Coming home from deployment presents some tough challenges for warriors, and their family members.

Warrior Herd can help.
He heard coming back was hard, but Juan had no idea what hit him.

The work was grueling at times, interspersed with periods of restless boredom. But he knew the job backwards and forwards, and he knew his mission. He and his buddies had each others backs. While Juan didn't love the 2 tours in Iraq, he had purpose and focus.

As his unit finally readied for their return, Juan thought a lot about being with his family again.

Within a month of his return, Juan and his wife began to argue regularly. His wife was relieved Juan was finally out of harm's way and grateful their family was intact, but she did not recognize the man who had come back.

Juan's thoughts returned frequently to his time in Iraq -- his job there, the cold nights, the nerve-wracking convoy rides. And he thought about the men and women they lost. He felt guilty to be home. He should be back there doing his job, since the mission wasn't yet over. But Juan also felt guilty about no longer feeling connected to his wife or daughter, or anything really. At times, Juan felt anger suddenly rise up out of nowhere.
After his wife repeatedly insisted, they came to Project Horse for a family workshop. He felt anxious about going to an unknown place with open spaces and buildings around the perimeter. But Juan and his wife were quickly put at ease with a warm greeting and a tour to orient them to the farm and horses. When Juan's daughter giggled with delight as she met a fuzzy miniature horse named Jack, Juan felt himself exhale deeply. He and his wife held their hands out to Jack's muzzle too, and smiled.

Warrior Herd is an initiative by Project Horse that offers a variety of workshops and programs for veterans, service members and their families, helping them reintegrate back into civilian life and restore connections to family members.

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