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Chairman Richard "Rick" Peterson
& Red Cliff Tribal Council
May 17, 2018
Zaagibagaa-Giizis (May)
Budding Moon
The Ojibwe people of the northern woodlands traditionally measured the months in moons. May was often called the flower moon. The long white winter was over. Flowers bloomed again and beautiful soft colors returned to the forests. Ojibwe women were inspired by this beauty, using many floral motifs in their quill and beadwork. The Woodlands Indians believed they were a part of nature and that all natural phenomena revealed lessons from the creator. The arrival of the flower moon reminds us of our connection to the unending cycles of nature. No matter how long or cold the winter the flowers always return, bringing rebirth, renewal and hope. 
Red Cliff trio sign on to play collegiate basketball at Hibbing Community College
L-R: Savannah Deragon, Savannah Duffy and Lindsay Bressette. Photo credit: Hibbing Community College Girls Basketball
RED CLIFF - Three teens from Red Cliff have recently signed on to play collegiate basketball for the Hibbing Community College Lady Cardinals. Lindsay Bressette, Savannah Deragon and Savannah Duffy, all of Red Cliff, will take their skills to their new team in northern Minnesota.

"I chose Hibbing because it felt like a home away from home," said Bressette. "I got to tour it and met some players on the team," added Bressette.

After previously meeting the Cardinal Woman's Basketball Head Coach Katerine (Kate) Brau at a tournament, Bressette said her interest in the school began to grow. Having previously met and played for Brau in a regional tournament, Bressette said she had intended to go to a different school at that time. But things changed and Bressette reached out to Brau about the possibility of going to Hibbing. "It took a few months to figure out if this is where I really wanted to go," said Bressette, who had to apply for enrollment at the college. "It was a long process but everything worked out."

For Deragon, the process of deciding where to go took a little longer.

"Since the beginning of the year, Hibbing was always a thought," said Deragon. "After I was in contact with Kate and got more information on schooling and basketball, I became more interested."

After recently taking a tour of Hibbing, Deragon said she "Knew then that was where I wanted to go."

The Red Cliff trio join a successful basketball program full of potential. The Hibbing Cardinals Woman's Basketball team finished the 2017-18 season with a record of 22-7 and reached the Region 13 B championship game, where they fell to the Northland Community & Technical College of Minnesota, 68-53.

Although the signing is a major step for the women, the group view the move as a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities.

Bressette says she plans to pursue a nursing degree, as well as the possibility of playing for a major university.

"I want to get my associates in nursing and then move on to a university to complete my bachelors degree," said Bressette. "My goal is to be recruited (to play basketball) by a bigger school," added Bressette.

Deragon plans to obtain her Associates of Arts degree at Hibbing and eventually transfer to university.

When asked how she wanted to be remembered at Bayfield High School, Deragon talked about her journey throughout her high school career.

" I want to be remembered as an individual who started off high school as very immature, over the years being mentored by teachers, family and community I grew into a person who was able to mentor others. I also use my cultural identity to influence the person I am becoming today."

Bressette says her dream is to attend the University of Wisconsin and play for the Badgers.

"I want other girls out there to know that if you push hard enough, this is what you'll get in return," Bressette said of her success. "I want them to know that there are things out there so much bigger than they can imagine - and I want to help guide them."
Red Cliff Community Health Center is Expanding Services into Downtown Washburn.
Since spring of 2016 the Red Cliff Community Health Center and NorthLakes Community Clinic have shared space in one building at 101 Thompson Road. The partnership between our two community health centers was developed to strengthen the relationship and increase access to mental health services in Washburn and the surrounding communities.

The location and services has seen such successes that the Red Cliff Community Health Center is now ready to make a long-term commitment to this project by moving their practice to downtown Washburn. The move is set to be a great benefit to the community. Starting in summer of 2018, Red Cliff Behavioral Health Department will begin seeing clients in their new downtown Washburn location at 409 West Bayfield Street.

The Red Cliff Community Health Center is pleased to announce the expansion and relocation of behavioral health services within the Washburn Community. The new location in Washburn marks continued growth and commitment in providing behavioral health services to the surrounding communities. This new site is one of four branch offices located within Bayfield County and will provide additional provider space to enhance out-patient mental health and substance abuse services to youth, adults and families.

