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for the Week of 1/11/21
Seasons Pizza: Tikka Masala
Bright Indian-seasoned Tikka Masala sauce and roasted Indian-seasoned veg make a great pizza topping for adventurous diners open to innovative flavors. Try it for yourself and see why it's our most-requested Seasons pizza. Perfect for dispelling gloom.

Stay home, stay safe, and enjoy a meal from your friends at 9 Miles East.

Gift Certificates Available
This is going to be a tough winter. Click here to buy 9 Miles East gift certificates online.

We very much appreciate your support.
9 Miles East focuses on pickup and delivery, pauses indoor dining

9 Miles East is dedicated to providing healthy, high-quality food in a safe environment. We want to be here all winter and beyond to make it easy and safe for you to enjoy healthy local food.

So we are sticking with our decision to pause indoor dining until the current surge subsides and it seems safe.

You can still buy food at 9 Miles East's dining room at 64 Excelsior, either to bring home or to enjoy outdoors on our patio.

You can still order pickup and delivery through www.pizzadelivery.farm

You can now pull up to the curb and order "drive-thru" (or pre-order) at www.9mileseast.menu

But for the short term you won't be able to sit and eat in the dining room. Chairs were put away after service on Wednesday, Nov. 25, and we hope to be able to seat you for indoor dining soon.

Right now we don't see how we can responsibly serve in the dining room, and we look forward to a time when it is safe again.

We are deeply grateful for your support and understanding as we try to do the right thing and provide the safest possible options for the community.
Other Options
Grab and GO Breakfast
Same interesting menu and high-quality ingredients. Now available grab and go between 7 am to 10 am. You know, for anyone who still works at an office.

Your order will be ready in 90 seconds or your coffee is free.

Curbside/pseudo-drive-thru now available. You can get delicious and healthy breakfast without even leaving your car.
9 O'Clock Club

Text 9oclock to
518 559-1488

You'll get text notifications about secret menu items and other special events available for delivery, pickup, or dine-in.

Insider-only texts go out by 7 p.m., and club members have until 8 p.m. to order if you see something you want.

Then 9 Miles East delivers around, you guessed it, 9 o'clock.

It's a fun fit for later dining.
Curbside "Drive Thru"
Visit 9mileseast.menu to place your curbside/drive-thru order. We'll bring your order right to your car.

Cafe Entrees to GO
Grilled chicken, salmon, steak, and risotto entrees are all available for delivery and pickup as well as dine-in.
GO Boxes
Bistro GO Box
Classic French flavors
Haystack GO Box
Shredded root veg, fresh lemon vinaigrette
Lucky Monday Winner
9 Miles East runs an ongoing "Lucky Monday" promotion to reward customers for ordering on what is a slow day for many restaurants, and a tough day for some customers.

Feel lucky? Order for delivery or pickup on Mondays and it think how much better that pizza would taste if you didn't have to pay for it. 
Seedlings Baby Food

Freshly made baby food extends the 9 Miles East promise, making it easy for everyone to enjoy healthy local food.

Get some for your favorite baby. Or parent.
9 Miles East
Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week in a renovated muffler shop.

Eating out can be safe, fun, healthy, and not boring.

Check menus, make reservations, and order online at pizzadelivery.farm
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9 Miles East has become a really important part of meal planning during the week. It’s important to have healthy and tasty food in our house.

— Tatjana, customer since January 2017
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