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Trinity News and Updates
Campus Work Day Saturday
Each Fall just before school starts, we pull together a group of volunteers to for a morning of weeding, trimming, and cleaning (Many hands make light work!). Your volunteer service makes a huge impact!  Please join us this Saturday, August 3 , from 8:30-11:30am.  Thanks in advance for your participation!  (HS students who come out to work can earn community service hours too.)

Ruth Lane 
The City of Orlando is removing bricks, leveling the road, and then re-bricking Ruth Lane.  The project started on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, and will take 3-4 weeks. You will still be able to exit Trinity onto Ruth Lane from the interior driveway and from the parking lot behind the Sanctuary, but there will be no parking on the street until the project has been completed.  
Blessing of the Backpacks - August 10-11
Blessing of the Backpacks and dedication of all teachers for the new school year continues this year on both Saturday and Sunday worship services August 10-11. Join us for a Back-to-School focused worship service, bring your backpack to be blessed, and get a special backpack tag from your Trinity family.
Food Trucks before Saturday Worship on Saturday, August 10
Join us for a time of fellowship with our CDC families in the courtyard (gym for AC) after they finish the "Meeting the Teacher" portion of their Open House. In the courtyard you'll find Food Trucks from 4-6pm, where everyone can have a meal before attending worship at 6pm. During the worship service we will bless backpacks (and diaper bags), and dedicate our CDC teachers for the new school year!  We would love to have a good showing of our Church families to spend some time in fellowship with our CDC families and encourage more connections between the whole Trinity family in one place. Please join us!
Choir Begins Wednesday, August 28 @ 7:30 p.m.
It's Time! It's time for anyone interested in singing with Trinity's Parish Choir to head back up the stairs to the balcony. Our first rehearsal will be Wednesday, August 28, 7:30 p.m. in the church balcony. Rehearsals will continue every Wednesday night at 7:30 (except during Advent and Lent, when we shift slightly). All are invited. None are turned away. It's okay if you have to miss some Wednesday rehearsals or Sunday services. We typically sing three Sundays a month, including two 11:00 a.m. services and one 8:00 a.m. service. We look forward to seeing some new faces. And of course we want to see those old faces. This is a great opportunity to serve the church through its music ministry. See you Wednesday, August 28!  Psalm 96:1 ~ Oh sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth!
You're Invited to Make A More Joyful Noise! 
"Make A More Joyful Noise!" is open to everyone that wants to make a More Joyful Noise! We sing a few times each year, and ask that you join us for rehearsal the Wednesday before the Sunday we sing, or even the morning that we sing. This is for anyone that wants to "try out" choir, even if for only one Sunday, or for those that want to share the joy of Jesus Christ through music. Faith, fun and fellowship are abundant with Make A More Joyful Noise! Please come join us!
Make A More Joyful Noise! at the 100th Anniversary
Dust off those vocal chords! We would love for you to join us at the first Parish Choir rehearsal, Wednesday, August 28, at 7:30 p.m. in the church balcony. Our first Make A More Joyful Noise! Sunday will be September 15, for Trinity's 100th Anniversary combined church service. Come out and be a part of the music ministry for this milestone Sunday service. 100 year anniversaries only happen every 100 years, so this is really big! You want to be a part of this. We're planning a very special anthem for that Sunday.
Someone In Need
We have a member in need of a working, sturdy, upright vacuum. It can be used if in good working condition. If you have one that can be donated, please let us know.  Thank you. TLC@Trinitydowntown.com or 407-488-1919 x101
Trinity Shares Christmas - Serving and Sharing the Gospel in our Community
