Trinity's mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through ministries which strengthen and equip people 
for Christian witness and service 
in downtown, metropolitan Orlando and the world.
Trinity News and Updates
Week 1 Readings Start this Sunday!
We're excited about this opportunity to ALL be on the same page in God's Word, studying the same things about our Lord during the week, in groups together to comment and ask questions about the same material, and on the weekend hear a powerful message highlighting our learnings!! 
Book Requests
All orders placed for books have now been delivered or are waiting in the Narthex for you with your name on it. If you find yourself in need of a book at this point, please order directly from Tyndale. 
Free audio versions of the book are available via  Apple and  Google podcasts, and it can be streamed online from the  website.
There is a kindle version available for purchase through Tyndale (link above), or you can read the Messiah text on the immerse website for  free at this link:  
Your Own Bible
You don't even have to use the Immerse version... you can follow along in your own favorite Bible. The  list of readings tells you what books of the Bible are covered each week (the first week covers the book of Luke)
Small Groups
SIGN UP NOW for an IMMERSE group by contacting the individuals below via email or contact the church office for a phone number:
On Your Own 
For those who aren't involved in a weekly small group, you're invited to  join us on Facebook  for an online discussion group at your own pace, and on your own schedule.
Lutheran Women in Mission 
Next weekend, the LWML Quilters will celebrate LWML Sunday (Saturday, October 12th and Sunday October 13th) with a display in the Church of some of their finished quilts which will be shipped to Lutheran World Relief in February 2020.  We welcome more women and teens willing to tie quilts twice a month and/or sew quilt tops together. Call Mary Lou Evanchyk to learn more at 407-491-4452. As part of this annual celebration, LWML is collecting individually wrapped bath soap during the month of October. Starting Saturday, October 4, you will see the wash tub In the Narthex alongside the Operation Christmas Child display.  Let's fill it to overflowing as we did last year with individually wrapped bath soaps. Thank you so much for your support of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League!  To learn more about the LWML, visit the website at

Operation Christmas Child 
This year at Oktoberfest, our service project will be packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. To prepare, we will begin collecting donations now. Everyone can help to gather supplies and pack shoebox gifts to bless children in need around the world. (Parents often use the project to teach their kids about giving.) Year-round volunteers support these efforts across the country. Churches help to collect donations and pack boxes and can also serve as collection points for even more boxes. 

Long before shoe boxes arrive in  more than 100 countries , volunteer National Leadership Teams train pastors and community leaders who want to share the message of the Gospel and bless children. The leaders learn how to host child-friendly outreach events, and how to implement The Greatest Journey follow-up discipleship program. Pastors around the world host outreach events in places where people may not know Christ and invite them to follow Him. Other churches use the boxes as resources for outreach in orphanages and other at-risk areas. In many places, they also offer The Greatest Gift, a Gospel story booklet Samaritan's Purse developed for shoebox recipients.  
This is a FANTASTIC opportunity for us to participate in an outreach effort that will literally reach thousands of children in need world-wide! Donations can be brought in all through October, then the packing party will happen at Oktoberfest.You can also take a box for your home, small group, or to your office to collect and pack on your own. 

Donation Details: Donations will be collected in the collection bin in the Church Narthex. Donations are for either a Girl or Boy in age categories: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14. Each box needs a large "wow" item such as a soccer ball with pump or stuffed animal, then can be filled with other fun toys, hygiene items, and school supplies.
Our Downtown Orlando Pumpkin Patch run by the Child Development Center's PTL group, is up and running. Sales begin Saturday! Buying your pumpkins here at Trinity is convenient AND is supports Trinity's school ministry!  Thank you!

Pumpkin Palooza
Costume Parade, Trunk or Treat, Pumpkin Patch, Food Truck
We have a new Trinity family community event coming up in October. We'll be hosting PUMPKIN PALOOZA on Saturday, October 12. We'll begin the morning with a huge COSTUME PARADE through the neighborhood (all Trinity families, friends and neighbors welcome). When they loop back to campus they will walk north to south along our interior driveway which will be lined with parked cars for TRUNK OR TREATING!  At the end of the driveway is the PUMPKIN PATCH (pumpkin sales and games) and a FOOD TRUCK so everyone can grab a bite to eat and visit! Will you dress up and walk in the parade? Or will you decorate your car's trunk and pass out candy?  

