August 19, 2020
Triumph in Transition

The start of a new academic year is a time for optimism. What opportunities will this semester bring? How much further toward our goals will we get? Especially for those who are new to the Rowan community, this time of transition is the culmination of all of the progress you have made previously in your life. The path to success often takes a different trajectory than you first expected, and we hope that this new semester will bring you moments of reflection and celebration as you move forward at Rowan. Something our team has thought about recently is the Career Development Theory of Planned Happenstance and how it applies to life transitions. Through this lense, people’s careers and life trajectories develop through placing oneself in one rich opportunity (maybe a job, or a club, or a class) and then following the next step that appears only because you were in that place – unexpected opportunity. By doing this in succession, you will soon find yourself somewhere you could never have predicted but is a natural culmination of all of the steps you took before. Celebrate the momentum that has brought you here, and engage with us at Rowan to get to the next step in your journey.
Be well,

Looking ahead to September and the fall semester, we can join one another in shared feelings of excitement and curiosity, along with other emotions which naturally come up when facing something new. The newness will be our return to campus and classes during and after the shared experience of a global pandemic, as well as times of social unrest. The plans to bring us all back safely not only carries through in the academic and campus-life arenas, but also in the ways the Wellness Center will continue to deliver services of support for our students.

In times of COVID-19 when physical distancing helped increase our safety, it was all the more evident why research on the greatest predictor of psychological well-being, pointed us to the importance of social connection. This coming fall be ready to learn more about the group options available to our Rowan community as we work to foster spaces where we can come together, feel supported, be vulnerable, learn skills, tools, and be affirmed we are not alone in these times. The wonderful thing is, no matter where you are, on campus, or at home, you will be able to access our services and receive support. We are looking forward to our campus' return and await getting connected with you.


Life changes are inevitable. Whether it’s a job change, the beginning or ending of a relationship, starting a family, or suffering a loss, transitions are part of the human experience, yet can often be difficult to adapt to. In order to cope with these changes, many of us find ourselves in a ‘fight or flight or freeze’ response. Whether or not the transformative event was desired, anticipated or unexpected, there is no question that adapting to a new set of circumstances is tough. It requires mental and physical energy to adapt to change and find a new equilibrium.Read More.

There are a lot of things about starting college that can be absolutely terrifying. One of those things is worrying about finding friends. I’ve got some good news for you: you are not the only person anxious about this. Every college freshman or new transfer is worried about not making any friends. Here are some ways to help you come out of your comfort zone and break that fear of never finding friends.Read More.
Melissa Ulmer
Assistant Director: Marketing & Student Programs
Chamberlain Student Center & Campus Activities
Member of the Rowan Thrive Committee
Homecoming Co-Chair

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