Troubleshooting Your Process Line
When troubleshooting a process line, we recommend that you start with the following steps:

  • Completely determine all of the symptoms of the problem.
  • Review when the problem started.
  • Carefully audit production records, including tank analysis, temperature, and additions.
  • Compare all the analysis, temperature, and additional parameters to the standard range.
  • Look for trends in one or several parameters, taking note of any differences.

Clean Parts Make All the Difference.
There is one very simple secret for plating good parts: Be sure you have clean parts.

It’s not groundbreaking and won’t break your process. Much like when you wash dishes at home, we soak and “scrub” parts in our plating process. You’ll also use different types of cleaners depending on the soils you are trying to remove. Read more.
Congratulations Top Shops!
Congratulations to our Asterion valued customers for being named Products Finishing 2021 Top Shops! Thank you for your continued business, partnership, and trust.


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