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Triumph Industrial Park Venue Recitals 
The current health crisis has caused us to shift gears this year in finding a location to hold our annual recital performances. We found a great venue in Triumph Industrial Park (the former North Shore Gymnastics facility) that can host our recitals in a modified manner.  It is  VERY IMPORTANT  that you check the day and time of your recital assignment/s  (click here for the listings)  as we have a 10-day span that we are using for  our event .  Some classes will perform more than once in order to give dancers the chance to perform without having to miss th is  recital opportunity because of a previously scheduled vacation/commitment.    Despite 20% of our families having date conflicts, w e have ensured that  EVERY  student has a chance to perform their dance/s at least once!  
Recital Assignment Notes:  (1) the time listed in the class description is the original class time prior to the COVID-19 class adjustments, (2) classes marked with an asterisk (*) perform more than once so please make sure you review the listings carefully, (3) please let your teacher know about the performances you cannot attend so that they can plan for your absence

Triumph Industrial Park Location 
Triumph Industrial Park is located  at  505  Blueball  Road, Building 140-D  in   Elkton.  Click here for a map of the park as your GPS will not take you to the building!    We will also have signs to help guide you to find the building.  

Audience/Ticket Information 
Due to the nature of the venue and the need to minimize public exposure for dancers/audience members, we will be charging a flat recital fee of $35 per FAMILY instead of the individual ticket sale method.  Included in this recital fee is seating for SIX GUESTS to attend each recital block.   Children who can sit on laps do not need to be counted as part of your group of six and do not count your dancer as part of the group.  The recital fee  has been  posted to  your  account , so  you are welcome to log on  to  your account  and make th e  payment or email/call us to authorize using  a  card on file.  You may also drop off  payment via cash/check to the office or lobby  drop box  any time the studio is open.  If you have a credit on your account  that covers the fee ,  our office will take care of it and you will not need to do anything at all.   Any family with a remaining recital fee balance will not be permitted to  perform at the recital.  
We are under a 50% capacity guideline, so please be diligent about ensuring you do not have more than six people attend as we cannot risk being shut down due to hosting an unauthorized large crowd event. Families/guest groups of no more than six will be seated together with the appropriate distancing from other audience members.   Additional "tickets/seats" will NOT be available at the door ,  so be please make sure your family members understand who the six are that will be permitted to attend the recital.   It will be most helpful to have your party ready to be seated together upon arrival. Note: If you have multiple performances during our recital week ,  you may have a group of six attend each show but again, please make sure each family member/friend knows which show to attend as we cannot combine your family members to allow larger groups to enter the facility.  
  • What does the $35 recital fee cover? Your recital fee helps us to be able to rent the venue, meet set up expenses, bleacher rental, trophies/awards and to pay our teachers, administrative staff, and technical crew for that week along with many other incidentals that are too numerous to itemize. Please keep in mind that recital fees will only cover part of our expenses this year. We know this is a tough time for everyone, so we have tried our best to keep the costs as minimal as possible for our families. 
NEW For 2020 Recitals 
Since we are limited by state COVID-19 guidelines we will NOT be hosting our recital performances in a manner as you may have known them in the past.  We have grouped our performances by level and/or by dancer availability and will have 20 or less dancers perform together in any one combination of recital routines.  Please understand that some performance blocks may have only one or two recital dances while some may have four or more depending on the number of dancers  who take multiple classes within a level .  Audiences and dancers will be invited in to the facility  5-10 minutes prior to the assigned "show time" .   If you arrive earlier then that you will need to wait outside.   After your child gets her/his trophy, your family must leave unless your child is in the next recital.     

Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the facility and temperatures will be taken. Masks will be required at all times except performers will not need to wear them while performing.  We ask that you please keep a social distance from other audience members.  

