March 17, 2021
Happy Wednesday!
Welcome to this week's news for Children and Youth at Trinity.

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  • Easter 9:30 a.m. service and Resurrection Gardens
  • A link to prayers and discussion prompts linked to this coming Sunday's readings.
  • This week's feature Lent activity: Making pretzels
  • Summer Service Trip postponed till 2022 - but look for updates about other youth service opportunities for this summer!

Easter, April 4, 9:30 service and activity
On Easter Sunday we will have a 9:30 service geared toward families and children. It will be a brief, interactive serve on the church lawn featuring music, instruments, a short devotion, and communion. BYOC - Bring your own lawn chair or blanket (there will be some available for those who cannot carry their own chairs).

We'll also be offering a special Easter Sunday activity to do as a family. Sign up to build and take home your own Resurrection Garden! We made some in Kids Club in 2019 and you can see one pictured. We'll make these outdoors at spaced family tables following Easter Sunday worship. There will also be an option to take materials home.

Please register your household below by March 21 if you'd like to make a garden so that we can order enough supplies and set up the spaces.
Kids Club/Jr. Youth
Scripture This Week

Week of March 14, Fourth Sunday in Lent
In your Bible - John 3: 14-21
In your Spark Story Bible - page 416, The Light of the World
You can also visit Do Faith at Home for prayer and Way of Love reflections.
Scripture Next Week

Week of March 21, Fifth Sunday in Lent
In your Bible - John 12: 20-33
In your Spark Story Bible - page 446, Serve and Follow
You can also visit Do Faith at Home for prayer and Way of Love reflections.
Pretzels - Little arms in Prayer

"Praying is another way to draw closer to God and pretzels remind us of prayer, too. This soft dough is formed into a loop with ends crossed, meant to symbolize arms crossed in prayer. The word “pretzel” comes from the German translation of the Latin word for little arms, “bracellae.” Another story places the origin of the word in “pretiola” which means little reward, so pretzels might have been given as an award to a child who had learned her prayers!"
Lent Kit!

We are all out of materials for our Lent kits, but if you didn't get one, you can still download this PDF of the lessons and activities for the season!

You might need to pick up a few supplies of your own - as pictured - but you can still have a great time learning and creating together as a family this Lent, with a focus on prayer, growth, and generosity.
Summer Service Trip 2021
Due to ongoing concerns about our youth, especially, not being able to be vaccinated yet and the need for continued social distance, the summer service trip to Niagara Falls, NY has been canceled and all monies already spent will be refunded.

Please keep an eye out for information regarding our Week of Service! We will be planning a week of youth service activities in the summer from food banks to day trips to Philadelphia. Please let me know if you have any ideas for service projects.
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