Trip report for the Upper Franklin Canyon Bird Walk

on Sunday, October 27, 2013.  

Number of participants: 35 + 3 leaders
Start time: 8:10am
Finish time: 10:20am
Distance covered: 1.1 miles
Weather:  sunny and cool

This walk proved to be challenging due to the large amount of participants and the use of single-track trails along our route. Of the species listed below, many were seen by all of the birdwatchers but some species were seen by only a few (for instance, I did not see the Great Horned Owl). We got lucky with the male Mandarin Duck being on Heavenly Pond and all in all it was a productive walk with all target species seen.



Bird species encountered: 45


Wood Duck  11

Mandarin Duck  1

American Wigeon  1

Mallard  60

Mallard (Domestic type)  2

Ring-necked Duck  1

California Quail  12

Pied-billed Grebe  1

Green Heron 1

Turkey Vulture  1

Northern Harrier  1 - flying high above the canyon

Cooper's Hawk  1

Red-shouldered Hawk  2 - one was eating a fox squirrel

Red-tailed Hawk  2

American Coot  9

Rock Pigeon  1

Mourning Dove  15

Great Horned Owl  1

Anna's Hummingbird  6    

Allen's Hummingbird  1

Photo: Gwendolyn Logan

Acorn Woodpecker  12

Nuttall's Woodpecker  3

Northern Flicker (Red-shafted)  3

Black Phoebe  3

Western Scrub-Jay 12

Common Raven  6

Oak Titmouse  1

Bushtit  30

House Wren  1 - heard only

Bewick's Wren  1

Ruby-crowned Kinglet  4

Wrentit  4 - heard only

Hermit Thrush  6

California Thrasher  2

Northern Mockingbird  1

European Starling  4

Common Yellowthroat  2

Yellow-rumped Warbler  36

Spotted Towhee 1

California Towhee  9 

Song Sparrow  2

White-crowned Sparrow  12

Golden-crowned Sparrow  3

Red-winged Blackbird  3

House Finch  18

Lesser Goldfinch  3



Gray Fox - seen chasing a ground squirrel

California Ground Squirrel

Eastern Fox Squirrel

Raccoon - found sleeping in a eucalyptus tree

Brush Rabbit

Photo: Chris Ciketic

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