NorthLakes Community Clinic will continue to see patients at the 101 Thompson Road location. With Red Cliff’s relocation, NorthLakes has additional office space and has merged two previous Washburn locations into one. The NorthLakes Washburn Clinic team is very excited to have these services under one roof. The NorthLakes Washburn Mental Health Therapists and community Resource Coordinator will be fully operational in the 101 Thompson Road building starting May 18th.

NorthLakes Community Clinic and Red Cliff Community Health Center look forward to continued collaboration in serving the Washburn community’s behavioral health needs. If you have any questions about this move, please don’t hesitate to call the NorthLakes Washburn Clinic office at (715) 373-5530 or Red Cliff Behavioral Health at (715) 779-3707.
Red Cliff's own Mike Gurnoe named Housing Professional of the Year 2018
*From Travois, a housing development consulting fi rm

May 8, 2018

We recently recognized client Superheroes at our 18th Annual Travois Conference! Since 2015, we’ve honored industry professionals doing amazing work in their communities. This year’s conference and awards luncheon was held in Marina del Rey, California.
Mike Gurnoe, maintenance director for Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority (RCCHA), was named Housing Professional of the Year!
“It was a surprise to receive this recognition,” said Mike Gurnoe. “Thanks to Cheryl Cloud, executive director of Red Cliff Housing Authority, and Lauren DuCharme, Travois Design senior architect, and the rest of the Travois team. It is greatly appreciated.”
Mike received this award for his superhero work ethic and experience! He performs routine maintenance, rehab and modernization, while successfully navigating five Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) developments. Mike’s impressive resume includes the construction of a new supportive housing facility, Oski-Ombendaam (New Hope), and the much-needed rehabilitation of 38 single-family homes, the RCCHA office and a community center building.
I’ve been fortunate to work with Mike! He has a calm demeanor, soft voice, a listening ear, and a “we can do that” attitude. He applies his knowledge to every project and exemplifies the characteristics needed to manage a project, stretch a dollar and battle the Wisconsin elements to deliver a quality project on time.
With a great sense of humor, reasonable expectations and the ability to motivate and lead his department productively for timely results, he is a positive leader, role model and a cornerstone of housing development for the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.
Congratulations, Mike!

By: Lauren DuCharme, senior architect
Read this story & more at Travois's website by clicking here or visit:

Travois is a mission-driven consulting firm focused exclusively on promoting housing and economic development for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities.
Red Cliff Purchases 1947 Tug: Bagosendam 2
The Red Cliff Fisheries Department received funds from BIA to purchase a 1947 Marinette fishing tug and refurbish it as a research vessel.  The Department also received funds from EPA’s Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) to install a new Tier 3 clean diesel engine.  

The boat has been named Bagosendam 2, meaning “Hope” in Ojibwe, and will be the second research boat in the Fisheries Department fleet. As a renovated fishing tug, Bagosendam 2 will be more apt at completing fish surveys during inclement weather on Lake Superior than the other research boat. Currently the boat is docked at Legendary Waters marina. 
Red Cliff Tribal Census
Complete the survey online:
Go to the Red Cliff web page http://redcliff-nsn.gov/Census.htm and select
"Click Here to Take the Red Cliff Tribal Census" this will bring you to our consultant’s
(Big Water Consulting) secure porthole site to complete the survey.
You will need your four-digit Personal Survey Code______ , then follow the instructions to complete the confidential survey.

Please make sure to leave accurate contact information so that our staff
will be able to deliver your $30 incentive!

