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Congratulations from the Retreat Coach Network Trisha Rockwell 
of Jersey Shore, PA is awarded 
Certified Retreat Coach  
March 2013

An Invitation to Retreat through the Seasons
Meet Trisha Rockwell and hear about her past Seasons of Change Retreat!
Trisha Rockwell completed a comprehensive training program that has awarded her the title of Certified Retreat Coach. Trish's training as a Retreat Coach included comprehensive fieldwork that developed her many leadership skills. 


Trisha shares her journey,  

"Initially I thought I'd jump in and get the retreat coach certification under my belt a.s.a.p.  I have led hundreds of weekly women's circles over the years and thought I could churn this out pretty quickly.  I felt the calling years ago to call women into a circle.  But we didn't call them 'circles', we called them bible study groups or home party sales (where I sold a line of natural skin care).  I wasn't your typical bible study leader or home party demonstrator.  My intention was always to create community and promote rest and relaxation and being authentic. 



 While I found some success in these ventures, something never quite felt right with the format and so I eventually moved on to learning other methods to help women bring healing and awakening into their lives.  From the first retreat I facilitated, I knew I had come home.  My heart had been yearning for a way to bring women into a circle of deeper, richer experience and my soul answered, "I am here." 






Trisha Rockwell is a Holistic Health Practitioner and student of life.  She is also a Reiki practitioner and Seasons of Change Coach.  Trisha designs and facilitates custom retreats and empowerment programs to energize professional, family, and personal interactions.  She loves time outdoors with her family and finding the perfect mud puddle to sink her feet into.


Trisha reflects on her Retreat Coach training: 

As I reflect on this process, the element that has had the most powerful effect on me as a retreat coach is the level of nurturing I received through Coach Helene. This was something I needed at a deep level and Helene helped to fill an empty spot within me. Her expression of love and support spills over into every retreat circle that I lead. This balance of deep nurturing and 'telling it like it is' when it comes to business make the retreat coach program the most supportive and growth oriented training I have ever experienced. This experience has been a personal journey of transformation. The program has helped me understand the value of my work in the world. "

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Through www.AwakenIntoLife.com, Trisha invites women to retreat.  She draws inspiration from nature and the seasons to create experiences that bring people closer to each other and closer to themselves.  While on retreat, participants experience a nurturing safe-zone.  Trisha gently guides clients through the process of uncovering their authentic voice and connecting with their woman-line.  Women often enter the circle as strangers and leave as spirit sisters.  During retreat, participants awaken their deeper wisdom and the significance of everybody and everything in their lives.  They experience a 'letting go' of limiting beliefs and receive sometimes unexpected support and camaraderie from strangers who become their circle of sisters.


To learn more about Trisha's upcoming Spring "Season's of Change" retreat:
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