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Newsletter June, 2019


Teutonia Mannerchor Club Alumni Luncheon

The next monthly alumni luncheon will be held on June 25, 2019 at the Teutonia Mannerchor Club located at 857 Phineas Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15212.  Doors open at 11:00 AM and lunch is served at 11:45.  Seating is limited, if you have any questions, please contact Jim Eberz (NC '64) at 412-321-4145 or Carmen DiGiacomo (NC '59) at 412-563-1859.  BE SURE TO NOTE THE TIME CHANGE FOR THE DOORS OPENING. The cost of the luncheon is $12.65 which includes buffet lunch, soft drinks, coffee, and dessert.

At the May luncheon Jim McGrath (class of 1967) visiting from Houston sits with classmate Dick Freyvogel.

Also attending were Bob Groh (class of 1954) and his wife Sally who were visiting from San Diego.

Trojan Open Golf Outing--THANK YOU!

Thank you to everybody who participated in the 35th Annual Trojan Open Golf Outing on Monday, May 13th.  In spite of a somewhat rainy day, golfers enjoyed playing at Olde Stonewall Golf Club.  Proceeds went to the Tuition Assistance Program at North Catholic High School.  Congratulations to the following for finishing in first place with a score of 54: Ralph Fischer, NC '91, Chris Stofko, NC '91, Mark Rollinson and Jim Kenna.

Bob Pappa '68, Ken Balkey '68, Brendan Thiele '19 & Brendan Haggerty '20


Players enjoy golf in spite of the rain

Gary Roney, John Benzing (NCHS VP) Luke Crawford (NCHS Principal) & Jon Hoffman

Christian Bobak, Anthony Bozzuto, Matt Moyer & Brian Miller (NCHS AD)

Hall of Fame 


Nominations now being accepted for the 2020 Hall of Fame

Do you know a classmate who has done some charitable work that deserves recognition? Someone who is worthy of accolades for their work in the community? Someone who has done a lot for North Catholic? 

The Hall of Fame is always seeking nominations for induction. We know that there are distinguished graduates, especially women,  who deserve a place in the school's hall of fame, but we need your help.  If you know of someone from your class or anyone who should be recognized for their accomplishments, please nominate them. Remember this not just a sports hall of fame. You can go to the school website  and for complete details. If you have questions, contact us  here. Please note that nominations are only good for three years, but they can be renewed. Nominate someone today. The committee will be meeting in January to begin the review process for this year's class.  Note: nominations that come in after May 15th will be consider for the 2020 induction class.

The Class of 2019 inductees will be announced in the next month's newsletter.

Alumni Spotlight

  Alumni of the Month - Jeff Schwerer (class of 1976)

Jeff Schwerer left North and went on to Duquesne University where he graduated in 1980. He is a district sales manager for Harrison Walker International where has worked for the past 25 years. Jeff's father, Frank is a member of the class of 1946 and his brother Paul graduated from North in 1987. Jeff and his wife Susan Brewer Schwerer (class of 1977) have 3 children and 2 grand children. 

Favorite Classes and Teachers

Jeff listed Mr Dilallo, Mr Cammarata,  and Mr Quinn as his favorite teachers and Honors English as his favorite class.

Favorite Memories of North Catholic

" Meeting my future wife Susan, making some life-long friends, and the baseball and ice hockey games were my favorite memories." 

With Whom Did You Hang Out While at North?

"We, that is Tim Corcoran, Bill Boul, George Gubish, Kerry Bove, Joe Pelz, and I, hung out at the Burger King on McKnight Road after dances. We also could be found at North Park Ice Rink and Gardner Field. I remember early mornings in the cafeteria filling out Pigskin Football betting sheets."

 What School Events Are Most Memorable?

"The pep rallies and the school dances as well as the football games against Central Catholic."

What Did North Catholic Mean to You?

"North gave me a strong educational and spiritual foundation that has helped me throughout my life."

What Makes You Proud of Your Days at North?

"I am proud of being a part of the history, tradition and legacy of North Catholic."

Any Final Thoughts?

" Take advantage of everything North Catholic has to offer and make the most of your time there."

Jeff and Susan Brewer Schwerer

If you would like to be a featured alum let us know but clicking  here.