* Call our office and leave a message to set up an appointment:
  1. A staff member will visit your home to complete the survey
  2. You can fill out the survey with a staff member in our office.
The office number is: (715) 779-3700 ext. 4286.
Please bring this note or your four-digit Personal Survey Code when you come to the office (This is the way for us to verify your residency).
Raised Garden Bed Give-Away
Notice from Water & Sewer
Tribal Discount Days
Ojibwe Language Table, Thursday
Sharing Circle Mondays
Mino Bimaadiziiwin Weekly CSA Produce Share
Cancer Survivor's Group - May 17th
Burger Night and More - May 17th
Mino Bimaadiziiwin Planting Celebration May 19th
Honor Flight Northland Fundraiser May 19, 2018
First Annual Washburn School
Honoring the Mothers Pow-wow
Community Spring clean up
Fishermen (and women) and Veterans
Go Green Mental Health Walk - May 24th
Red Cliff Tree Day - May 25th
Smoked Fish Contest
Full Moon Ceremony - May 30th
Battling Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse June 7th
Sovereignty, Trust & Resilience June 11- 14, 2018
The Society of American Indian Government Employees (SAIGE), a national non-profit dedicated to the advancement of American Indian government employees across all levels of government, is holding its 15th annual training program in Green Bay in June and we hope you will join us.
SAIGE's training program provides opportunities for knowledge sharing and updates from experts throughout Indian Country, professional development, and relationship-building for Native government employees (federal, tribal, and state governments). 
In addition, SAIGE offers a Native youth leadership program. The youth program is free of charge to selected youth. For requirements and applications to the youth program, please visit www.saige.org . Applications are due soon, so please encourage youth to take advantage of this opportunity. 
Men's Traditional Regalia Making Classes
18th Annual Native American Tourism of Wisconsin Conference June 12th & 13th
Bringing VA Benefits Home Event - June 14th
"Volunteers in Mission" June 17th
2nd Annual Wolf Camp June 18th - 22nd
Learning From The Land
Rabies Clinic - June 27th
RCCHC Pink Shawl Cancer Support Group
Proposed Changes to Red Cliff Children's Code





Due to the vast amount of amendments and additions, community members are encouraged to pick up a copy of the proposed Chapter 26 at the Red Cliff Legal Department or the Red Cliff Administration Office (you may also download a copy by clicking the link at the bottom of the article).


DATED: April 18, 2018

GLIFWC & USFS Onji-Akiing (From the Earth)
2018 Summer Youth Camp July 16th & 17th
Calling all Tribal Youth with Disabilities
40th Annual Red Cliff Traditional Pow-wow
Housing Authority May update

Upcoming Events
May 24 – Spring Home Fair – Legendary Waters
Annual Inspections – Begin in June!
June 25th-27th – HUD-ONAP Admissions & Occupancy Training – on-site at LW

Board Meetings
May 23 at the Fire hall
June 20 at Legendary Waters
July 18 at Legendary Waters

Maintenance & Modernization

  • Meth Testing – RCCHA has a standard protocol for testing units for meth; currently being used at unit turnover, but set to now be done during the annual inspection process on every single unit. The full policy will go before the Housing Board for approval at their monthly Board meeting on May 23, 2018.

  • It’s BEAR SEASON! If you need to use a dumpster, please use a bear proof dumpster! Protect your family, the bears and the community!

  • Spring Clean-Up is the week of May 21-25, 2018. Clean out that garage, storage, closets, etc. Reminder – if you put out the following your tenant account will be charged accordingly – tires ($2 each), electronics ($10 each) or appliances with Freon ($20 each).

  • Inoperable Vehicles – non-licensed, inoperable vehicles must be removed. Work with us to get these cleaned up in the community! They are health and safety hazards.

  • Recreational Vehicles - Storage of recreational off-road and recreational vehicles (motorcycles, mini-bikes, ATV/UTV, boats, snowmobiles, campers, etc.) on RCCHA premises must be pre-approved by RCCHA.

  • Other Structures – If you want a fence, shed or any other structure on RCCHA premises there are specific requirements and a request/approval process.

Seasonal prevention reminders :

  • Clean out the dryer lint trap regularly.

  • Inspect and immediately report water leakages, toilets/faucets running.

  • Check and replace smoke alarm batteries; and make sure alarms are in place and working.

  • If you suspect or have evidence of rodents and/or insects; be proactive! Contact maintenance asap so proper pest control can be addressed to avoid harm to your family and the unit. 

  • Burn barrels are not allowed on RCCHA premises.

Occupancy & Residency

  • Re-certifications are a compliance element of participation in the Housing program. Get your annual re-certification done as soon as you receive your paperwork.