Over the last 11 years, Trinity Shares Christmas/Angel Tree has been one of Trinity's most-loved projects, and the support is always overwhelming. In order to keep this project going for many more years to come, I am asking for two people to step up and become co-coordinators with me. What does that mean? You would share in coordinating these tasks (not doing everything yourself):  calling caretakers in October to verify information and to get gift suggestions for the children; using a database to track items; setting up the TSC tree in late October/early November with requests on the ornaments; sorting, bagging, and tagging food and gifts; and arranging for transportation of the food and gifts in early to mid-December. The database is easy to use, and there are always volunteers willing to help write out the ornaments, sort and bag gifts and food, and make deliveries. If you would like to know more, please contact me, Glenda, at whitemice@bellsouth.net
New Faces on Campus
If you're on campus during the work week, you may see some new faces that you don't recognize. We have two remarkable educational programs operating out of Heritage Hall, who will be utilizing some of our shared spaces (restrooms, playgrounds, etc). 
Quest Kids Academy is on the second floor of Heritage Hall. Quest Kids Academy provides quality education for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, many on the Autism spectrum. Individuals with intellectual disabilities often have difficulties with communication, social interactions and leisure or play activities and are faced with difficult educational and social challenges. In collaboration with speech pathologists, occupational therapists and educational professionals, Quest Kids develops and implements an appropriate path of learning that meets each child's specific needs. (information from their website) If you'd like to learn more, please visit their website!   http://www.questinc.org
The Morgan Center is located on the first floor of Heritage Hall. The Morgan Center provides preschool age children who are undergoing treatment for cancer the opportunity to interact and socialize in a safe environment that stimulates cognitive and social development. Children on chemotherapy treatment have a suppressed immune system, and could otherwise risk infection and serious illness by attending typical age appropriate preschool programs. (information from their website) To learn more, please visit their website http://www.themorgancenter.org/
Use of Heritage Hall : During the week, the Heritage Hall is completely dedicated to these two programs and is not in use by Trinity.  On the weekends there will likely be some sharing of space with Quest, on the second floor, for Sunday School classrooms. However, Trinity will not be using the first floor at all because TMC limits their students' exposure to germs by using special cleanling precautions and limiting exposure to outside germs/people.  Please respect those boundaries to keep those kiddos safe and healthy! Give a warm welcome to our new friends when you run across them on campus.    
Thank you from JC Chavez
Thank you for all the prayers and support. I'm doing great. PRAISE GOD!
Trinity's LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry
Did you know?  
  • Peace visits the courthouse helping to comfort those affected by sexual abuse
  • Peace visits churches regularly, Lutheran churches and others, sharing her ministry
  • Peace visits police, sheriff, and fire departments and 911 communities
  • Peace visits assisted living and adult day care facilities monthly
  • Peace visits Lutheran schools and preschools monthly
  • Peace visits the Lake Non VA hospital and clinic
Thanks to your generous donations, Peace has been able to touch the lives of more than 7000 people in her first year of service!  Like and Follow Peace on Facebook and watch amazing things happen in years to come. We appreciate your prayers, your support, and your donations - which all serve to further this Comfort Dog ministry in Orlando!
Remember Those Baby Bottles?
Trinity supports Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries in several ways - through Sunday School offerings from time to time, through a benevolence from Trinity's budget, and also through our Baby Bottle campaign once a year. If you don't know much about RLOM, a registered service organization of the LCMS, it's an incredibly meaningful outreach program to single mothers and their precious babies.  You can check them out at RLOM.org. Sheryl DeWitt, Executive Director of Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, sent us a letter to say thanks:   

