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June 26, 2021
Peace's 4.5 Birthday Celebration
Please join us as we celebrate Peace's 4.5 Birthday! The celebration will be in the loggia following services on Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 11. Peace's actual birthday is at Christmas time, so we celebrate her half birthdays during July, which is also when she began her ministry. Our favorite Golden has been with Trinity for 3 years now. We'll have "people treats", coloring sheets, and a photo location to get your picture taken with Peace. PLUS, bring $5 to enter a raffle to win an "Off Leash" experience with Peace, including some training, play time, and lunch with Peace. We hope to see you at Peace's 4.5 Birthday!

Peace Rocks and Kid Power
Peace needs Kid Power! As part of Peace's outreach into the community, we've started painting Peace Rocks and leaving them around the community. The rocks share a fun inspirational message or picture and invite people to visit Peace's Facebook page. Do you have a child or grandchild that loves to paint? We invite you to join us Saturday, July 17, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We'll be painting more rocks, plus, everyone will leave with a rock or two to leave behind for someone to find! 

2021-2022 Proposed Budget
CLICK HERE to download the summary sheet of the proposed budget for 2021-2022. 


Leadership Council Elections
The current slate up for election is as follows:

Position & Name of Member Nominated
President: Tom Finger (2nd term)
Vice President: James Gusewelle
Treasurer/CFO: David Wilkosz (with waiver vote)
School Board President: Bonnie Roby (with waiver vote)
Member At-Large: Bill Ruffier (2nd term)
Member At-Large: Bob Blackwood (with waiver vote)

  • President Tom Finger has completed one two-year term and is eligible for and has been nominated to run for another term.  
  • The VP position is currently vacant and James Gusewelle has been nominated to run to fill the vacant position.  
  • No nominations were received for Treasurer.CFO, School Board President or Members at Large positions.
  • Treasurer/CFO David Wilkosz is willing to serve another 2-yr term, however, is not eligible without a waiver from the congregation.  
  • School Board President Bonnie Roby is willing to serve another 2-yr term, however, is not eligible without a waiver from the congregation.  
  • We also have two at large LC member positions that are up for a vote. Bob Blackwood and Bill Ruffier's two year terms are up.  Bill is completing his first term, and has been nominated to run again. Bob has completed two terms, is wiling to serve, but is not eligible to run again without a waiver from the congregation. 

Any additional nominations may be sent to Congregation President Tom Finger at

Elder Elections
Below is the list of Elders nominated for confirmation vote by the congregation:

Senior Elder:
Mike Kunze

Ken Boggs
Jim Curtis
Ulysses Floyd
Leo Nagy
Rocky Smothers
Rusty Stephens
Cal Wacker


All are welcome to attend a voters meeting, however, only rostered members are eligible to vote.

All eligible voters (communicant members in good standing, age 18 and up) must sign attendance roster.

In order to make the most productive use of the time alloted for the Voter’s Meeting, the following procedure will be announced by the chair where “in order” motions have been made or are anticipated:

  1. A maximum of ten (10) minutes of discussion or Q/A total per agenda item (as announced/published); except where approved by Voters (simple majority) to extend for an additional 10 minutes.
  2. Voters who desire to be recognized by the Chair to speak, please stand to be queued to gain access to the “floor microphone.” Once recognized, each individual will have a maximum of two minutes to address the Voters.
  3. Speaking time limits of individual Voters recognized by the Chair, or Q/A limits will be kept and announced by Parliamentarian/VP.
  4. When the total discussion time limit is up, the chair will recognize (further) motions (“I move that…”) and proceed according to Roberts’ Rules of Order. Our By-Laws specify that the VP is the permanent Parliamentarian.
Redeeming Life Maternity Home Fundraiser
RLOM has locations in Sanford, Florida and NOW ALSO IN Carpentersville, IL! It is one of only a handful of maternity home ministries in the nation. Our mission is to preserve life by serving single pregnant women who lack the support of a loving, caring, Christ-centered home and family. Through the Baby Bottle Fundraiser, you give hope to these women in a tangible way and make it possible for them to hear about and experience the love of God that is ours in Christ Jesus. Take a baby bottle, put it in your car or at the front door of your home for a few weeks, fill it with your loose change, or bless it with cash or a check, then return it back to church to the Narthex or Finance office! DEADLINE is on JUNE 27. Your gift will change lives for eternity! For more information, please visit Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, Inc. P.O. Box 1496 Sanford, FL 32772-1496.
Zip Lines
Connecting with your Trinity family outside of worship and church events is essential! We all need a line of connection to a smaller group of Christian friends with whom we can share our lives, grow in Christ, have some fun, and to encourage one another in personal outreach efforts in our own circles of influence. For that reason, we'd like to connect people living in the same or adjacent zip codes so that you've got multiple nearby church family members with whom to connect throughout the week! If you'd like to help organize for YOUR zipcode, contact Chanda Gillenwater, Trinity's MInistry & Communication Coordinator. The goal is to connect every person at Trinity with their very own ZIP LINE where they can build those deep relationships.
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