  • Mandatory Transfers - LIHTC projects have their own unique eligibility and compliance elements. In addition, HUD requires us to use our housing stock to its maximum capacity. These two elements may necessitate a ‘mandatory transfer’. Under policy, ‘RCCHA may direct a tenant to a smaller or larger unit, based on such conditions as mismatched family size to house size.’ We may also transfer one tenant to another project in order to be able to provide housing to another tenant who may not re-qualify for a LIHTC project unit.

  • Rent Payments - If you are behind on rent, you must execute a payback agreement and be maintaining that agreement to be considered ‘current’.

Seasonal policy reminders :

  • Noise/Parties – Now that the weather has finally turned nice, it’s so much easier to socialize outdoors with our friend and neighbors. Just remember to be a good neighbor and keep the noise down. Tenants cited for 2 or more times for loud parties/noise are subject to lease termination.

  • Pets – Each housing project has conditions, limits and costs for having pet(s) within RCCHA units. Please make sure your information is correct with the Occupancy Dept. The information will be checked for compliance at Annual Inspection time. Livestock of any kind is not allowed in a RCCHA unit or on the premises. Nor are venomous snakes, lizards, etc.

  • If you’re going to ‘hitting the road’ or your relatives are coming for a summer visit – please contact RCCHA Occupancy and advise them. There are policies and procedures for both temporary absences and temporary boarders to assure security.

  • Protect your personal belongings with Renter’s Insurance. RCCHA carries insurance on only the housing units themselves.
Operations & Administration:     

  • Housing Authority Offices are still located on Water Tower Road (Tenant Services at 37250 and Administration at 37240). Maintenance is still in their same location. Construction will be on-going through the summer.

Note: Please keep kids clear of construction sites, for their safety!

Public Notice

RCCHA closed- Regular housing operations will be closed all day on Thursday, 5/24/2018 as we set-up for the Housing Fair Event and do Spring Clean-Up. Only emergency work orders will be done that day.
2018 Annual Red Cliff Spring Home Fair
Thursday, May 24 3:00 - 6:30 p.m.
Legendary Waters Resort Casino

Bay Bank 
Chippewa Valley Bank
CDFI - WI Native Loan Fund
Woodland Bank
Indian Health Services
Red Cliff Tribal Departments
Realtors/Insurance Agents
And many more!

Vendor tables available!

To sign up, vendor must provide the following:
Registration form 
Table information pertinent to homes
Donate a door/raffle prize that matches the event theme

Contact Cheryl Cloud
Home Fair Registration form due by Friday, May 11, 2018.

May Boys and Girls Club of Gitchigami Calendar
Your copy should address 3 key questions: Who am I writing for? (Audience) Why should they care? (Benefit) What do I want them to do here? (Call-to-Action)

Create a great offer by adding words like "free" "personalized" "complimentary" or "customized." A sense of urgency often helps readers take an action, so think about inserting phrases like "for a limited time only" or "only 7 remaining!"
2018 Spring Cleanup FAQ

1. How much are curbside pick-ups for this year’s spring cleanup by the Environmental Office?
Elders (55+ years old) can schedule 1 free pick up. Free pick up includes 1 truck or 1 trailer load. Please call the Environmental Office at 715-779-3650 to get on pick up list. After the first free load for Elders and all other pick-ups (excluding Housing Authority units), pricing will resume as normal (see pricing chart attached).

2. If I am an Elder, do I have the option of bringing in my first free load to the Transfer Station?
Yes, if you are an Elder that wants to bring in their single free load (1 truck or 1 trailer load), then you will still need to call the Environmental Office at 715-779-3650 to get on the list prior to.

3. Where can I pay for a curbside pick-up?
If you are located in one of the Housing Authority units, please coordinate with Housing Authority at 715-779-3744. All others please see the Red Cliff Transfer Station Manager or Red Cliff Finances Department to pay for your pick up in advance. Once you have paid, please call the Environmental Office at 715-779-3650 to get on the pick-up list. All prepaid pickups will be verified.

4. What will be the hours for the Red Cliff Transfer Station for spring cleanup?
The Red Cliff Transfer Station will be open May 21st – 26th, from 8am – 6pm.

