Trip report tip report for the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve Night Hike on Saturday, October 19, 2013. 

Number of participants: 10 + 4 leaders
Start time 6:30pm Temp. 76�
Finish time 9:55pm Temp 58�
Distance covered: 3 miles (1.5 miles each way on the same trail)
Moon phase Full - visible to us at 8:10pm

Common Poorwills were seen throughout the walk, but the second sighting was amazing.  For the entire group to get that close to a Common Poorwill was very unusual, and quite a extraordinary experience.  Western Screech-owls made us work, allowing us only one good view (for most).  It was unusual to have no Great Horned Owl sightings and only one quick look at a Barn Owl by the leaders, but you never know what wildlife will be present on these nighttime adventures.

Species encountered:

Common Poorwill - 7
Western Screech Owl - 3
Barn Owl -1
Killdeer - many calling in grassy areas near trailhead.

Mexican Free-tailed Bat - the many bats at the beginning of the walk were most likely this species.
Coyote - heard small group yelping
Brush Rabbit - 3
Stripe-tailed Scorpion - 2
Jerusalem cricket - 1
Wolf Spider - 100s
Pinacate Beetle - many along the trail


Common Poorwill
Our most cooperative Common Poorwill of the evening

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