Trinity and the Coronavirus
I am writing to you again today because I have good news to share.  Our parishioner that tested positive for the Coronavirus has been cleared by the health department and her quarantine has been lifted.  

We are grateful for the positive progress in this case but are also mindful of those in our congregation who continue to be in quarantine and who are monitoring their health.  May God continue to help us today and through the days ahead.

As for the church, we are still planning to reopen on March 23, but look for conformation of that as time gets closer.  Finally, I’m working on an online worship experience for us.  Once I figure out the technicalities, I’ll be sending that out via the church constant contact email system.

Be safe.
Be kind.
Wash your hands.
And remember that God is with us no matter what.
Get some rest and remember that I love you all.  If there is anything I can do to be helpful, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rev. Dr. Todd Bardin
Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, DeLand