Alumni News

Transcript Information

Alums who need a copy of their high school  transcript for a new employer should note that the process has changed, so please note:

NCHS Alumni (1939-2013): Please contact the Diocesan Archives  
at (412) 456-3158 for a copy of your transcript or for a new 
employer education verification.

Alumni (2014 - present): Please go to northcatholic.org, under the Alumni Tab, and download the online request form.

Memories  Available

The alumni office has some past editions of the yearbooks. If you can't find yours from senior year, we may be able to help. Not all years are available and supply is limited. Contact us here for information and availability. 


You can stay on top of what's going on at your alma mater by following Facebook - www.facebook.com/NCForeverTrue.


Congratulations to Drew Samuto (class of 2001) and his wife Heidi on the birth of their son, Isaac William.

Congratulations to Vicky Samuto Blizzard (class of 2004) and husband Kyle on the birth of their son, Jack Winton (see class notes for more on this)

Congratulations to Jeff Chips (class of 2001) and his wife Megan Crame Chips Class of 2001) on the birth of their son, Joshua John.

Congratulations to Jennifer Koranic-Haley (class of 1992) and her husband on the birth of their son, Jameson Robert.


Congratulations to Miranda Jirsa (class of 2013) on her engagement to Reed McLaughlin (class of 2010).

Congratulations to Annette Faith (class of 2014) on her engagement to Cody Cashdollar.


Congratulations to Dave Nocleg (class of 2008) and Katy Murphy on their recent marriage.

Congratulations to the newlyweds - Gavin Virag (class of 2009) and wife Gina.

Congratulations to John Morgan and Kristen Leigh on their recent wedding.

Rest in Peace

Charles Elstner (class of 1980)
John Malick (class of 1957)
David Kapetanovich (class of 1971)
Salvatore Naccarato (class of 1960)
David Kelsch (class of 1955)


Class Notes

The display case just inside the entrance to the school houses some of the apparel avaliable for purchase at the spirit shop as well as North Catholic memorabilia.  You can check out the NC gear by clicking  here.

Class of 1963

General Michael Hayden wrote an article about suffering a stroke. Read the article here.

Class of 1965

Dan Wolovich and Wayne Byerly  show off their class pride in Arizona.

Walt Quinn enjoys a few laughs with sons Mike Quinn (class of 1995) and Geoff (class of 1994) at a recent wedding.

Class of 1970

Vince Manni (right) and Medio Monti (class of 1975) share NC stories over lunch.

 Class of 1975

Medio  Monti will once again be riding his bicycle from Pittsburgh to DC to raise money for Western PA veterans in and their families from July 1st to the 4th. If you want to contribute to his donor page here is the link to do so. 

Mike Herman visiting from Maryland sits with brother Will (class of 1977) at the alumni  luncheon.

Mike Garrity, Mark Shepard, and Medio Monti  participate in the annual 10K Tunch and Wolf Walk benefitting the Light of Life rescue mission.

 Class of 1978

Joyce Velardita, Linda Maloney join Medio Monti (class of 1975) and Mark Shepard (class of 1975) and Mark's wife Carole on the river walk.

 Class of 1981

Tom Leyland is with his wife Jan and their son Jake at Villanova Law School graduation.

reunion for the class pulled together by DeeDee Reukauf Yoest (front row red shirt).

Class of 1984

Jack Adlesic and his wife are at the theater.

Class of 1990

Leah Vaughan Quigley enjoys Mothers Day with her mom Donna.

Rita Zettlemeyer enjoys a morning outside with her cat.

Class of 1991

Denise Jordan Ehrenberger is ready for a new day.

Allyson Sweeney Gannon, husband Tim (class of 1990) and family are looking their finest on a spring morning

Class of 1992

Anne McSorley Hollis and her husband enjoy some time without the kids.

Class of 1993

Sandy Kozlowski is all smiles in this selfie.

Class of 1995

Brian Gauntner is ready for the father-daughters dance.

Anne Sweeney McGrath, her husband, Neal,  and  kids tour Washington D.C.

Class of 1997      

Lyndsay Jessop Stunja has a happy Mothers Day with her daughter.