Church Family: TRUNK or TREAT Participants Wanted!
For those not taking part in the children's parade, we would LOVE to have a FULL line of cars all the way down the driveway. The goal is to have our church families (who don't have parade-age kids), to sign up to fill all the parking spaces down the interior driveway to make the trunk or treat path completely filled up with decorated trunks & lots of treats! Sign up NOW online (or call the office) so we can fill up that parking lot for the kids!! We're using  
You can Google all sorts of ideas for decorating your trunk:

Moving Forward with Purpose & Pics or it Didn't Happen 
From Chanda, your Ministry & Communications Coordinator 

Part I: Moving Forward with Purpose 
We're heading into my favorite time of year: October through December. Get ready, because there is so much going on and you won't want to miss a thing.  NOW is the time to get involved, reconnect, and try something new. We're wrapping up 100 years of ministry and kicking off our second century.  In making plans for the next 1-3 years, we've been talking a lot about moving forward with purpose, getting back to the basics, and doing only the things that matter most.  And it's really ALL about discipleship.  We're strengthening and equipping our people for Christian witness and service (straight from our mission statement), becoming and being better disciples, in order to make, shape and send out even more disciples, all to bring people (ourselves and others) one step closer to Jesus in all that we do!  See how that ALL fits together?  Yes! THAT is the PLAN! 
We're focused on five core components of a balanced Christian life:  Word Worship, Witness, Stewardship and Fellowship. In some areas we're strong, capable and comfortable, and in some areas we're weak and needing more "exercise"  both as individuals and as a church body.  
(Does that sound familiar?  Ex: you eat healthy, but don't exercise -- You're working hard on your career, but not enough family time -- Your physical health is good, but your personal relationships really need work.  Balance matters!)
Let's find a strong and healthy balance in all five areas. I'll share just a few things in each area that Trinity is doing to exercise in those areas. 
(Food for thought: In what areas do you need exercise? What are your strengths, and how can they be a blessing to others?)
  • Immerse, small groups, online groups, for discussion, connection and regular time spent in the Word of God
  • Sermon series following the Immerse series
  • Using excellent resources for our children and youth Sunday School classes and having skilled and dedicated Sunday School teachers.  
  • Making use of Group, Inc. for our CDC religion curriculum and chapel services so we can collaboratively plan for and reinforce the content is being shared in our school ministry.
  • Beginning monthly devotions with Trinity's staff
  • Focused discussions with Trinity's amazing CDC staff about their commitment to discipleship, and their role in the CDC sharing the gospel with our CDC families. 
  • Restructuring our lessons in the Foundations classes to make it more inviting and accessible to new members, and more useful/applicable to all those participating.  Separating one long series of a enormous amount of material into four shorter classes, so that each one has its own purpose and has a shorter duration.  Still covering all necessary topics, but with greater focus, more in depth, yet in shorter segments.
  • Collaborative planning with the music ministry team (volunteer and paid staff) for all services - matching music to message, encouraging member gifts to be used to enhance worship (voices, instruments, etc).   
  • Combined worship for the 100th anniversary was a great example of excellence in worship - joy filled, appropriate focus, amazing music, so many people involved in preparation, a meaningful & purposeful message, and a full Sanctuary!
  • Purposefully combining traditional and contemporary components into worship services - the best of both worlds
  • Adding additional liturgy settings to provide more variety in worship
  • Ongoing discussions about how to improve worship at Trinity
WITNESS (Evangelism/Outreach/Sharing the Gospel):
  • Planning going on now for regular learning opportunities and conversations about how we successfully/effectively share our faith with others (when, where, how.. and yes, introverts can share too).
  • Purposeful planning of Trinity events to create opportunities to share the gospel and open doors for conversations with guests of Trinity (Ex: Oktoberfest has a Reformation education component that opens the door for conversations, the Lake Eola event is specifically focused on "It's Still All About Jesus" and its activities must all focus solely on opening doors to share about Jesus' birth, partnering with Samaritan's Purse with Operation Christmas Child to reach thousands of children in need)
