Easter Trivia Answers
Hop Down for some Easter Trivia
  1. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
    Apparently ducks or geese were around before chickens...so an egg??? (but not a chicken egg).
  2. The most expensive jeweled eggs in the world today were made by who?
  3. What color of eggs doesn't "Sam I am" like in the
    Dr. Seuss book? 
    Green (come on...you knew that!  Green Eggs and Ham...)
  4. In the song, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" who gets jelly beans?
    Tommy (You probably DIDN'T know that.)
    "He's got jelly beans for Tommy
    Colored eggs for sister Sue
    There's an orchid for your mommy
    And an Easter bonnet too". 
    Bonus points if you remembered that Gene Autry made this song famous.
  5. What should you do with an egg to protect yourself against lightning, hail and beehives?
    Bury it.  Who knew??
  6. How long will a boiled egg keep in the refrigerator?
    It is recommended no more than a week.
  7. Rabbits with long floppy ears can't hear as well as those with ears upright. True
  8. Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans. 
    True. Pretty much the original survival kit
  9. Oster Haas is another name for what in German?
    Easter Bunny (well, technically, Easter "Hare")
  10. What are rabbits with big long ears going UP called?
    Jackrabbits (and yes, it is all one word)
  11. The white of the egg is mostly mucus and fat. False.  Pretty much pure protein.
  12. Rabbits share "gender names" with what other animal?
    They are called bucks and does...like the deer family. (Maybe that's where the "jackalope" mix-up started.

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