Trinity Weekly
September 11, 2021 Edition

20 Year Anniversary of 9.11
Pause for a moment to reflect on the events of September 11, 2001. Where were you that morning when the news was first released? Recall the impact on your life that day and in the days and months to follow. Pause to remember those who lost their lives - those on the planes, those in the towers, at the Pentagon, on the ground, the firefighters, papramedics and law enforcement officers. Then consider the enormous secondary impact - the family members and friends of those lost, the trauma to those who survived, the medical response teams, the recovery teams, the residents of New York, the long term mental and physical health implications, the impact on our Nation and the world. And also call to mind the profoud sense of national solidarity, love, connection and the resolve to refulse to allow acts of terror to stifle the American spirit, the power of God over all and His ability to work all things together for the good of those who love him - the power of love to overcome fear and hate, to heal, to restore, and to give hope. Join us for a moment of prayer for all those who continue to grieve and struggle, for God's peace and comfort to be wrapped around each hurting heart, for peace and protection for our Nation and our world, and for all of those who are consumed by hate to find and know God. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.
New Weekend Worship Schedule Begins Now!
  • Please wear a name tag
  • Say hello to new faces! You'll see some old friends and make some new ones!
  • Enjoy the Bible Study/Sunday School hour in between Sunday services!
THANK YOU - September Volunteers in Worship
Thanks to all who are serving in worship! We have multiple openings and needs to fill, but we're looking much better as we approach moving to two services each Sunday. You can view this schedule on the website as well at
Specific Needs in Worship Services
  • PowerPoint / Soundboard Operators and ushers are needed for 11:15am worship (students with PowerPoint experience are welcome to serve)
  • Additional ushers for 9am and 11:15am (since 10am volunteers were split)
  • Additional greeters for the 9am and 11:15am services so we're able to have one at each door

Please contact Chanda at ASAP to help us wrap up the September schedule. Thank you!
Sunday School for Adults 10:15-11:00am
Sunday School / Classes for Children and Students 10:15-11:00am
Adult Sunday School, Childrens Sunday School, MS/HS Sunday School and Confirmation Start September 12

  • Adult Sunday School the IMMERSE study meets in Loggia 3, and Sermon Study meets in in Loggia 2
  • Children's Sunday School for children 4 years through 5th grade will utilize a curriculum published by Kingdom Quest. Serving this year: PreK-4 and Kindergarten with Mrs. JoAnne Gueswelle: 1st-2nd grades with Mrs. Desiree Kallesen, and 3rd through 5th grades with Mrs. Gail Wilkosz. All classes meet on the first floor of Heritage Hall - look for the signs and arrows along the loggia hallway!
  • MS and HS Youth Bible Study will begin with a study of Paul, co-lead by Faith Finger and her father Tom Finger, utlizing Right Now Media video study resources. Youth will meet in the church undercroft (basement) in the Youth Room.
  • Confirmation Instruction will be co-lead by Pastor Doug Kallesen and Mr. Tim Norris, studying from Luther's Small Catechism and various resources. 12:30 in Fellowship Hall.

For details and to REGISTER:
for MS/HS Youth or Confirmation
for Children's Sunday School
Meet the Music Director, Tom Naus
Join us after the late service on Sunday, September 12, for a meet and greet with our Music Director, Tom Naus, and members of the choir.

Music Ministry News
Parish Choir just started weekly rehearsals on Wednesday, August 25, at 7:30 p.m. We meet in the Church Balcony. Our first Sunday to sing will be Sunday, September 12, 11:15am service. Our plan is to sing every Sunday. Bells started rehearsals on Wednesday, September 8, at 6:30 p.m. Please meet in the Church Balcony. Our first Sunday to ring will be determined and we'll also determine frequency of ringing, as well. 

Want to join the Music Ministry? Conact Tom Naus or Paul Soost!