  • Making full use of our school ministry to provide resources, encouragement, and support to our CDC parents in building a strong foundation of faith in their families at home, regardless of church membership or any other connection to Trinity outside the CDC.
  • Ministry Moments - sharing our personal stories and posting them on our website to share ideas and encouragement
  • Trinity Game Nights were started last school year which featured games, food and music - open to all, casual and informal
  • Oktoberfest festival and the congregation's Thanksgiving meal coming up soon
  • Bringing back the Women's Christmas Dinner this December
  • Elder hosted Barbecue coming early next year
  • An extension of our 100th Anniversary plan includes the upcoming renovation of Loggia 3 into a Welcome Center for Fellowship space for Sundays and meeting/tour space during the week.  You'll be able to view Trinity's 100 year history on a full-wall 100 year timeline, displayed archive treasures, have access to Trinity flyers, a list of upcoming events and new groups, flat screen photo slide shows, digital volunteer/group sign-up options, and could enjoy a snack or cup of coffee from the coffee bar!
  • OWLS Fellowship Luncheons continue
  • Beginning stages of bringing together a Young Adult group
STEWARDSHIP (using our time, talents, and finances to honor God and care for all that he has given to us)
  • volunteer properties team working on bringing the three houses up to code so that we're able to sell them
  • moving forward with the loan, renovating the Magnolia building
  • planning for termite treatment of the Sanctuary
  • plans for repairs to the damaged stone on Heritage Hall and Sanctuary
  • hiring an Church Administrative Assistant and calling a DCE or Deaconess to begin to restore the Pastoral office to a full staff
  • Increase Volunteer Engagement
    • Tasking "old" volunteers with bringing "new" volunteers alongside to learn a new skill/role and serving there together
    • matching veteran group & team leaders with a leader-in-training, with plans to hand off that role after training is complete.  Veteran leaders then move to other areas of need where their gifts will serve well.
    • Completing a spiritual gifts inventory and taking part in discussion groups about how and where to put those God-given gifts to good use in ministry at Trinity and in the community, at home and elsewhere.
    • Encouraging EVERYONE to volunteer with at least one event each year... and cover one ongoing need.  Find what fits your gifts, your schedule, meets a need and glorifies God.  There's something out there YOU can do!  Need help finding it? Contact me!
  • Increase Financial Giving
    • not necessarily by how much any one person gives (but that's great too), but by increasing the total number of Trinity people who regularly give at any level, and growing/adjusting from there.
That's just a few things in each area... are you getting a feel for where we're headed?  What do you think?  Do you have an idea to share?  Would you like to try something new? Would you like to pair with a veteran leader to learn a new role? Would you like to be matched up with someone serving in an area you might enjoy, to show you the ropes and serve with you?  Need help figuring out your next steps or connecting with the right person? Let us know!  You can email me at, call me at 407-488-1919 x101, call or text me at 407-490-7339, come into the office for a conversation, or meet for coffee (we LIVE on coffee).  You can reach Pastor Doug at, call 407-488-1919 x112, text at 407-234-5296, or make an appointment! 

Part II: Pics or It Didn't Happen
To let others see into the life of Trinity, we have to tell the story.  To do that, especially between October and December, I need your help! We love being able to share photos and short stories of all the wonderful things that happen at Trinity, and you all know I love to write and to walk around behind a camera, but I can't do this without YOU.  PLEASE send in pictures and add just a few lines of text letting me know what the picture is all about. Sharing photos on our website, office monitors, and on social media let's people really see into the life of Trinity, and what opportunities there are to get connected, meet people, serve, learn, and grow. I need photos from your Bible study groups, your campus clean up groups, from when you and friends go out into the community together and serve a need, from your Elders meetings, or Leadership Council meetings, when you volunteer at the CDC or when you go to a partner ministry event together, when you visit someone at their home or in the hospital (with their permission, of course), during times of fellowship, at meals, at a youth event, at a Trinity community event, etc.  (When taking pictures of kids, always ask parents permission, even if in public setting). If we can fill up our sites with amazing pictures of all that we do as a body of Christ, and as a Trinity family, it goes a long way to share a silent invitation with everyone who is taking a sneak peak at us online!  Email photos to, or text photos to me at 407-490-7339.  THANK YOU!