Dancer Arrival/Costume Notes  
Please arrive with hair & make up done as  you will  not have the  time  for this to be done onsite.  You may arrive with a costume on or you may put it on upon arrival as we will have  dressing areas  available . A greeter will let you know which is the  girl s  dressing room and which is the boys dressing room.  Students should ask their instructor about tights and how their hair should be worn. Tights and hair nets (for buns) are available at The Dance Station located next to Studio C.  If a dancer is uncomfortable changing from costume to costume around other dancers, we recommend wearing a body liner which may also be purchased at The Dance Station. If changing costumes at the facility ,  please bring a laundry basket to  keep your personal items together.
D ancers with multiple costume changes are welcome to bring a costume rack if you have one.
  • Check out this video on how to make a beautiful hair bun!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvZM8EOOpVk&fbclid=IwAR1vnzuL30FHiazKvYS3UI5_QgbY8pHl-RuwFv2mgzU_P9XCFsDtZ85Nyyo  
S taging  Rehearsals  
Many classes will have a spacing rehearsal  at the performance venue some time  on  July 18 , July  19 , or July 21 .  Click here for the   rehearsal schedule and look closely to ensure you mark your calendars correctly.  We are sorry we could not work around vacations for these dates and will understand if you can't make it.  Students should wear normal dance attire for this rehearsal . Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled rehearsal to ensure your child can start on time.  Your GPS will not help you find the building, so please have your map available.  Parents may observe the rehearsals but due to an echo, we ask that parents refrain from socializing.   There is no internet so consider bringing reading material if you'd like.  Keep in mind we still have regular classes until July 23 ,  so you may have another class/ es  after your staging rehearsal.   Additionally, some students will have both staging rehearsal and regular class/ es  on the same day, so please make every effort to attend both. 
Dress Rehearsal 
There will be NO dress rehearsal this year. 

There will not be a reception this year, but students will still receive a trophy!  Students who have been dancing for five or ten years will receive both an award and a trophy. At the end of the performance if you would like your picture taken with a teacher please ask him/her.  Our staff wants to be sensitive to keeping their distance, so they will not offer picture taking, but are happy to be photographed with your child.  Please note that due to the unusual circumstances regarding this year's recital, some teachers may not be available to attend their recital performances due to work, vacation, or other previously scheduled commitments. 

Once your child's performance block is finished, please exit via the back door of the building so that we may start the next show.  Please do not be offended if we move you along, but we are under time constraints as this recital is imposing some tough restrictions on us.  

Recital Flowers, DVD's, Pictures 
We regret that we will not be having recital pictures this year and we will not be selling flowers. We are however, selling recital Blu-ray DVDs for $35.  DVD's will have every dance from the ENTIRE 10 days of recitals!  Click here for an order form.  
Recital T-Shirts 
2020 Recital T-shirts are available for sale! These T-shirts list all dancers participating in our recitals (if you signed up prior to February 15).  You may also email us to reserve your shirt or stop by the office to pick one up.  Click here for the order form.  T-shirts are $16 each ($20 at the recital for any leftovers).  Once you place your order you may pick up your shirt at the main studio lobby or at the recital. 

Our staff worked really hard to create a recital performance schedule that worked with all of the vacation requests that we received (which was over 50 families!).  If, however, either we missed your request or you forgot to let us know please email us with those dates.  We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request at this late date but we are certainly willing to try and see what we can do.  We truly appreciate and value all of the support and dedication that everyone has shown us during this difficult time!

Studio Classes 
The last day of this session will be Thursday, July 23.  Our next session will begin on Friday, September 11th.  Watch your mail in mid-August for level placements and a class schedule.  We hope to see you all back in the fall!
Congratulations to the students celebrating five or ten years at Cecil Dancenter and a big congrats to our graduating seniors!   If your child's name should be listed and is not here, please let us know so we can check our enrollment records.
Kerry Antognoli   
Lauren Beachy   
Haley  Blackiston    
Abby Brown   
Danielle  Carradin    
Sophia Corigliano   
Jocelyn Crowley   
Claire Davison   
Faith Davison   
Isabella Deveau   
Shyann Dolly   
Curtis Dugan   
Ella Dunlap   
Trevor  Escoto    
Sean  Escoto    
Zoe Ewing   
Julie  Gillooly  

Peyton Grande   
Joseph Hartman   
Lily Kendall   
Riley  Lorandeau    
Abigail Mahan   
Madeline Mahan   
Megan Mahan   
Makenzie  Milotte    
Lillith  Moser   
Joseph Nino   
Briana Phillips   
Sara Saacks   
Nikayla   Sturgill    
Madison Thacker   
Cash Walpole-McWilliams   
Ainsley Weidman

Hannah Barton   
Camryn Baeder   
Amelia Daniels   
Aidan Gresock   
Natalie Hamma   
Leah Hash   
Emma Lidy

LillyAnn  Lidy   
Cassidy Rose Perry   
McKenna Pierce   
Rachel Saacks   
Jodee   Saldutti    
Alaina Williams  

Kayla Barr  
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