Dan Carr shows off his Pittsburgh Pride at the beach with his wife.

Class of 1999

Cody Walters enjoys the newly restored fountain near his home.

Class of 2000

Tom Apitsch shows off his catch. 

Class of 2002

T J Cronin poses with his daughter before the father daughter dance.

Fran Lamb Urmann is with her nephew at his First Communion.

Class of 2003

Tom Pace, vice president of Blackberry  Rylance , recently appeared on Sixty Minutes where he was interviewed by Scott Pelley. Tom discussed issues of cyber security. Here's a link to read the transcript of the interview.

Danielle Neu Foreman and her husband celebrate an anniversary.

Class of 2004

Paul Schacht is ready for his finals.

Allison Balestrino updates her profile photo.

The birth of Vicki Samuto Blizzard's child took on some twists. Read about it here.

Class of 2005

Jeanine Vento McGuire rings the bell after posting a personal best in the Pittsburgh Marathon. 

Ali Rittle Leonberg celebrates her first Mothers Day.

Class of 2006

Marc Gonzales and his daughter get ready for Cinco de Mayo.

Class of 2007

The Surmacy's: Jessica and Nikki (class of 2009) celebrate a wedding.

Courtney Simon Smetanka and Aaron Smetanka celebrate her first Mothers Day.

Class of 2008

Vince Lamperski and his sister Clare (class of 2011) rest after a long hike.

Dave Nocleg and his new wife

Class of 2009

Bobby Tacey (class of 2012), his mom Sue, and his brother John Morgan celebrate John's Las Vegas wedding.

Steve Koerper and his daughter enjoy a snack before some T Ball action.

Class of 2010

Missy Hunkele Davis and her husband celebrate an anniversary.


Class of 2011

Justin Went enjoys a cold one after his marathon run.

Class of 2013       

Kennadee Williams is ready for a great day.

Class of 2015       

Congratulations to Maria Meyer on winning the Edward H Finnegan Award at Boston College.  The award honors a graduating senior who best exemplifies the Boston College motto, "Ever to Excel."  Maria plans to be a nurse practitioner and is taking courses in the master program.

Mae Haggerty is part of a team that helps college students cope with mental health issues. Read about it  here.

Natalie Nyman (class of 2013) and her brother Dan (class of 2017) celebrate the college graduation of Nick Nyman.

 Mae Haggerty celebrates with her mom on Mothers Day.

Class of 2017       

Matt Beck shows his pride as a member of the Saint Vincent marching band.

Thanks to Medio Monti (class of 1975), Carmen DiGiacomo (class of 1959), Bob Gierl (class of 1966), DeeDee Reukauf Yost (class of 1981), and Carol Nyman for sending information and pictures to us.

If  you have news/photos you want to share with classmates send them to

Flashback Photo

 Last Month's Flashback 

These four students were pictured in the 1985 yearbook. They are Sharon Stayduhar and Tony Shackelford (front) Dave Sladack and Scott Zahren (back). 

Mark Milsop (class of 1985) identified them but couldn't remember Sharon's last name.

This Month's Flashback - Teacher Quiz

                       A                                                 B                                               C

                        D                                                     E                                                 F

                       G                                                   H                                             I

                            J                                           K                                                    L

                             M                                                  N                                                O

Can you identify any of these 15 these teachers from your days at North? (from the 1950's - 2014)

Send us your answers or your guesses  here .

Request for Prayers

Ed Boll (NC Class of 1967) has been ill and prayers are requested for his recovery.

Please pray for  Denise Enzerra (NC class of 1982

Kaitlin Turnley (class of 2004) has asked for prayers for her father Paul Turnley.

Please pray for Tom Klein (NC class of 1964).

Your prayers are requested for Michael (Mickey)  Kavanaugh (NC class of 1959) who is in poor health.

Please pray for Bob Rathke   (NC class of 1959).

General Michael Hayden (NC class of 1963) is recovering from a stroke. Please keep him in your prayers.

Wayne Quinn (NC Class of 1970) has been battling a series of illness. Please keep him in your prayers.

Tracy Yoest Smith (class of 1998) has requested prayers for her sister Becky Yoest (class of 2007).