Come join us with new Music Minister Tom Naus
for a new season of ringing and singing at Trinity!
Prayer Vigil - Friday, September 17 at 6pm through Saturday, September 18 at 6pm
Choose Any Time to Pray During This 24 Hours

  • Pray that the Lord will restrain the COVID virus and all of its variants and if HIS will completely eliminate it from the earth.
  • Pray that the Lord will protect and defend our military and all those Americans whose lives are in jepardy in Afghanastan. Be their SHIELD and Fortress against the evil that exists there.
  • Pray for all Christians still in Afghanastan and defend them against the ravages and horror of these Muslim killers who are determined to enslave or to murder them for their belief in Christ Jesus.
  • Awaken the United States to return to you Lord and seek your repentance through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
  • Pray that the leaders of this nation, let them become aware that it is you LORD who remains in charge and allow them to come to the understanding that they must follow your word and seek your guidence in every decision.
  • Lord let our leaders finally understand that ABORTION is a crime against you LORD and not a constitutional right to MURDER the defenseless whom you have through your mighty hand created.
  • Bless Trinity Downtown, this precious Lutheran Church founded in 1919, its ministries, CDC families and membership so that we may be a becon of your love to all those we serve in the community.
  • Lord protect and defend our liberties and the Constitution of these United States, our right to worship and all other aspects that have been granted by YOU for this ONE NATION UNDER GOD.
  • Let us remember IN GOD WE TRUST that has been an established creed for our nation since it was established in 1775.
  • Pray for those who were so horribly effected by the hurricane on our gulf coast and for a speedy recovery from the damage incurred so they may return to a normal life.
  • Pray for protection against these hurricanes and tropical storms, for calm seas, and moderate winds.
  • Allow us as your servants to trust in you LORD removing the fear of COVID so that we may confidently come into your house (Trinity) to praise and worship you, rather than be influenced by evil that wants to prohibit us from gathering in YOUR name. 
Reformation Sunday Plans! Save the Date
On Sunday, October 31, we will have one Sunday worship service at 10am to Celebrate Reformation Sunday. (6pm worship will meet as scheduled). Following worship together, our Trinity Elders will host a Trinity family picnic as an opportunity for fellowship and creating connections among our membership, CDC families, and guests of Trinity. Meet and greet the Elders and learn more about how they serve Church - you'll find them wearing name tags so you can pick them out of the crowd! More details to come later!
Missional Living / Outreach - Share a Simple Invitation
Always feel free to copy the images in your Trinity Weekly and pass them along to someone with a personal note from you inviting them to visit. If you have a special opportunity and would like a printed copy to share, or multiple copies for a group of people, we'd be happy to make those available to you! Contact Chanda at or 407-490-7339.
Middle School Youth Gathering - Cancelled
This week, the MSYG Planning Committee made the difficult decision to cancel the Middle School Youth Gathering live event. The schools in the FLGA District are all dealing with the continued impacts of COVID. As you may be experiencing yourself, many middle school students have either been diagnosed with COVID or required to quarantine. No one has the foresight to predict what this may look like in November. However, the decision needs to be made now. The MSYG Planning Committee is not envisioning a virtual event taking the place of the live event. There is discussion regarding putting together a Bible Study or other resource that could "anchor" an individual congregation's weekend event. There will be more information on that released soon.

Praying for God's wisdom and guidance for all of us as we continue to face hard decisions in ministry. --Jennifer Tanner, Executive Director, School and Youth Ministries, Florida-Georgia District LCMS
Open Positions at Trinity Downtown
We're seeking a part time Sunday childcare worker for our Nursery. Please share this job opening with anyone you feel might be a good fit!!
At the We Care 5k you’ll never move alone while helping your community thrive! Lutheran Counseling Services is hosting an all ages 5k run and walk on October 30th. The We Care 5K will benefit their Older Adult Ministry which serves vulnerable older adults who struggle with loneliness and other life transitions. Your registration will help provide these community members needed counseling services and are 100% supported by donor contributions. Register by September 15th to get the early bird special of only $25 and help get older adults “moving” too.
We're livestreaming Sunday 10am worship every weekend. If you need any help finding any services or subscribing to our YouTube channel, please contact Chanda at or 407-490-7339.
Christian Yoga
Christian Yoga continues online via Zoom on Mondays @ 6:30pm. Now more than ever - the relaxation of yoga is a tremendous benefit. Email Beth for more information at
Support Trinity Downtown while you shop!  
Start your Amazon shopping from Amazon smile, and you’ll a small percentage of your shopping totals will be donated to Trinity ministries! THANK YOU!

