September 23 2021
Hello Trio Family,

The circumstances of the past 18+ months have made working out our vision to build meaningful, personal connections with God and people difficult.

In carrying out Trio's vision, we will aim to do one event at least every other month to help us build meaningful connections with people. These events are not to grow our church. Rather, they are designed to let Jesus be present through us with people he loves, as we hang out together. Our world is hungry for meaningful friendships and connections and God has called us to meet that need.

Our vision statement says "We will grow and strengthen our Trio family by helping every member develop two close Trio friendships" and "Trio-family members will be the best inviters in our county, every year inviting at least 2 Trio people to eat with them, 2 non-Trio people to eat with them, and 2 non-Trio people to worship with them."

Coming up in October, we are going to try our first-ever campfire trivia night. There will be prizes and food available, a wide variety of questions for all ages and knowledge levels, and the answers will be offered as groups, not individually. It will be on Saturday, Oct. 23 at 6:00pm.

To make this happen, Trio needs...

We need campfire hosts. Hopefully, we have at least 4 fires, since the trivia groups will be based around each fire.

Most importantly, we need you to make invites. Based on our vision stated above, will you invite:
1) one person or family who is part of Trio to join you?
2) one person or family who is not part of Trio to join you?

Let me know if you have thoughts or ideas about how to make this a great event. Thanks.

Pastor Kirk

P.S.-You are always welcome to call, text, or email me:
Office: (320) 225-8746 Cell: (320) 469-8207 Email:
This Sunday, Derek and Kristy Johnson and their family will be sharing with Trio about their mission ventures in Papua New Guinea.

You will have an opportunity to interact and ask questions on Sunday.
Fusion Youth (7th-12th grade) will be at
Dairy Queen (drop-off and pick up there) this Wednesday 7:00-8:15pm, Sept 29.

Here is the link to the fall calendars
Trio is meeting with Emmanuel Baptist Church every Wednesday from 7:15-7:45am for Breakfast Club, with breakfast and
Bible devotion. This group will meet at EBC across from the Mora pool.
Saturday, October 16 is the Fall Fun Night
at the Norby Farm, 7:00-9:30pm.
There will be a hayride, bonfire, and food. Bring a snack to share and invite friends.
Trio Littles (preschool/nursery)

Trio Littles is available some Sundays for kids who are Pre-Kindergarten in the Fusion Youth room.
The Sundays on which there are no volunteers,
the Fusion Youth room will be open for parents to
be with their child(ren) and participate in the service from there.
Trio Kids (elementary aged)
Trio Kids will be meet sometimes each month.

Trio Kids will be meeting this Sunday,
Sept 26th and October 17th.
Additional days may also be added soon.

Trio Littles and Trio Kids Helpers

If you are interested in helping with Trio Littles and/or Trio Kids
email/call/text Pastor Kirk. Office: (320) 225-8746 Cell: (320) 469-8207
Trio usually streams Eagle Brook worship and messages.
The current series is called
"How Happiness Happens".
Lasting happiness is the kind that brings a lot more joy, contentment, and gratitude. This series will focus on how to have that kind of happiness.

You can catch current and past messages on our website:
See Trio's vision on our website:

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