Facebook Users - Help us Extend our Reach 
If you're on Facebook, please help us reach others by sharing Trinity events and posts on your own Facebook page, by liking posts on Trinity's page, and by commenting on the posts on Trinity's page. The more our posts and events are shared and liked, the more likely someone new will hear about Trinity, follow our page, and perhaps connect in more ways than just that one event you shared! LIKE-COMMENT-SHARE. Thank you!

Reading Time in the Pumpkin Patch - Church & CDC Connections
THANKS to Patty, JJ and Mike for signing up!!
Would you like to read a book to our CDC children in the Pumpkin Patch?  We're scheduling now M-F Oct 14-25. Time slots are just 20 minute blocks between 9am and 11am, and no preparation necessary! Contact Colby, CDC Education Director, at or call 407-488-1919 x217.

We Can't Send A Care Package If We Don't Have An Address...
ADDRESSES NEEDED - Active Duty and Retired Military
Please send in the addresses of those you know and love who are currently serving or retired military personnel. Address forms are available in the Narthex or you can email to .  Operation Barnabas would like to reach out to support our service men and women with care packages from time to time, and we need those addresses! Thanks. 
Updating Trinity's Veterans Plaque
Operation Barnabas will be updating Trinity's veterans plaque for active duty, retired and deceased veterans. We've received nearly two dozen names!  If there is someone you would like included on the board, email with Name, Branch of military, Rank and Years of service( i.e. 1975-1989).  We will include a panel for first responders in the congregation as well. We need all names in by mid October please. The updated board will be rededicated ion early November.
Young Adult Ministry
Please contact Hannah Yawman at if you're interested in participating in the Young Adult Ministry.
Volunteer Service Opportunity: LCMS Missionary Connections
Seeking a volunteer to take responsibility for keeping up with our Trinity missionaries' blogs and updates, submitting monthly updates for the congregation to the Trinity Weekly, and organizing card writing/making to cover missionary families' birthdays and special holidays. Would prefer someone new to volunteering at Trinity who would enjoy a small role serving behind the scenes to extend some prayer support and care to the missionary families Trinity supports. Contact Chanda at or 407-488-1919 x101.