I just wanted to thank you for your ongoing, meaningful support of Redeeming Life through your Sunday School offering, Benevolence fund, and Baby Bottle Campaign.  Your gifts make an enormous difference in the lives of the women and babies we serve. Our newest resident was living on the doorstep of a church here in Sanford. She has been homeless since she was 12 years old!  She now has a warm bed, food, and spiritual support because of the generosity of the Trinity family. Thank you for making this possible. May God continue to bless you in every way. 
Ring-A-Lings Needed!
You might not have realized it, but the Handbell Choir is one of the most enjoyable volunteer groups at Trinity! Because of varying work and travel schedules, we would like to add a few more people to this friendly, music-loving group so that we can ring at services more often. Would you like to be a Ring-A-Ling? Free handbell lessons will be offered throughout July and August - contact Glenda at whitemice@bellsouth.net to schedule some ringing time or to ask questions about this program.
Trinity's 100th Anniversary Plans Update
Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 15, for a time of fellowship as we give thanks to God and remember & celebrate our 100 years of Trinity history! That Sunday morning will begin with breakfast by Green Coat Catering at 9:00am, followed by a Time Capsule opening, and then one combined worship service at 10:30am.   
Thrivent News: 100 Days of Summer Thrivent Action Team Challenge Update
Thrivent members can join the 100 Days of Summer Challenge! It is currently at 67% of a goal of 550 Thrivent Action Teams completed this summer. If your Thrivent Action Team is set up to benefit Trinity (or another church or 501C3), you may be selected to direct $500 to that benefiting organization. One Thrivent member from each state will be randomly selected if their Thrivent Action Team is completed by September 13 . Apply for a Thrivent Action Team today!
Updating Trinity's Veterans Plaque
Operation Barnabas will be updating Trinity's veterans plaque for active duty, retired and deceased veterans. If you have names you would like included on the board, email OperationBarnabas@TrinityDowntown.com. We will include a panel for first responders in the congregation as well.
Trinity Lutheran School Yearbooks
We have some TLS Yearbooks that are available to parents of former students or alumni of TLS, on a first come, first served basis. Let us know what year(s) you are looking for and we can let you know what's available. Anything left after parents and alumni collect what they want will be available for pick up by congregation members in a few weeks. Contact Chanda  TLC@TrinityDowntown.com or 407-488-1919 x101.
Rebecca's Garden of Hope Fundraiser
Rebecca's Garden of Hope is an RSO (Recognized Service Organization) of the LCMS which serves the needs of youth in under-served communities through local churches to improve educational outcomes, provide essential life skills, build social and civic responsibility, and discipleship in youth. The Harold Storm Inaugural Golf Tournament is being held to benefit Rebecca's Garden of Hope. Sunday, August 11, 2019 from 5:00-7:00 PM at Drive Shack (7285 Corner Drive, Orlando, Florida 32827). Ticket Price: $65.00- 4 Golfers each/Team. Food and Beverage included in price. There will be prizes, awards, raffles, and 50/50 and more! Proceeds go to For more information: Call Terry Boggs at 407-797-7345.
Please let us know!
Please let your Trinity family know of any scheduled surgery or hospital stay.  In addition to scheduled procedures, please give the church office a call to let us know about extended illness, unplanned hospital stays, or even the birth of a child.  You can call the office at any time and leave a message-no need to wait until business hours (407-488-1919 x101). During business hours, that information can then be forwarded to the appropriate caregivers.  For an emergency that requires the care of a Pastor after hours or over the weekend call or text us at 407-490-7339 and leave a message. We'll get back to you ASAP. We want to be sure to know when you need us-whether to pray with you before a scheduled procedure, sit with you during a loved one's procedure, pray for you while you recover, visit you in the hospital/at home or to share praise and thanksgiving prayers for good news/results. Just let us know.  Thank you.
Urgent Prayer Requests
If you have an urgent prayer request that can't wait until you fill out a yellow prayer card during worship, please submit it via email to Pray@TrinityDowntown.com .  While submitting a yellow card during worship is still the preferred way to share prayer requests, sometimes a prayer need can't wait until Sunday.  Your prayer request (first name and basic details of the prayer requested) will be shared with a team of committed weekday prayer warriors and will also be added to Trinity's regular printed prayer list for the congregation.  All prayers are kept on the printed list for a period of three weeks, so please resubmit long term prayer needs regularly so that they stay on the printed list. Thank you.

 Important Dates

August 9 Teacher Work Day - CDC Closed
August 3  Campus Work Day
August 10 CDC Open House , FOOD TRUCK, 6pm Blessing of the Backpacks  & CDC Teachers Dedication
August 11 Blessing of the Backpacks, all Teachers recognized
August 17-18 Rally Day - Sunday School and MS/HS groups begin
August 28 Choir Rehearsals Begin
Sept 15 Trinity's 100th Anniversary Breakfast and Combined Worship 
Sept 28-29   Food & Funds on the Fifth Sunday 

Attendance and Finances

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