Gerard Boeh (class of 1952) has been ill. Please keep him in your prayers.

Please pray for Fred Arden (Class of 1959) and his wife Mary.

Please keep Ray DiLallo (class of 1950) and long time history teacher at North in your prayers

Let us know of any alumni who should be included in our prayers by sending us an email by clicking here 


New Social Media

To stay up to date on current news and events at North Catholic, follow us on Twitter @NC1939 and "Like" our new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/nc1939.    Also, check out our new and improved website at northcatholic.org 
  Military Legacy Scholarship
The school has initiated a Military Legacy Scholarship in honor of all alumni who have served in our nation's military forces. The goal is to raise $20,000 to $25,000 to provide a $1,000 scholarship annually. The scholarship will be awarded annually to the student provided certain benchmarks are met. Every four years (or sooner) it will be awarded to another incoming 9th grade student.  Congratulations to this year's recipient, Griffin Floyd.

Contributions have surpassed the $11,000 mark. All money will be used to provide educational opportunities to a student. To honor those who served, please consider a contribution in any amount to the new Military Legacy Scholarship. If you wish, you may make a contribution in someone's honor/memory.  Make checks payable to North Catholic, write "North Catholic Military Scholarship" in the memo, and mail to:
North Catholic High School
1617 Route 228
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
ATTN:  Development Office
  Kathy Monti Memorial Scholarship

Kathy Hickey Monti's limitless love and passion for helping others was apparent to everybody she met.  Her pride for North Catholic began in 1973, when her high school closed and she enrolled in the first co-ed class at North as a junior. Kathy led the charge to keep her school's basketball team together.  As a standout guard and the very first team captain of North's first women's basketball program, Kathy and her fellow Trojanettes began a women's basketball dynasty that is alive and continues to thrive today. Following her graduation from North in 1975, Kathy played basketball in college and served as team captain and leader.  Soon, she was recruited to come back to North and take on the role of Assistant Basketball Coach for the girl's team and with Coach Don Barth, her mentor, friend and former coach, led them to win multiple state championships.  When North opened in Cranberry Township, Kathy continued to volunteer her time at the new school that she loved so dearly until her last breath. In 2017, just before her death, Kathy was voted unanimously into the North Catholic Hall of Fame.  Kathy will long be remembered for her impact on hundreds of lives as a teacher, an assistant basketball coach and female role model for girls in athletics.

To continue Kathy's legacy and mission in life of helping others, a scholarship has been established in her name.  More than $20,000 has already been raised.  The purpose of the Kathy Monti Memorial Scholarship is to provide financial support for a young woman who possesses the same leadership qualities that Kathy demonstrated in her life.   In order to finance this scholarship and celebrate Kathy's life, we hope you can join us by donating HERE to raise the necessary funds.  Or you can send a check made payable to North Catholic with "Kathy Monti Scholarship Fund" in the Memo and mailed to North Catholic High School, 1617 Route 228, Cranberry Township, PA  16066.

  The John Latuilippe Memorial Scholarship
The John Latuilippe Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to Adrian Hightower - NC class of 2020.  The John Latulippe Golf Outing was held on May 18 at Green Meadows Golf Course. Over 70 golfers played. If you are interested in playing in next years outing, contact Les at les@latulippe.org 

  Class of 1959 Scholarship
The NCHS Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund has awarded $4,200 Scholarships for the 2018-19 School Year to the Class of 1959 Scholars, Canaan Branch and Tess Myers.
The Fund has awarded scholarships totaling $55,000 to seven recipients since the inception of the Fund.  Contributions to the Fund can be made at any time and should be sent to the North Catholic Foundation, North Catholic High School, ATTN: Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund, 1617 Route 228, Cranberry Township, PA 16066. If you would like more information about the Fund, please contact Joe Blitzko ( joeyblitz@aol.com ), Dick Halleran ( rhalleran@verizon.net ), or Mike Conroy ( conroy1603@gmail.com ).

