January 2023

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Wow, it's already January! All at Ohio Pork Council want to wish you a Happy New Year! Make 2023 the best year yet, with pork!

The new year is often a time to reinvent yourself, focus on your goals and keep your time in the kitchen simple. Try these quick and easy pork recipes to keep your weeknights stress free all of 2023:

Instant Pot Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

Italian Pork kabobs with Vegetables

Pork Chili Express

Pork and Chorizo Burgers with Pineapple

Ground Pork Burgers

Pork Chop Noodle Soup

Leave the hassle of cooking in 2022

Have you set 2023 resolutions? Is life just busy? Or are you just looking for a simple, delicious way to get a protein-packed meal on your table? No matter the reason, this Instant Pot pork tenderloin recipe will become a staple in the new year.

For more crockpot/Instant Pot recipe ideas, click here.

Get healthy & stay healthy with pork

New year, new me right? Wherever you are on your journey with health, it is all about making good choices. Let's be real, food that is good for our health is not always mouthwatering — unless you fix juicy pork.

Tell me how you prefer to get your 24g of protein — 3 cups of Quinoa at 667 calories or these lip smacking options:

Let's get real about Ohio Pork

To raise wholesome pork, the Hord family nurtures trusted relationships with team members and their community. 

"The community has to want you to be here," said Pat Hord, owner of Hord Family Farms. "At the end of the day, the community has to embrace and want you here and I think that's probably been one of the most satisfying things. Many people know we care."

Father and son, Pat and Phil Hord, further discuss how their facility is focuses on these values. With a mission statement of, "Feeding families through sustainable food production," the Hords strive to be good stewards in the Ohio pork industry.

The Hord family is proud to be a trusted partner in the community.

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