5. How can I volunteer for spring cleanup?
Volunteers (non-tribal employees), who donate 2 full days of service will receive one free voucher for 1 truck or 1 trailer load for disposal. Please sign up with the Environmental Office by calling 715-779-3650. Prior to starting, volunteers must meet at the Environmental Office to sign a liability form before signing in for the work day. Tribal employees that are volunteering, please be sure to have your supervisor’s approval and then sign up with the Environmental
Office by calling 715-779-3650.

6. What can I dispose of during spring cleanup?
No hazardous materials will be collected at this time. Appliances (including Freon), electronics, and tires will be charged individually, separate from loads. Please check out the brochures that are available at http://redcliff-nsn.gov/divisions/TNRD/TS.htm

Submitted by Linda Nyguyen, Environmental Department
May 2018
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Establishing Paternity (Legal Fatherhood),
Establishment of Child Support Obligations,
Enforcement of Child Support Obligations,
Modification and/or Review of Child Support Orders, Location of Parents and Case Management Services.
Contact: Alana Babineau, Child Support Director, Family/Human Services Division
Red Cliff Child Support Services Agency

National Tribal Child Support Association (NTCSA) Scholarships For Tribal Children
NTCSA Scholarship Award was created by the NTCSA Board of Directors for the purpose of awarding financial assistance to children who have benefited from the efforts of our partner tribal child support agencies.

The NTCSA Scholarship Award is a competitive scholarship which shall be presented annually upon application to students who meet the criteria as set forth by the NTCSA Board of Directors. Upon award, the scholarship may be used for educational purposes during the first year of college or attendance at a vocational training facility.
The theme for the 2018 Scholarship Essay is "The Impact of My Tribe's History on Me."
The deadline for submissions is May 4, 2018.

For questions about our Scholarship Award program, contact Marsha Harlan at indiancountryconsultants@yahoo.com or contact the Red Cliff Child Support Services Agency at 715-779-3769.
The Indian Health Service (IHS) is the Federal Health Program for First Nations people. IHS offers three scholarships in the hopes of helping produce qualified and well-trained individuals for Indian health programs. One scholarship is the Preparatory Scholarship which helps individuals who are enrolled in preparatory courses or prerequisite courses leading to enrollment in an eligible health professions degree program. Eligible programs for the Preparatory Scholarship include Pre-Clinical Psychology, Pre-Nursing, and Pre-Social Work. The second scholarship is the Pre-Graduate Scholarship for individuals who are enrolled in courses leading to a bachelor's degree in the health field such as pre-medicine or pre-dentistry. The third scholarship is the Health Professions Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students in the health field. Students who apply for this scholarship also agree to fulfill a service commitment in full-time clinical practice upon completion of their academic program.

Financial aid from IHS goes directly to the school and covers tuition and required fees for the academic year. But what makes the IHS scholarships unique is that scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend of $1,500 or more to help with living expenses. Also IHS can provide an additional payment in the first stipend that will help cover the costs of books, lab expenses, equipment, tutorial services, travel, and post office box rental.

The selection process for scholarships is multifaceted and uses a point system. Up to 40 points are awarded based on academic performance.Up to 30 points are given based on employer evaluations. Up to 30 points is given for essays written by the applicant. The application is available online at  https://www.ihs.gov/scholarship/applynow/  and is due March 28th 2018.

If you would like help with your application you can contact the Red Cliff Education Department at (715) 779-3759 or at  education@redcliff-nsn.gov  and set up an appointment. Normal office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. 
The Probation & Parole Office in Ashland, WI currently has three job openings for Probation & Parole Agents:
  • Starting pay $18.81 
  • Monday-Friday 7:45am-4:30pm
  • State benefits
The job posting can be found here: Click here .

Current Openings for the Red Cliff Tribe
DEADLINE: May 10 , 2018 @ 4:00 pm

DEADLINE: May 15 , 2018 @ 4:00 pm

DEADLINE: Open Until Filled
DEADLINE: Open Until Filled
DEADLINE: Open Until Filled
DEADLINE: Open Until Filled
DEADLINE: Applications Accepted Year Round
* * * Current Openings for Legendary Waters Resort & Casino

* * * Current Openings for Red Cliff Housing Authority
Ashley Poch
Human Resources Director
715-779-3700 ext. 4268
88455 Pike Road
Bayfield WI 54814
Ashley.poch@redc liff-nsn.gov