  Class of 1965 Legacy Scholarship

The Class of 1965 Legacy Scholarship continues to grow. To date, our classmates have raised over $16,000 in donations and pledges. The Class of 1965 Scholarship Committee got the chance to meet with Cameron Branch, class of 2019, recently. Cameron has received $1,000 each of the past three years and will be attending West Virginia Wesleyan in the fall and is going to major in engineering. He played football and ran track. He was also named prom king at this year's North Catholic Prom. Cameron represents all the qualities held to be important in an NC grad, and he is an example of the work done by the Class of 1965 Legacy Scholarship.

We need the help of our classmates to grow the scholarship fund. Classmates wishing to contribute can contact Walt Quinn (quinn.walter@comcast.net) or Dan Wolovich (dwolovich@comcast.net). If we can get more of our classmates to step up and help keep our legacy scholarship fund growing, there is no end to what the money can do to help a student to get the great education that North provided to us and continues to do so today. No contribution is too small. Thanks to ROY KIM, WAYNE BYERLY, ANTHONY DiPASQUALE, and BILL GUBANIC  for their recent donations and to BOB COLBERT
his continued monthly donations. Bob Colbert has been making a small monthly donation for the past three years that is put on his credit card. As Bob said, "it's less that the cost of a bottle of wine." If you would like to contribute a small monthly amount via your credit card, contact Amber Nicotra Morrison   to set it up. 

  Military Alumni
Please visit our  website to see an updated listing of military alumni.   If you or a family member served in our country's military and are not listed, please advise Amber Nicotra Morrison  so that she can add your name to the list. 

Thanks to many of you, our list of alumni who have served in our nation's military services has grown to almost 1,500. We thank all of you who have taken the time to help us with this endeavor. Perhaps you have noticed that recently an asterisk has been added next to name of more than two dozen individuals on the list.  This indicates the individual died while in the military, either Killed in Action or a non-battle death. There may be more alumni who died while serving. If you know of someone that should have the asterisk added next to their name please let us know. We will always appreciate your efforts to help us update this honor roll of our alumni.

Thank you to all of our alumni for their service to our country!
  Planned Giving
Planned giving is a wonderful way to prepare for the day we depart this life and enter into God's kingdom.  By planning ahead, you can provide opportunities to young men and women by supporting North Catholic. Planned giving allows us to help continue the work of Christ and pass on our traditions and Catholic Marianist values.  Gifts can be specified in one's will as either a dollar amount of a stated percentage of one's estate.  A growing number of alumni have taken this step and discovered a great sense of joy and satisfaction that they are helping families.  If you are interested in finding out more, contact Amber Nicotra Morrison in the Development Office at amorrison@northcatholic.org or by calling 412-321-4823, x 529.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  
Luke 12:34


A Reunion Aide

Bob Gierl (class of 1966) has assembled a one hour power point that he used for the 50th reunion that he says, "My thought is any class can cut/paste from this model. The images of the new school are crude walking cell phone images. I am sure there are better ones available."  

Watch the presentation here. Feel free to use it if you so desire.

NC Alumni Reunion

Debbie Bearley (class of 1983) has organized a North Catholic All Class Reunion for the weekend of August 2nd 2019 at the Hotel Conneaut and Conneaut Lake Park. There are rooms blocked off for this this family friendly weekend. Saturday, August 3rd will be a buffet-dinner dance. The cost of the dinner dance has not be set as yet. There is a 20% off room rate for military and the hotel is pet friendly. Call (814) 573-7747 for reservations and mention NC All Class weekend. For more information or questions, contact Debbie at (412) 628-9938 or email her at debbiebearley@gmail.com. 
NC Class of 1949

The class of 1949 will hold its 70th reunion on Saturday  September 21, 2019  at  Rico's Restaurant , Located at 1 Rico Lane, Pittsburgh, PA in Ross Township.  We will  assemble at 12:00 Noon , and  lunch will follow at approximately 12:30 PM .  Everyone will order from the Luncheon Menu of the Day and each person will be responsible for their own meal check.
The cost per meal should not exceed $25.00 per person including a non-alcoholic beverage.  Selections include a main course, salad and vegetable, with dinner rolls. Alcoholic Beverages will be available for individual purchase.  The first official letter announcing this event will be emailed or mailed on or about July 1, 2019.

