In preparation for the impacts of Tropical Storm Isaias, the Club's hours of operation have been adjusted for Monday, August 3rd and Tuesday, August 4th as listed below.  Please understand that these hours are subject to change based on changes in storm progression and post-storm conditions, such as our employees' ability to access the Island, status of utilities, damage, and required clean-up.  Updates will be emailed to the membership should a change to the hours be required and will be posted on the Emergency Page of the Club's website, HERE .  Stay tuned for more information.
                                                          Monday, August 3rd                                   Tuesday, August 4th
Pelican's Nest                                Closed                                                           Opens 12:00 pm
Cap'n Sams's Pool Bar                 Closed                                                           Opens 12:00 pm
Locker Room Service                    Closed                                                           Opens 10:00 am
Osprey CafĂ©                                   Closes 3:00 pm                                            Opens 12:00 pm
Beach Club Pools                          Closed                                                           Opens 12:00 pm
Seabrook Shoppe                          Closes 3:00 pm                                            Opens 12:00 pm
Equestrian Center                         Normal Hours; No Rides                            Normal Hours
Golf Operations                            Carts in by 2:30; Shop Closes 3:00 pm    3 Hour Delay; First Tee Time 10:30 am
Racquet Club                                 Closes 3:00 pm                                             Opens 12:00 pm
Real Estate & Amenity Office      Closes 5:00 pm                                             Opens 9:00 am