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We've just returned from our Kenya safari and what an amazing trip it was. Every day was a treat with terrific luck on our game drives. This is such a unique experience, like no other you can take. Seeing animals in the wild, fending for themselves and very up close is just so exciting. This photo here of a leopard we were so lucky to be the only jeep to watch it climb down a tree and come so close to our jeep I thought she was thinking of joining us! So many great pictures so please click on the link.
Kenya Safari - click to view photo album
Now we're getting ready for Fiji trip which is so different. I'm looking forward to the snorkeling and scuba diving but also the culture with the music and ceremonies.

We don't have a lot of updates in this newsletter. We're still finalizing many of the trips for next year. Air does not go on sale until 11 months from the date of travel so that's what we're waiting for. We should have air for Portugal and Tahiti in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of Tahiti. I may have lost track of how many trips we've run there but at least a dozen. We know the hotels and tours very well. We can also recommend restaurants within walking distance of our hotels that are very reasonable. There's plenty of space on both Tahiti I and Tahiti II trips but the upgrades are limited. We do still have plenty of ocean view rooms in Bora Bora. You will love this trip and with our group rates you are saving hundreds of dollars.
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August 23rd - September 3rd
41 people now signed up!

9-night trip with 3-nights in Viti Levu and 6 nights on Mololo Island
Land and Sea Tours!
Excellent Group Rate!
Queenstown, New Zealand
Best of New Zealand
September 20th - October 2nd
10-night trip with 2-nights in Auckland; 3-nights in Rotorua and 5-nights in Queenstown

Greece Island Hopping Vacation
April 17th - 30th, 2023
Already wait-listed with
48 now signed up
12-night trip!
2-nights in Athens
3-nights in Crete
3-nights in Mykonos
4-nights in Santorini

Our 12th Greece trip and they keep getting better!

South of France
May 2nd- 13th, 2023

Our 3rd trip to this part of the world
Great hotels and awesome tours!
3-nights in Santa Margherita, Italy
4-nights in Nice and 3-nights in Arles


Tahiti I
June 13th - 25th

40 people now signed up
11-night dream trip with 5-nights on Bora Bora, 5-nights on Moorea and 1-night on Tahiti

Includes domestic air, daily breakfast and a BBQ dance show!

This is one of our long-running specialties

So popular we've started a 2nd Tahiti trip!

Fantastic group rate!
View from our ocean view rooms in Bora Bora
Tahiti II
June 27th - July 9th

25 people now signed up

This trip will be run in reverse with Moorea for 5-nights, then Bora Bora for 5-nights and finally 1-night on Tahiti

Includes domestic air, daily breakfast and 2 BBQ dance shows and one extra dinner!

This is one of our long-running specialties

Fantastic group rate!
What We're Working on for 2023
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Portugal and the Azores
May 16th - 28th, 2023
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We are only waiting to finalize the air. We'll spend 4-nights in Lisbon then fly out to the Azores and spend 3-night on the island of Terceira and 4-nights on Sao Miguel. Terceira is still a dynamic island within the context of the Archipelago, having the historical center of Angra do Heroísmo been recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, in 1983. Terceira represents the largest area of native forest in the archipelago. Then we'll fly out to Sao Miguel, the biggest island of the archipelago. The landscape of São Miguel is marked by two mountain areas separated by a low altitude platform. Nicknamed the Green Island, its landscape is made up of extensive fields and patches of tress that were forced into the valleys of streams and into difficult to reach areas. Here we will also have an abundance of tour choices. From hiking, canyoning, mountain biking and jeep tours to scuba diving, whale watching and even swimming with dolphins! Check this website for an idea of all the cool things to do on Sao Miguel. We will hope to finalize this trip some time in June. In the meantime you are welcome to hold your spot with a $200 deposit. Read more:
July 13th - 23rd
Once again, all the research and planning was in place for this trip in 2020 with plenty of signups before the pandemic hit. This was going to be a first for us and still promises to be an amazing trip. We'll explore the Canadian Rockies with this amazing 10 night itinerary that takes us from Vancouver to Calgary. We'll spend 2 nights in Vancouver, 2 nights in Victoria (Vancouver Island), 3 nights in Jasper, 3 nights in Banff, and depart for home via Calgary. Check out the website for this trip. We don't expect too many changes but of course we'll have to check the current airfare and hotel rates. You are welcome to hold your spot with a $200 deposit.
Machu Picchu
Iquazu Falls and Machu Picchu
August 25th - September 3rd
This will be our 6th Peru trip with Machu Picchu and Cusco and our 3rd time to Iguazu Falls. We start off in Cusco the center of the Incan world. We’ll tour the city and ruins including the Temple of the Sacred Water and we’ll even have an opportunity to mountain bike through the Sacred Valley.

After 3-nights we will then take the Inca Express train through the unforgettable Urubamba Gorge for our 2-night visit to Machu Picchu where we can take the optional trek through the final stretch of the Inca Trail. From Machu Picchu we will then take the train back and then board our plane for the 3rd stop on our trip - Iguazu Falls.on the border of Agentina and Brazil. Nothing in the world of water compares to, or is as impressive as, the natural spectacle provided by the stunning group of 275 waterfalls that make up the Iguazu Waterfalls. Witness the mighty roar and jaw-dropping-spectacle of South America's grandest natural attraction - Iguazu Falls. which have been recently declared as one of the New Seven Natural Wonders, making them a must see destination for any traveler. You are welcome to hold your spot with a $200 deposit.
September 5th - September 17th
We've only been to Buenos Aires on our past visits to Argentina. This will be a more complete visit to Argentina covering much more of the country. We are working on this itinerary to present something really special with most of the focus on Patagonia. You are welcome to hold your spot with a $200 deposit.
Chile with Easter Island
September 20th - 30th
We've run a Chile trip in the past and it was amazing. This trip will include both Santiago Chile with tours to the Patagonia mountains and wine country and then a 3-night trip to Easter Island. We start off with 4-nights in Santiago where we will enjoy a diverse choice of tours ranging from taking walks along the Paseo Ahumada, wine tasting, hiking the mountains of Patagonia to a natural mineral hot spring, bicycling and more. Click here to see the tours
On the 24th we will fly to Easter Island, the mysterious island that has had researchers baffled for years. We'll set up a nice variety of tours including a visit to Ahus Vaihu and Akahanga. Ahu, which means "sacred place," refers to the rectangular stone platform on which the famous Moai (enormous, 100-ton basalt statues) were often erected, the volcanic crater of Rano Raraku, Rano Kau Volcano, the biggest on the island, whose enormous crater is now a fresh water lake with floating green fields of totora reeds, the The Ana Kai Tangata cave that sits at the end of a beautiful little bay and the ceremonial center of Ahu Akivi there are seven standing Moais who, unlike most others, look out at the sea. After our 4-nights on Easter Island we fly back to Santiago and spend one more night. You are welcome to hold your spot with a $200 deposit.
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