Troma introduces
"The Weirdest Movie in the World!" with
Nick Grant's
World Premiere on Troma Now, June 1st

New York, N.Y., May 30, 2017 - Greetings from Tromaville!

Troma Now, Troma Entertainment's exclusive content streaming service, proudly presents the World Premiere of Nick Grant's one-of-a-kind Comedy/Musical/Puppet feature film,
Gutboy: A Badtime Story  on June 1 st , it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger .
Watch the trailer here: Gutboy: A Badtime Story

Gutboy: A Badtime Story premieres on Troma Now June 1st!

A hapless fisherman is tricked out of his skin, and teams up with a mermaid to enact revenge on the men who tricked him. This tumultuous voyage for vengeance becomes arduous as the heroes encounter Golden Giants, Kug "The Law", and Broadway worthy musical numbers!
Gutboy: A Badtime Story is a dark comedy feature movie musical... with puppets! Written and Directed by Nick Grant,  Gutboy  is what @DiceonFilm calls "one of the most unique films Troma Entertainment has distributed in years."  Gutboy   uses a large array of marionettes and stick puppets which were handled by Puppet Designer and Lead Puppeteer, Daniel Fay, and the film's rich and triumphant score was composed by Cormac Blustone (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

" The Troma Team and I are thrilled to distribute Mr. Grant's amazing and totally unique film. He, the cast and the crew have all put in years of work into this piece of art, and it shows! Gutboy is a true triumph in the world of independent cinema, a classic in the making!"
-Lloyd Kaufman
Facebook: @GutBoy
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About the Filmmakers
Nick Grant - Director/Writer
Nick Grant, 30, is a filmmaker living and working in Brooklyn. After starring in the children ' s radio program The Nite Brite Kid ' s Club as a child, he appeared in numerous community theater productions during his high school years before attending the University of Texas ' Radio-Television-Film program. After moving to New York, Nick cut his teeth in infomercial production for several years before writing & directing Gutboy. His other projects have included creating the wildly successful webcomic Wonderdrome and serving on the board of The Canarsie Board of Community Standards, a publisher of fine pamphlets.

Gabriel Grant - Producer
Gabriel Grant began his career in film in 2009 as an audio technician working indie movies and college grad films with a small sound package he bought with his savings from teaching theater in a Brooklyn public high school. Working on various sets, he quickly found a propensity for the art department, and moved up quickly, landing as a production designer for various television shows and fashion shoots by 2011. Founding Rook Productions with his brother, Nick Grant, they were able to gather a group of talented friends and co-workers to launch their first feature film, Gutboy: A Badtime Story, shooting in February of 2013. The film was completed in 2015, and since then Gabriel has gone on to produce several short films as well as a series of promotional films for the Chancellor of the NYCDOE. He is currently the Director of Production at CWK Education Network and the Executive Director of Rook Productions. Rook is putting out a series of three short films in 2017 and is heading into production on their second feature film in February of 2018

Daniel Patrick Fay - Puppet Designer & Lead Puppeteer
Daniel Patrick Fay is a New York based artist, puppeteer, writer, director, theater owner, producer, teacher and performer. He attended The Pratt Institute, where he studied painting, art education, and object-based theater under Theodora Skipitares Daniel has performed on such illustrious stages as St. Ann's Warehouse, Berkeley Repertory, The Public Theater and Lincoln Center's Metropolitan Opera House. Some of his stage performance credits include Compulsion directed by Oscar Eustis, which also ran at Yale Repertory as well as Berkley Repertory and The Ring Cycle at The Metropolitan Opera for two seasons. Daniel's performance credits include both stage and screen as do his puppet design and building credits. He has self-produced many of his own pieces and has received critical acclaim including Land of Shadow, Savage Radio Plays and Point Pleasant.  He has traveled far and wide to study puppetry. In 2003 he traveled to China to observe Chinese puppetry and in 2009 he received an FFT grant to study classical wayang in Bali with Wayang Wija. In 2015 he designed and built an entire marionette cast for Gutboy.

Cormac Bluestone, composer
Cormac  Bluestone is New York and Los Angeles musician and composer. He has written and produced additional score, music and lyrics for the Television show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia  for 9 Seasons. He has composed for the feature films Tenured  (2015 The Tribeca Film Festival) and Loserville . He has also written music for theater as well including The Velveteen Rabbit  (Atlantic Theater Company) and The Caucasian Chalk Circle  (Pipeline Theater Company, Innovative Theater Award for Outstanding Music ).

Watch the trailer here: 

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Demand this TROMAZING feature in your local theater today!

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