Trinity Youth Shout Out!
Summertime Starts NOW
NEW Summer Bible Study
8-week study starting THIS Sunday night, June 2nd at 5:30!
We will still have Youth Group as normal; this Bible study will just be a great addition to our normally awesome Youth Group!
Welp there goes spring! That oppressive Arkansas heat has already settled in and the mosquitoes are out in force! I guess that means its summertime! Remember, we always need help with Youth Group dinners! You can find that sign up HERE . You can also see we have some other events coming up that we would love your help with, such as hiking and camping!
Urban Air Fun!
We had a blast at Urban Air! Thanks to everyone that made Youth Sunday so special, and brought kids to all the practices and youth groups to help the kids nail each and every part! Its a very special youth group and we couldn't do it without the support of our wonderful parents!!
Y-Go to Youth Group?
June 9-11 5:30-7:30
Well, because it's the best of course! At Trinity Youth, we define ourselves by our service, our fellowship, our worship, and our study of God's Word. Y-Go is a fun three days of all of those things that make our Youth Group awesome!
Y-GO Day 1: Finding God in the Ordinary
Life can be quite ordinary most of the time, even boring! Is God still with us? How can we tell? This is first day of Y-Go dives into what's important in our lives and how we find it within each of us. It might be easy to spot God in the extraordinary, but this night will be about finding God when things are anything but! Find out more on night one of Y-Go, Sunday 5:30-7:30
Y-Go Day 2: Finding God Through the Noise
Unplug is a word that gets thrown around a lot. I went on vacation with Anne once and we stayed off our phones for nearly a week. It. Was. The. Worst. I'd love to tell you I relaxed and forgot about my worries, but that doesn't work for everyone. So how do we find God with this world of distractions? Meet us on night two of Y-Go, Monday 5:30-7:30 to find out!
Wild River Country: June 11
Every year we spend our last day of Y-Go at Wild River Country, and it is always a blast! This year will be no different, and we are sure to make even more memories! As always, we meet at the church at 11:30 for a quick lunch and then carpool to the water park! We will return at 7:00 for pick up! Sign up below if you will be coming!

Our challenge this week: Notice God!
Our challenge for this week, and our theme for this summer is noticing God more. We tend to think of summer as a time to relax and kick back, but in some instances summer can be even more busy than the school year! With camps, practices, vacations, and family trips, it can be easy to lose ourselves in all of the hurrying around and lose sight of how God is working in our lives in the process. Don't get to busy to notice what God is doing around you.
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