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Tropical Storm Elsa Recovery Update
Sea Pines CSA crews and contracted service providers continue clean-up efforts throughout the community following Tropical Storm Elsa. Our teams are still in the process of addressing and prioritizing safety concerns for our roads, CSA-managed open spaces (approximately 1,200 acres), leisure trails, and beachwalks related to storm damages and debris. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work as safely and quickly as possible to address this clean-up recovery effort.

At a glance, below are some important numbers and service updates regarding our recovery efforts:

  • In preparation for the storm, Sea Pines CSA staff lowered lagoon levels throughout the community, secured items at our managed areas, and worked to ensure that Sea Pines CSA managed drains and outfalls were cleared.
  • Sea Pines CSA's Response Team mobilized before the arrival of the storm and immediately began clean-up efforts once the worst of the storm had passed.

  • Working in conjunction with Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue, our Response Teams' primary objective was clearing the roadway to establish safe passage for emergency vehicles and response crews. A big thanks to both of these teams for the work.

  • Approximately 75 large trees were cleared from across roads & leisure trails, primarily between 1:00 am & 10:00 am on Thursday, July 8th.

  • Since the storm, Sea Pines CSA Staff, our contracted service provider, BrightView, and 3 additional outside contractors have been working daily in Sea Pines to address storm-related concerns and debris.

  • We have received approximately 175 calls for service to the CSA Maintenance Department and an additional 50 reports of damaged mailboxes due to the storm.

  • On Thursday, July 8th, Sea Pines Security received and responded to 136 calls for service.

  • Due to the high number of incoming requests, there will be service delays for mailbox repairs and replacements. Report mailbox damages online by clicking here.

  • Due to the overwhelming amounts of storm debris, the collection of debris from CSA neighborhood debris piles and the additional storm-related piles will take longer than normal. We will have a better handle on our progress next week.

  • Crews continue work to address the approximately 125 trees that fell or were damaged in the accessible areas of The Sea Pines Forest Preserve.

  • While we continue our clean-up efforts, we ask that you please use caution in and around the community while using roadways, pathways, and common areas. 

  • Below are a few photos of the storm damages:
Crews Jetting a Line on Woodbine Road to Ease Street Flooding
Crews Working to Clear Leisure Trail on Planters Wood Drive
Crews Surveying Fallen Trees at Six Oaks Cemetery
Extensive Damage to Rice Field Boardwalk in The Sea Pines Forest Preserve
Crews Addressing Fallen Tree Near Red Maple Road
Sea Pines CSA Staff Cleaning Out Debris from Ditches along Heron Point
Important Reminders and Updates:

  • Mulch deliveries have resumed as of Thursday, July 15th. To place a mulch delivery order online, please click here.

  • We treated for mosquitos this past Tuesday, July 13th. Our next mosquito treatment will take place on Monday, July 19th during overnight hours, weather permitting. 

  • The Sea Pines Forest Preserve has re-opened following damages sustained from Tropical Storm Elsa. All areas have reopened with the exception of the Rice Field Boardwalk, which sustained heavy damage and will remain closed until further notice.

  • For safety reasons, at this time Six Oaks Cemetery and Park remain closed to general visitors. For access, please contact John Hunter, Cemetery Manager, by phone at 843.384.3769 or by email at
  • Vegetative Storm Debris should be stacked at designated CSA roadside debris pickup sites. If the debris site is full, do not block roads, driveways, or create traffic visibility hazards. Do NOT place trash in debris pickup piles.

  • DO NOT pile any storm debris in roadside ditches, block the pipe ends with debris in ditches, or stack on catch basins/inlets. Clear drainage ditches and catch basins play an important role in stormwater management and can help prevent road flooding in our community.

  • Commercial landscapers are NOT permitted to dump landscaping debris in the neighborhood drop sites or roadside within Sea Pines.

  • Landscape companies are directed to transport debris to the Debris Recycling FacilityPlease note: This facility does not have the ability to process material in a diameter of 6 inches and above.

  • The Debris Recycling Facility is open M-F 7:30 am – 4:00 pm and is located off of Greenwood Drive. Enter at the Trolley Station and approximately 25 yards to the left you will see the dirt driveway leading to the Debris Recycling Facility. 
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