Please Contact One of us with your intentions as soon as possible after our first notification.
George V. Bauer             116 Barbour Dr, Pgh, PA 15209
jordieb@verizon. net                 412-486-3729

Joseph J. Bauer, Jr        516 Roseland Ave, Pgh, PA 15214
joseph.bauer1@verizon.net      412-931-7049

Joseph J. Nowak            614 Norman Dr, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066
jjjn@zoominternet.net               724-591-8033

James J. Sismour, Jr     109 Gerard Dr, Pgh, PA 15209
kj1953@verizon.net                    412-486-2649

NC Class of 1957

The class of '57 will have a 62nd Year Stag Reunion on 
Saturday, June 15, 
2019 from 12 noon to dusk at the  Willow Grove in North Park.. The scarlet and gold banner will be mounted on the side of the  Willow GroveShelter to guide you to our location. Should you require directions to the new grove, Let us know.
  A golfer only event is being planned for Friday June 14  2019. Additional information will follow at a later date for those with email addresses, if you do not have an email address and would like to attend contact Joe Amelio at 412-766-3446.
This year, for the picnic, we are asking for a donation of only $10.This fee covers the cost of the grove, a catered lunch, beer, pop, snacks, games, and cards and most importantly, a chance to renew old friendships and have a few laughs.

NC Class of 1959

The class of 1959's 60th reunion will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2019 at the Ranch House in North Park. Mark your calendars. Other details will be provided at a later date. For more information contact Carmen DiGiacomo @ 412-563-1859 or tippfado@verizon.net.

NC Class of 1965   

The class of 1965 is planning a picnic in June of 2020 to mark the 55th anniversary of our graduation from North. We are hoping to have it on Saturday, June 5, 2020 - the date we graduated 55 years ago. Save the date in early June of next year and look for further news.

NC Class of 1966   

SAVE THE DATE for the 53rd anniversary of our last day at North - a mini reunion. It's at Giovanni's Bar and Restaurant (formerly Rum Runners) 3385 Babcock Blvd, Pgh 15237. RSVP to John Rainondi (412) 344-9690 jkraimondi48@gmail.com if you are interested.

NC Class of 1969   

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, September 14, 2019 is the date for the 50th reunion. The reunion will be held at North Catholic High School - Cranberry Twp. Additional details are being reviewed and that information will be available soon. If you have questions contact:
Steve Kapetanovich, Paul Mihlfried, Rex Gleeson or Dan Salak (dasa495@yahoo.com.)

NC Class of 1979 

Linda Ziccarelli Hines and Doreen Giovanazzi Yoest are working on planning the 40th reunion.  The 40th reunion is set for October 5th at the Hilton Garden Inn, Cranberry.  The cost and other details are still being discussed.  More information to follow.  You can contact Doreen at Lyoest@carolina.rr.com or Linda at lindahines5@yahoo.com for more details or to send updated information.
NC Class of 1989

Heather Eyerman Erdeljac and some others are working on plans for a 30th reunion. The date is Saturday, November 30, 2019. The reunion will be held at Giovanni's Bar and Restaurant (formerly Rum Runners) on Babcock Blvd. from 6 to 10. 

NC Class of 2004

Ryan Cronin and some others have organized a 15th reunion. It will be held at Cafe Fifth Avenue, 818 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh 15219 on June 22nd beginning at 5 PM.

NC Class of 2009

Jess Hartman has  begun  to make plans for the 10th reunion. You can contact Jess at jessicahartman090@gmail.com with questions. More information about the reunion to follow.


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EITC Contributions
Our children are worth it...Our future depends on it!  

Do you have a  business that pays corporate taxes in Pennsylvania?  You could be be eligible to apply for tax credits and help with tuition assistance for families and children wishing to attend Catholic schools, like North Catholic High School.  And another benefit?  There is little or no cost to your company.  The EITC program allows business owners to divert state tax dollars to support our school.  This means the money you are obligated to pay in state taxes can go directly to provide student scholarships and financial aid to help students. 

For more information on how you can help children receive a quality education, please visit this website or call 412-456-3085. The website has everything you need including the state application, answers to frequently asked questions and a calculator to estimate your cost and tax credit.  
Many thanks to our generous EITC contributors:

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North in the News

School News

North Catholic Cooking Class
Next year North Catholic will offer a class called The Science of Cooking. The school is in need of cooking supplies. Please consider donating new or gently used cooking equipment (eg pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc) to the school. Items can be dropped off at North. You can contact Megan Benzing at mbenzing@northcatholic.org if you would like to help with the class in some way.

