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Trip Season is Here!
This month was full of activity as Nate spent time in Costa Rica training our local staff to lead life-changing mission trips!  It was great for him to be back in Costa Rica seeing our staff that we love and miss so much!

The weekend after the Costa Rica trip, Nate flew to Puerto Rico to put on the 1st Puerto Rico PPM Pastor's Conference.  Nate preached in the morning and the other full-time staff led the worship and workshop times.  

At each Pastor's Conference we allow time for the pastors to ask questions.  One of the questions was, "how long will PPM be in Puerto Rico?"  When Alissa answered the question with "as long as you'll have us," the pastors erupted in applause!  Knowing that we are not a "one and done" mission trip and that we are here to build long-term relationships helps our pastors to know that we care and are in this with them for the long-haul!

After the Pastor's Conference, we jumped right into a two day Staff Retreat for the Puerto Rican staff.  We really believe that the success of a mission trip comes from genuine partnerships with our pastors, and committed, Jesus-loving staff that know their country and are able to bridge the gap between cultures!

Over 9 weeks, Nate was able to help train over 60 staff in 5 different locations...and now it's trip season!  This is what all of the training is for, to be implemented and put into practice on our mission trips.  This year alone (mostly in our spring and summer seasons) we will see about 13,000 missionaries serving around the USA and the world through Praying Pelican Missions!
Did you know?
Did you know that anyone that supports our family at $100 a month gets a free registration to go on a PPM mission trip every year?  That's a $595 value!  What a perk to support a missionary and get a huge benefit like this!  

Travel Alert:  Puerto Rico & Fort Lauderdale
March 29 - April 6:  Nate will be an Assistant Trip Leader for a week-long trip.  He is excited to be assisting one of our Puerto Rican staff for the week and seeing the team connect with the local pastor and community. 

April 24-30: 
Every year Praying Pelican Missions hosts a week of meetings for all of our staff.  Laura and I are looking forward to seeing our PPM family and serving with them during this week.  Sandwiched in this week of meetings is the PPM Borderless Conference where our summer seasonal staff come to be trained and we welcome in many of our International Pastors.  This year Nate has the honor of leading the Pastor Track throughout the weekend.
March Photos
Laura was able to surprise her parents in Delaware!  Please Note:  Kim is smiling in this photo unlike the video posted on facebook.  See, she really was happy to see Laura!
Look what I caught!  Well, Uncle Lewis really caught it!
Malachi's team took home the 1st Place trophy!
While in Delaware, Laura was able to spend some time with Darrell.  We all miss him so much!
We were able to go to Orlando for a few days to spend time with Nate's Aunt Lori and her family.  We always have so much fun with them despite the look on Malachi's face in this picture. 
Although we don't have a lot of family in Florida, we do have some cousins a few hours away that help make Spring Break fun!
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Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in DE) , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah