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Tropical Storm Nate HELP!
Last week the majority of Costa Rica was put under a state of National Emergency as Tropical Storm Nate (why this name?) hovered over the country.  With torrential rains and mudslides, rivers overflowed to streets and homes, causing widespread problems throughout Costa Rica.  

Na than was leading a team from Colorado and asked some of the team to dig a trench, diverting water away from our home.  It was a close call, but it worked and no damage was done.  

The team had been serving every afternoon in a community called Sardinal. On the final day of ministry we heard that Pastor Jose Jimenez would not be able to meet us at the basketball court for ministry because the river he lived by was overflowing and he couldn't leave his house.  While driving to Sardinal, we were stopped on the road and had to return after seeing a home completely flooded.

Later that evening we heard that Pastor Jose Jimenez was  stuck in the second floor of his home because the waters had risen so high.

At the very end of that day, we returned to our hotel only to find that our hotel was flooded as well.  The next two nights the team of 18 people had to stay at our home (along with the six of us and our friend Taylor who is visiting this week).

All over our region we have been receiving reports of water rushing into homes and damage.  Electricity is out in many places, drinkable water is not available everywhere and homes are destroyed.

Costa Ricans are resilient and love their own people.  Many churches are collecting donations and distributing them to those in need.

One way you can help is by giving financially to provide for those in need.   You can do so by going to the  Praying Pelican Donation Page .  Make sure you are at the "Location Operations" area and select Costa Rica.  In the note you can write "Tropical Storm Nate Relief."  We are so thankful for your support in this very needy time!
Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah Norman