Small groups connect you to others where you can learn, connect, and grow in ways which will strengthen and equip you to share the gospel and serve in your local community and beyond! That’s straight from Trinity’s mission statement and our commitment to bring people one step closer to Jesus.
Trinity’s mission: to share the gospel through ministries which strengthen and equip people for Christian witness and services in downtown, metropolitan Orlando and the world.  

Adult Study & Support Groups

  • Weekly Men's Thursday morning IHOP Breakfast and Devotions Group (ongoing)
  • Immerse Bible Reading Experience, Book 3: Prophets (Mondays with Pastor Doug, starts September 13)
  • Grief Share - Grief Recovery Support Group NEW SERIES BEGINS AUG 31
  • Prayer Bible Study Group (ongoing)
  • Sunday Sermon Study - with Pastor Doug, begins Sept 12
  • Begins Sept 12 - Adult Bible Study - IMMERSE Bible Reading Experience - POETS
  • Additional POETS Study groups: Tuesday morning women's group, Thursday evening women's group, Saturday evening adult group
  • Tuesday Morning Women’s Group, "Women of the Word"
  • Online/At Your Own Pace - multiple options

For details and updates click here: Bible Studies

Children (4 years though 5th grade)

Begins SEPT 12: SUNDAY SCHOOL returns for children and youth 4 years through 5th grade

For details and updates click here: Childrens Ministry

Youth (6th grade through 12th grade)

Begins SEPT 12: Sunday School/Bible Study for MS & HS Youth, 10:15am Youth Room
Begins SEPT 12: Confirmation Instruction for 7th and 8th graders, 12:30pm FellowshipHall

For details and updates click here: Youth Ministry
September 6 Closed for Labor Day
September 12 Children's Sunday School Begins, MS & HS Bible Study begins
September 12 Confirmation Begins
September 12 IMMERSE: Poets and Sermon Study Adult Sunday classes begin
September 12 Meet the Music Director after late worship
September 25 Memorial Service for Lo Phillips 11am
September 26 Voters Meeting
October 1 Pumpkin Delivery
October 2-31 Pumpkin Patch Sales - CDC Fundraiser
October 31 Elder-Hosted Reformation Day Picnic after combined 10am Worship
Submit your prayer requests by emailing them to
All prayers are kept on the list for a period of three weeks, so please resubmit long term prayer needs regularly.

Those Fighting Cancer 
Mary, Rachel Cottle, Jan Fry, Kurt, bruce S, Jamie J, Rick B, andy S, Sandy Allen, Karl S, Sandy Allen, Mary B

Health Concerns 
Rocky Smothers, Norma X, Edwin, Stan, Shane Russell, Bobby & Sheila Watson, Tom and Debra, Colby G, Tamra G, Richard Mathews, Sandy Thompson, Jeramie, Linda C, Morgan Z, Charlie L, Norma X, Clara M, Hazel H, Callie, Bob, (hospitalized), Kevin Cavanaugh, Miriam (Lois Raymond's sister), Paul, Briana

Other Needs
  • Jon, Dan and Liz - safe traveling to Italy
  • For the Chasie family
  • Marina- prayers for her husband to find a job here so he can move from NY to Orlando and reunite with family
  • For Phil - prayers that a new heart will become available for him
  • For all those affected directly or indirectly by the effects of Alzheimers - strength, grace and comfort for them and their families
  • For Cody and Madison - as they move to Chicago, may God bless them and guide their steps, look over them as they plan and travel, and lead them to a fantastic new church family
  • For Lina Blackwood - blessings on her transition to collage and all that goes with that!
  • Jeremie, Keith, Mindy, H, Karen E, Margaret
  • Carl Bailey

Surgery and Recovery/Recently Hospitalized
Joyce Soost, Enid, Adrienne, Michael, June D., Naomi, Rocky S, Tyler H, Tom W, Diane Banks, Gracie Hestor, Brenda Gusewelle, Len Gabriel, Krista, Shane Russe

Peace and Comfort
  • For all those grieving losses from 9.11.2001
  • For the family and friends of George Frasier
  • For Lory and family after the loss of her husband to Covid and for the speedy recovery from Covid for the rest of the family.
  • For Tamra Gillenwater and family, after the loss of her mother to Covid and prayers for her father, who has Covid, to be restored to health.
  • For Margaret
  • For the family of Becky Lan at the death of her sister.
  • For the family and friends of Merle Evanchyk, grandmother of Charles Evanchy

Confidential Prayers
For those prayers that have been shared in confidence, you know the details, Lord. We lift them up to you.