North Catholic Class of 2019

Student News

Olivia Solverson is the Valedictorian for the graduating class of 2019. Graduation was held at the school, on Friday, May 31st. Katie Lynch gave the Salutatorian address to the class of 122. Here some photos from Commencement:

Students in Mrs Bucci's art class participated in the Memory Project which benefits underprivileged children. This year they received photos from an orphan in Peru. The students then draw portraits of the children which become very special for the orphans. Here are the portraits and the student artist

                    Julia Bukowski                                                                 Zoe Gong

                   Brooke Sturgis                                                                 Belle O'Hara


                         Kyle Maziarz                                                                Kelsey Smith

As part of the Holocaust Week of Remembrance, students from the History of the Holocaust elective went on a field trip to Rodef Shalom Congregation Synagogue to see "The Soap Myth,"  featuring actor Ed Asner. They also were able to meet and hear from Holocaust survivors. 

Several Anatomy and Physiology students from Mrs Benzing and Mrs Murray's classes had the chance to visit Allegheny General Hospital Open Heart Surgery Program. They watched an open heart surgery of a coronary bypass. The surgery was part of a random trial testing where all of the bypasses are arteries instead of veins. 

The North Catholic track and field team were volunteers for this year's Pittsburgh Marathon. This is the 5th year the track team has worked as volunteers.

Cameron Branch and Zoey Gong were crowned Prom King and Queen at the North Catholic Prom. Zoey is one of the international students from China attending North.

NC Drama

Congratulations to the cast and crew of "Anything Goes" on receiving the following Mancini nominations: Best Musical -  category 1; Supporting actor - Tim Roos; Supporting actor - DJ Ubinger; Lighting Design; Student Orchestra; Execution of Direction.

North Catholic Sports

Brian Miller has been hired as North Catholic's Athletic Director. He replaces Mike Burrell who left to become AD at Greensburg Salem. Brian is the current AD at  Ambridge.

NC Athletic Signings

Congratulations to Adrienne Nardone who signed a letter of intent to play division 1 softball for Colgate University.

Congratulations to Matt Ferraro who signed a letter of intent to wrestle for Mercyhurst University. 

NC Girls LaCrosse

Congratulations to the Girls LaCrosse team who upset the Ellis School in the first round of the playoffs. It was their first ever victory in the playoffs. Unfortunately, they lost in the second round to eventual champions, Oakland Catholic.

NC Boys Basketball

Congratulations to Issac DeGregorio  who was named to Class 3A third team All State.

NC Boys Volleyball

Congratulations to Richie Kaminski and Jake Sidorsky who were named to the 1st team 2A All Star Boys Volleyball team. Congratulations to Owen Daugherty, Alex Dudash, and Josh Ball who were named to the 2nd team.

The boys volleyball team won their first round playoff game over Keystone Oaks, but lost in the second round to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

NC Girls Softball

Congratulations to the softball team on advancing to the 3-A WPIAL playoffs. They took on Keystone Oaks, but were unable to pull out a victory.

NC Track

At the WPIAL Championships at Slippery Rock, Joe Kearney earned a WPIAL Championship title for the Class 2A long jump, breaking the WPIAL record. The boys 4x100 relay team placed 3rd and Sam Mager placed in the 200 and 400 m.

 Joe Kearney

Joe rang the Bell!

The NC Track and Field Team

At the PIAA State Track and Field Championships, Joe Kearney won a bronze medal in the long jump.

NC Ice Hockey

Congratulations to Carter Schade who was the first overall pick in the United States Hockey League draft. He is the first local player to achieve such an honor.

NC Crew

The Men's JV 8+ won gold at the 40th annual Mercyhurst Regatta. It was the first time NC put a JV 8+ on the water.  The Men's Novice 4+ held off strong competition and won silver.

Thank you to our Scarlet Sponsor of the Trojan Triumph Gala!  Bill Ryan, NC '71 and the Point Spring & Driveshaft Co. Team!

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