November 13, 2021
Hello Trio Family,

Here are a few updates for things happening at Trio. Due to the increase in what I have to do, the Eblasts will probably come out about once a month instead of twice a month. If you want to put them together more often, let me know.

There are number of events and some schedule changes from what we are used to, so check those out below.

If you would like to provide a meal for Leif and Becky Ulstrom on the weeks she has cancer treatments, use the link below, and sign up for one or more times on the Meal Train website.

Pastor Kirk

P.S.-You are always welcome to call, text, or email me:
Office: (320) 225-8746 Cell: (320) 469-8207 Email:
Bring a Meal - Lighten a Load
As many of you know, Becky Ulstrom has been undergoing a series of difficult cancer treatments. As a way to encourage their family and lighten their load (Gal 6:2-Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ), Deb Anderson has initiated a Meal Train for the Ulstroms. If you can bring a meal (or multiple meals) to the Ulstroms on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, the weeks of her treatment, use the link and sign up for a night to bring them some food. The first night is next Monday, 11/15.

PS - Leif doesn't like pork.

The Schultz family's presentation on their time in Kenya will be this Sunday, Nov 14.
Trio Christmas Service

This Christmas, Trio is planning an indoor Christmas service
at 6:30pm, here at TCC, on Thursday, Dec 23rd.
Building Meaningful Connections
Potluck Meal

Trio will be eating together as part of the church on Sunday, November 21.
We ask that you bring a dish to share. One item is enough, but if you would also like to bring a dessert or side you are welcome to do so. We will get the food at the beginning of the service (worship music will be on), then the rest of the time will be for "Yay God!" stories about how you've seen God working what you'd like others to pray for him to do for you.

Trio will provide beverages. Invite a friend to join you.

Typically, the Sunday following Thanksgiving has been a
Sabbath Sunday for Trio.

This year we will be meeting for our
regular Sunday service on November 28,
and it will be the kickoff Sunday for the EB series:
"Love Has a Name!"
Fusion youth meets at the Trio Community Center
on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:15pm.

There is no Fusion Youth Group on 11/24/21.
Trio is meeting with Emmanuel Baptist Church every Thursday from 7:15-7:45am for
Breakfast Club, with breakfast and a Bible devotion. This group will meet at EBC across from the Mora pool.
Fusion Youth Urban Air Event (trampoline/climbing park)

WHEN: Saturday, November 27 1:30-6:30 (jump 3-5)
COST: $35 (w/ 10+ people) 
This price INCLUDES a pizza dinner!
Trio Littles (preschool/nursery)

Trio Littles is available some Sundays for kids who are Pre-Kindergarten in the Fusion Youth room.
The Sundays on which there are no volunteers,
the Fusion Youth room will be open for parents to
be with their child(ren) and participate in the service from there.
Trio Kids (elementary aged)
Trio Kids will be meet sometimes each month.

Trio Kids will be meeting Sunday,
October 24th.
Additional days may also be added soon.

Trio Littles and Trio Kids Helpers

If you are interested in helping with Trio Littles and/or Trio Kids
email/call/text Pastor Kirk. Office: (320) 225-8746 Cell: (320) 469-8207
Trio usually streams Eagle Brook worship and messages.
The current series is called
"This Is Your Moment".
Which you can catch online.
In service, we will pick up the new series, "Love Has a Name" on 11/28.
You can catch current and past messages on our website:

See Trio's vision on our website:

Trio Community Church | 320-225-8746 (TRIO)
Mailing Address: PO Box 11, Mora, MN 55051
Physical Address: 111 East Maple Ave, Mora, MN 55051