Our Trinity Missionaries
Wasmund Family in East Asia, Trump Family in Kenya, Clausing Family in Tanzania, Lehman Family in Spain

  • For the birth and health of Greyson Anthony!
  • That Bill is now home and that he and Debbie are both recovering well!
  • Prayers of thanks for God's daily provisions
  • For Rocky Smothers continued recovery
For Our Communities - For Our Nation - For Our World
We pray for our nation, for our Nation's leaders, for its people, and for our future together as One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! We pray that we may all be a reflection of Christ's love, sharing grace and mercy, living in peace with one another. Reach out, listen, connect, and have those hard conversations. Love is first. Love wins.

Additional Prayers
  • For world, state, and local leaders in making safe decisions about Covid
  • For all those caring for aging and/or ill family members in need
  • Prayers for our CDC staff & families, Trinity membership and all Trinity staff & leaders
  • For all those struggling with mental health issues
  • Prayers of thanks for God’s daily provisions. 
  • For aid and comfort for the people of Haiti
  • People in the path of hurricane Ida and people in Afghanistan and our troops
Giving and Attendance Numbers from September 3
In Person Attendance

34 In Person Saturday
50 In Person Sunday
84 Total In Person
Online Attendance

27 Online Saturday
26 Online Sunday
53 Total Online
Community News
POW-MIA Day - Honoring Those Who We Will Never Forget 
Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and his Veterans Advisory Council will host an official POW-MIA ceremony to honor United States Military prisoners of war and those still missing in action as part of national POW-MIA Day. The ceremony renews our commitment to bringing prisoners of war home to their families and vowing to never forget those missing in action.  The event will take place on Friday, September 17, 2021, at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in the DeVos Room at 10:30 a.m.  
The St. Luke's Concert Series
To view ONLINE concerts, visit St Luke's website for links. Links to watch live.
St Paul Lutheran in Boca Raton
St Paul Lutheran in Boca Raton has officially announced the placement of their comfort dog.  Please welcome Jemimah Comfort Dog to Florida! Jemimah and team will be commissioned at St Paul's services this weekend. Please include Team Jemimah and their ministry in your prayers. We're excited to have another Florida dog to partner with. --Team Peace

Current Covid-19 Safety Procedures

The latest update from JULY 30 can be reviewed here:
July 30, 2021: Update on Covid-19 Safety Procedures
Trinity's safety procedures will continue to evolve and adapt in consideration of local, state and federal updates and guidelines. Our current update takes into consideration the recent State of Emergency in Orange County, Florida. As of July 28, 2021, in Orange County, the 14-day rolling positivity rate for Covid-19 had increased to over 15%, on July 27 alone there were 1,371 positive tests, and certain providers have reported that up to 30% of the positive cases are of vaccinated persons. Further, based on Center for Disease Control guidance, the primary and most important mode of transmission for COVID-19 is through close contact from person-to-person.

Because of this significant increase in Covid-19 cases in our area, Trinity's Leadership encourages all in attendance at public worship, church meetings, and study groups to socially distance. When distancing is not possible, we encourage you to wear a mask.  This is especially relevant when individuals meet in close proximity to one another (ie: small group meetings in classrooms or offices).   

Trinity's Child Development Center continues to REQUIRE mask-wearing at all times by all adults in the facility and continues to structure parent access to limit the number of people on site at one time - all to reduce the possibility of exposure and ensure our best possible opportunity of keeping classrooms open and fully staffed.

*Trinity will continue to offer both in-person and online worship, as well as at-the-rail and in-the-pew communion options.  
*Disposable masks are available at both Sanctuary entrances for anyone who needs one.
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