year ago. All around the world we are supporting the grocery store workers, sanitation employees and the important Front line workers at our Hospitals and Nursing Homes as our true Heroes.

I am so proud to see how quickly our congregation and the leadership have adjusted and moved us into a Virtual Church where we have been able to meet and worship remotely. We have been able to see and speak to friends and family from far away.  Thank you to Pastor Dale, Evan and Judy for continuing to evolve our virtual worship.  When we return to "in person" activities, we plan to celebrate all the joys that have been missed or virtual these past months.    

Trinity Highlights during this Quarantine:
  • We made our quarterly contribution to the IL Conference OCWM (Our Church's Wider Mission)
  • We Paid $200 to PADS out of Love of Neighbor Fund
  • We collected $550 for One Great Hour of Sharing in March
  • Adult Education began again Thursdays in the morning and re-started in the evening on April 22nd.
  • Virtual Confirmation Classes resumed in April
  • Trinity Congregation continues to share generously
While this is a much different year than I expected in January, I continue to be amazed at our church and all we can do together. 


Continuing to support Trinity in this time of social distancing

Though we are not able to gather as a congregation, the important work of Trinity continues. Since we are not gathering for worship in-person (for the time being), we are missing the opportunity to share our gifts to support our church during worship. Yet the costs of operating the church and supporting our mission continue. We hope that members will continue their planned giving as they are able.

Gifts in the form of paper checks can be mailed directly to the church. As a reminder, our address is:
Trinity United Church of Christ
760 North Avenue
Deerfield, IL 60015

Alternatively, members who use electronic banking services from their banks may want to consider using those services for gifts to Trinity. The same information shown above can be used to set up Trinity as a "Payee" in those banking services. Some banks require that an "Account ID" be provided when establishing a Payee. If that's the case, either an envelope number or member's last name will generally serve that purpose. Regardless of whether a payment comes with an Account ID or not, we will credit the contribution based on the name of the account holder.

The features of electronic banking vary somewhat across institution. Some services allow customers to schedule regular payments, avoiding the need to make an entry into the system for each contribution. Scheduled payments can generally be changed or halted at any time.

Thanks to the members who provided financial support to Trinity in April. Though contributions received were less than our budgeted amount for the month, many people continued giving using methods like the ones outlined here. Your ongoing gifts are helping us carry on!
Scott Peterson
A Message from Roger Dart on Mission
We are all now "veterans" of one of the most unusual events in modern world history.
The novelty of learning how to keep living life while remaining in one place is already wearing off, and there is evidence that a percentage of the population of our country has reached the point of wanting to 'restart' our 'regular life' against the advice of our best medical minds.
The need for face masks and personal protective equipment continues.
Food and supplies of many medicines are beginning to dwindle.
What is our role, our mission as a community of faith in these trying days? We have not stood still. Our Love of Neighbor team has already taken a step by making a donation to the food bank operations in Lake County. We are planning to provide information and links in our Trinity media where you may chose to donate to any of several organizations that are deeply involved in providing assistance to the COVID-19 effort.
The full impact of the COVID-19 virus on life around our planet will not be known for many more years.
What the Three Great Loves teams are doing is looking for ways where we can make a difference in this world consistent with our values and our abilities but not just during the pandemic, but afterward, when the entire world will be in need of healing.
Thank you for everything you are doing!
Please note that the church office is closed, but Lisa is working from home, and regularly checking Trinity's email:

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home
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