Trinity Trumpet October  2019
In this issue: A message from Pastor Dale, a message from Scott Peterson, a report from the Mission committee, and many upcoming events.

This year, we will take a new look at how we think about Stewardship.  Together, we will take an extended look at how we think about money as a church and as a society, and struggle with whether we can express what we truly value as a community of faith in the world. We will take some time to think about the difficulties of being true to our faith in a world where how we get our money and how we spend our money are not always in sync with what we'd want. Our Worship Series will extend for five weeks culminating on Stewardship Sunday on November 10.   All our boards and committees will have an opportunity to discuss how we think about money collectively, and how we might use our budget to say what we believe.

Oct 13           The Way - Generosity GPS
Oct 20            The Way - Hindsight is 20:20
Oct 27            The Way - Your Forwarding Address
Nov 3              The Way - Church vs. World: Can You Tell the Difference?
Nov 10           The Way - Stewards of the Future
NEW Evening Adult Study - Mark Your Calendars

Wednesdays November 6, 13, 20

At the request of several members who are not able to attend Adult Study conversations during the day, we will do a trial run of an Evening Study and conversation.   It has a very different format than the morning study which will focus more on Bible Study. The Evening Group will be publicized in the community as well. You can invite friends or neighbors who may or may not have a religious affiliation. We will read and discuss portions of a book together and reflect on how a particular topic impacts our lives from a perspective of our spiritual values. But it will not be "explicitly/exclusively" Christian.

Our first book is Integrating Money and Meaning: Practices for a Heart Centered Life by Maggie Kulyk with Liz McGeachy. "We all exist inside society's complex, all-encompassing money system, but we rarely talk about it in an honest, self-reflective way. Is it possible to live within this system with integrity and meaning - to find a deeper connect to the "heart"? The answer is YES, and this book is her guide. Using her own story and stories of others, Maggie Kulyk offers a deeply person and honest look at the influence of money on her own life and the broader society. She then provides practices for bringing money out of the shadows, healing its wounds, and creating a new relationship with money. Seeing our relationship with money as central to the spiritual path helps create a more balanced, healthy life for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the planet.

God's Peace,
Pastor Dale
A Message from Scott Peterson

The approach of the Stewardship season is a good time to take stock of our current financial results at Trinity. Overall, our position is favorable: Trinity is debt free, we have a strong cash position, and are completing our kitchen remodeling.

The changes to the kitchen represent a terrific improvement! While we were able to cover the cost associated with that project from current church reserve funds, we are planning activities to celebrate this new facility and raise funds to help replenish the amounts invested.

Here is a high-level look at our operating results (ongoing income versus day-to-day expenses) for the period January 2019 through August 2019:

Actual Results
Other Income (Montessori Rent and Investment Income)
Total Income
Total Expenses
Net Income
As you can see, our expenses for the year exceed our income by about $7,300, or about 6% of our income. While running a deficit is clearly not a favorable situation, the size of the deficit is smaller than the amount we'd planned at the beginning of the year.

The Council is closely monitoring our results on an ongoing basis. A number of the factors contributing to the deficit arise from the transitional nature of the year. Examples are residual expenses from our Pastor Search and one-time costs associated with bringing a new pastor on board. Expenses of this nature will not recur in future years. Further, we incurred some expenses this year associated with establishing new worship and membership initiatives. Once those programs are in place, the ongoing expense of maintaining them can be expected to be lower.

You can help improve our results for the year. If you made a pledge of financial support at the beginning of the year, this is a good time to review how you're doing relative to that commitment. If you're short of the amount you pledged, anything you can do to make up the difference is appreciated. Later this month, we will distribute interim giving statements to let you know about the status of your giving. If you'd like an update in the meantime, check with Karen Kerschke - she can provide it to you. Of course, whether you pledged or not, any additional contributions are appreciated!

To support our annual Stewardship campaign, we have begun the process of developing a budget for the coming year. Later this month, we will provide a preliminary look at our plans for 2020. Our goal is to develop a budget that strikes a balance between the practical reality of the support we can ask of our members and one that allows us to live our dreams for the mission of Trinity.