Thanksgiving Bread
Trinity has a tradition of baking about 200 mini loaves of bread to be placed on the altar, blessed and then sent home with families on Thanksgiving Eve - one to give, one to keep.  We need a family or group of friends to volunteer to bake the mini loaves (tins, baggies, ties and time required). Please contact Chanda if you're interested. or 407-488-1919 x101.
Confirmation Lunches
We would love to have congregation's help with providing lunches for our confirmation class and instructors. If your family, group of friends, Bible study group, or leadership group would like to sign up to provide one of the meals, please or sign up online  or contact Tim at   ALLERGY ALERT: NO peanuts or sesame seed products (including oils). THANK YOU!
Recurring Announcements & Invitations
Choir meets Wednesdays @ 7:30 p.m. Please join us!
Choir has started and there are plenty of seats available for new members to join us. No one is turned away. Yes, you can sing! Choir meets Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the church balcony. It's okay if you have to miss some Wednesday rehearsals or Sunday services. We typically sing three Sundays a month, including two 11:00 a.m. services and one 8:00 a.m. service. Please come join us! 
You're Invited to Make A More Joyful Noise! 
"Make A More Joyful Noise!" is open to everyone that wants to make a More Joyful Noise! We sing a few times each year , and ask that you join us for rehearsal the Wednesday before the Sunday we sing, or even the morning that we sing. This is for anyone that wants to "try out" choir, even if for only one Sunday, or for those that want to share the joy of Jesus Christ through music. Faith, fun and fellowship are abundant with Make A More Joyful Noise! Please come join us!
Please let us know!
Please let your Trinity family know of any scheduled surgery or hospital stay.  In addition to scheduled procedures, please give the church office a call to let us know about extended illness, unplanned hospital stays, or even the birth of a child.  You can call the office at any time and leave a message-no need to wait until business hours (407-488-1919 x101). During business hours, that information can then be forwarded to the appropriate caregivers. We'll get back to you ASAP. We want to be sure to know when you need us - whether to pray with you before a scheduled procedure, sit with you during a loved one's procedure, pray for you while you recover, visit you in the hospital/at home or to share praise and thanksgiving prayers for good news/results. Just let us know.  Thank you.
Urgent Prayer Requests
If you have an urgent prayer request that can't wait until you fill out a yellow prayer card during worship, please submit it via email to .  While submitting a yellow card during worship is still the preferred way to share prayer requests, sometimes a prayer need can't wait until Sunday.  Your prayer request (first name and basic details of the prayer requested) will be shared with a team of committed weekday prayer warriors and will also be added to Trinity's regular printed prayer list for the congregation.  All prayers are kept on the printed list for a period of three weeks, so please resubmit long term prayer needs regularly so that they stay on the printed list. Thank you.
Ministry Partner Events
Lutheran Haven Fall Flea Market October 26th
Free Admission.  You'll find great deals on clothing, furniture, appliances, artwork, collectibles, antiques, electronics, jewelry, linens, bicycles, holiday items, baked goods and so much more !  All proceeds benefit Lutheran Haven Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Memory Care. 2041 W. State Road 426, Oviedo, FL 32765.
LiveUCF Gala
LiveUCF's Fifth Annual Gala is going to be held on Saturday, October 12th at 6pm at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Orlando.  LiveUCF is a church on the campus of the University of Central Florida that is supported by local congregations and our annual gala is one of our biggest fundraisers. Tickets are $40 each and will include a plated meal, open bar, and silent auction. We are excited to announce that our guest speakers this year are Edie and Rene Taubensee. We invite you to join us for an evening in support of LiveUCF.  To purchase tickets, read about the silent auction items, or to learn more about our guest speakers please visit:
 Important Dates

October 4 Pumpkins arrive! All proceeds benefit PTL
October 5-31 Pumpkin Sales benefiting Child Development Center's PTL
(Operation Christmas Child and LWML Soap Collections)
October 12 Saturday Pumpkin Palooza - parade, treats, pumpkin sales and food truck
October 12-13 LWML Sunday
October 25 Oktoberfest Trinity Family Event
(Trinity Shares Christmas Collections)
October 27 Please be aware of Calle Orange traffic jams (details coming soon)
November 9-10 Orphan Sunday weekend
November 16 Parents Morning out for Christmas Shopping 
(Trinity Shares Christmas deliveries)
November 24 Congregation Thanksgiving Meal
November 26 CDC Thanksgiving Meal
November 27 Thanksgiving Eve Worship
November 28 Thanksgiving Day Worship (offices & CDC closed)
November 29   (offices & CDC closed)
December 1 First Sunday of Advent
December 4, 11, 18 Wednesday Advent Devotions (Noon and 7pm)
December 6  Trinity Outreach Event at Lake Eola, Orlando Tree Lighting
December 12  Women's Christmas Dinner
December 14 The Trinity family walks in the Rotary Christmas Parade
December 18 7pm Service of the Longest Night
December 24 Christmas Eve Worship 
      3pm Children's Program
5pm, 7pm, 9pm, and 11pm Candlelight Communion
December 25 10am Christmas Day Worship
December 28-29 Food and Funds on the Fifth Collection
December 31 New Years Eve Worship 7pm
January 5   Epiphany Cantata (8am and 11am)

October Events at Trinity

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