So far, the emphasis of this message has been on the financial results of Trinity. Equally important, though, is our favorable trajectory as a church: new members, visibility in the community, and renewed emphasis on mission and program. Thanks to all - Pastor Dale, members of the Council and our Committees, and all members of the congregation - for making this happen. The future is very exciting!

Scott Peterson

Adult Bible Study
We will convene on Thursdays, 10:00 - 11:15 in the Gathering Hall.  We will study the curriculum that our Confirmands will be using. The goal is to rediscover Our Faith, Our Questions, and Our Calling for today.

Mission Core Report
Our autumn is off to a very busy start!

On Saturday, September 14, our Love of Creation leadership spent a very invigorating day at the annual Faith In Place "Green Summit" event at the Field Museum.  Some five hundred folk from several hundred churches across the Chicago area came to learn about the newest developments in effective re-forestation, solar energy, soil conservation, and storm water management.

Peter Winkler arranged a meeting with Anderson Consulting to assess our land and give us some professional insight into a request for grant funding that would enable us to accomplish some of our goals.

All of these activities are leading this team to undertake creating a long-term plan for an environmentally sound stewardship of our campus. This plan will be submitted to the church Council as soon as it is in draft form.
Meanwhile, our 'forestry team' of Todd, Lee, Peter, and Jim have done some additional work down near the river, though their efforts have been delayed due to an excess of rainwater and wet grounds.
Buckets, buckets, buckets!
(This is a bit of evidence of our Love of Neighbor gang.)
I am sure you've seen the large number of five-gallon buckets in the gathering hall.   They represent the (as yet unfinished) mission project of the churches of Cluster One of our Chicago Metropolitan Association.   Trinity hosted the Cluster One fall 'kick-off" picnic meeting. Unfortunately, the project came up short on some of the ingredient items when the pastors of several churches were not able to attend and bring their assigned items.   There is a follow up effort to collect the missing items as I write.
Shoes, shoes, shoes!
Thanks to everyone who contributed gently used footwear and / or socks to our "Soles 4 Souls" campaign. I delivered almost two dozen pairs of shoes and a significant number of badly needed socks to the Kenwood Free Clinic this past Monday.   I have no adequate way to communicate to you the gratitude of those for who your generosity makes such an important difference.
Meanwhile, our Love of Children champions are off and running with Sunday School classes, and consideration of some mission projects from which our youth will choose to express their faith.
Thanks to all of our "Love of . . " champions!

Please consider joining Team Cara for the Lake County 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer's on October 5th at Independence Grove.  Keith Dadey formed this team to honor his sister-in-law Cara who has been severely stricken with this disease.  The walk is 3.2 miles starting at 9:30am.  Please consider joining Team Cara to participate in the Walk, or to make a contribution in her name.  You can get more information from Keith, or go to the Team Cara website at


  Oil Trains: Are Profits Worth Our Risks?

  • Do you ever find yourself STOPPED at a rail grade crossing, waiting for a freight train to pass?
  • Are freight trains routed near your place of WORK?
  • Do you have freight trains rolling through your NEIGHBORHOOD?
  • Are your CHILDREN attending school near a railroad, yards from freight trains carrying hazardous and toxic materials?
A 'Bomb Train Dream Team' has been assembled from three corners of the continent to come and speak to our communities about the dangers associated with hazardous materials that are transported yards away from our homes, schools, and other public locations. They will be joined by rail workers from Railroad Workers United (RWU) along with other local activists and public officials to speak out about the need to keep our communities safe from trains carrying toxic and explosive cargo.

When: Thursday, October 10
            6:30 - 8:30 PM

Where: Trinity United Church of Christ
             760 North Ave., Deerfield

Sponsored by: Trinity United Church of Christ, League of Women Voters, Chicagoland Oil by Rail, Railroad Workers United, Frack Free IL, NWSOFA, & Chicago Greens


Come join us for our annual Oktoberfest celebration after worship on Sunday, October 27th.  We will be grilling brats and hot dogs.
Please bring a dish to share.

Mark your calendar for these important upcoming events:

October 6 - World Communion Sunday
November 3 - Fall Clean-up (Rain date, Nov. 10)

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